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Trivia / Henry Stickmin Series

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  • Colbert Bump: Once Mark and Jack played the games, they gained a lot more attention than they did prior.
  • Shrug of God: None of the games' Multiple Endings are treated as the "real" endings; any ending seems to be as canon as any other. The files of Henry's past misdeeds in the intro of Airship are randomly selected, the teaser for Complex mentions that reports conflict regarding whether Henry joined the Toppats or took them down, and when Henry calls an old ally for help in Complex, the scenario is governed by Schrödinger's Gun. However, there are certain clues that certain endings are or are not canon. Despite this, Mission is shown to have all of the endings from ''Airship'' and ''Complex'' to combine with before launching the mission.
    • The police car stolen in the Badass ending of Prison makes a cameo in Airship, implying that’s the real ending.
    • The scooter used (and subsequently lost/destroyed) in the Aggressive ending of Diamond also makes a cameo, so it’s likely that ending is not canon.
    • The Toppat Clan ending of Complex results in Henry’s betrayal and presumable death, implying that it (and possibly the corresponding ending in Airship) isn’t canon, as another sequel is in the work although the aforementioned sequel includes "The Betrayed" ending as a possible choice in your combination before launching the mission.
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    • Finally, none of the FAIL endings appear to be canon, as the sequels always make references to Henry’s previous successful heists.
  • Talking to Himself: With the exception of Ellie, Puffballs voices all of the characters himself.
  • The Wiki Rule: The series naturally has its own Wiki.


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