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  • Colbert Bump:
    • The series gained a lot of attention after Markiplier and Jacksepticeye posted videos on the games. This wound up paying off during the release of Mission, with many other streamers playing it as a result and by extension, the other games as well due to it being part of the collection. This resulted in the entire series' popularity exploding over the course of August 2020.
    • The release of Mission itself resulted in a bump for Among Us (another game by Puffballs & InnerSloth), given its crewmembers serve as a group of collectibles and one of the FAILs reference it by name.
  • Creator's Favorite:
    • Puffballs said here that the Right Hand Man is his favorite character.
    • Puffballs' favorite failure is the gravity ball in Airship. It was a punchline he came up on his own and not as a shout-out, with enough ambiguity to make it funny.
    • Puffballs also claims the Center for Chaos Containment to be the best thing to come out of the series.
    • In terms of voice acting, Puffballs' favorite character to voice is Sven Svensson, primarily due to being a nod to his Swedish heritage.
  • Development Gag: A cross-game example. One of the Crewmates you can try to collect is a beige one... which immediately gets flicked away when you click on it. Among Us was originally going to have beige as one of the Crewmates' color options, but it got cut due to being constantly confused for white and brown.
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  • Sequel Gap: The gap between Complex and The Henry Stickmin Collection (which included Mission, the official sequel and conclusion) took about five years, from 2015 to 2020, whereas all the other games came out within around 1-2 years of each other. But then, Mission was that much larger than the other games, on top of being packaged with rejazzed versions of every other Henry Stickmin game released previously.
  • Shrug of God: None of the games' Multiple Endings are treated as the "real" endings; any ending seems to be as canon as any other. The files of Henry's past misdeeds in the intro of Airship are randomly selected, the teaser for Complex mentions that reports conflict regarding whether Henry joined the Toppats or took them down, and when Henry calls an old ally for help in Complex, the scenario is governed by Schrödinger's Gun. However, there are certain clues that certain endings are or are not canon. Despite this, Mission is shown to have all of the endings from ''Airship'' and ''Complex'' to combine with before launching the mission.
    • The police car stolen in the Badass ending of Prison makes a cameo in Airship, implying that’s the real ending.
    • The scooter used (and subsequently lost/destroyed) in the Aggressive ending of Diamond also makes a cameo, so it’s likely that ending is not canon. Depending on the endings chosen for Mission, however, Henry does have a scooter again, whether it's the same one or a new one entirely.
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    • Finally, none of the FAIL endings appear to be canon, as the sequels always make references to Henry’s previous successful heists outside of the Fail Screen's snark at choosing previously unsuccessful options again and Henry making increasingly exasperated faces when made to use the teleporter.
    • The Omega Ending of Mission implies that every ending and failure is simply part of The Multiverse, with later confirmation on the official twitter account for PuffballsUnited stating that all endings are equally canon, as he believes having a canon ending would defeat the purpose of having a choice.
    • During Puffballs' developer commentary, whenever he was asked about something that was not directly addressed in the game (like the origins of background characters) he would say that he didn't care and that the answer didn't matter if it wasn't mentioned in the game.
  • Talking to Himself: All the male characters are voiced by Puffballs while the female ones are voiced by Reese B.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: A lot of older memes are referenced in earlier games that remain unchanged in the Collection version, most notably the Shoop-da-Woop Running Gag.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • In the GSPI route of Airship, Handsome Harold was supposed to be scared by the spider, but as soon as Puffballs drew Henry holding a stick above Harold, he felt like Henry had to hit him with the stick.
    • The Wall was supposed to be in a jungle for a while, but it was changed to a winter-style setting in Canada next to a cliff.
    • Dave Panpa was originally supposed to appear in Fleeing the Complex. However, that was scrapped, as there was no reason for him to be there.
    • Instead of Ellie, there was supposed to be a male character, but the idea was scrapped to make a female character.
    • The original setting for Fleeing the Complex was that Henry is in Germany, a castle to be specific. He was locked up alongide the mentioned male character (later Ellie) inside of a pit in the ground. The two routes following the "Boost Up" option would be similiar.
    • Sven Svensson was supposed to have a different name.
    • The "None" option in the Thief/Allies route of Completing the Mission was supposed to be an ending, but it was scrapped as their whole adventure would be made pointless.
    • In The Henry Stickmin Collection, there would be a side plot for each of the games involving Ellie's backstory: She was a Toppat. While Henry is busy fleeing from West Mesanote , Ellie and the Right Hand Man break out Reginald from the very same prison. The trio later tries to steal the Tunisian Diamond, and Mayor Fredrickson was their inside man, setting up everything easily, but Henry was faster. At one point, the three would overthrow Terrence Suave. Ellie and Terrence go into an escape pod (on Ellie's choice as a sacrifice) and Reginald, now the Toppat Leader, abandons her. They landed up in some snow, and Ellie was brought to The Wall. When remaking Infiltrating the Airship, it became confusing and the plot was completely dropped while making Completing the Mission as Ellie being a Toppat didn't make sense. Another reason for the idea being dropped is that the game would have to be delayed to 2021. Some of it was reused for the Executive/Ghost route of Mission.
    • The "Walkthrough" FAIL in Completing the Mission was meant to be a joke reference to the "unregistered hypercam song". However, he couldn't figure out the song's licensing, so he came up with the endless loop instead.
  • The Wiki Rule: The series naturally has its own Wiki.
  • Word of God:
    • Jacob Rose and Ellie Rose aren't related, as confirmed on the developer commentary.
    • Despite everything indicating that The Wall is located in Russia, Puffballs confirmed that it's actually in Canada. Although this information justifies Henry and Ellie being able to go from the Wall to the Toppat space station by motorcycle since the space station is located in America.


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