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  • While Breaking the Bank assured poor Henry that Failure Is the Only Option, the successful endings for all the succeeding games show that Henry is quite possibly the epitome of Crazy-Prepared and/or Crazy Awesome.
    • In Escaping the Prison
      • The "Sneaky Ending" has Henry using the good-old fashioned "file in the cake trick" to saw open a bar on his cell door, then using it to club two guards in rapid succession. Then, ducking into a closet, he crawls through the airducts to the roof, and uses a couple of plungers to sneak down the prison walls, before running off into the sunset.
      • The "Legal Ending" has Henry using a cellphone to dial up Phoenix Wright himself, who's able to get his sentence cleared by dropping a Logic Bomb on the court - if Henry did plan to hide in the bag to get into the bank, how could he tie up the bag from the outside?note  He then uses this physics-breaking question (and the doctor's analysis of Henry's previous injuries) to frame one of the armored car guards, getting Henry declared "not guilty" by the court.
      • The "Badass Ending" lives up to its name. After drilling his way through the floor, Henry winds up on the main floor chased by the guards. After running across the floor, dodging shots left and right, Henry is able to get to the exit — but finds the door is blocked by the Sheriff, and that the rest of the guards have him surrounded. As the Awesome Music from the classic Mexican Standoff scene of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly kicks in, Henry tenses himself... and then doesn't just Dodge the Bullet, he dodges an entire magazine of bullets from an assault rifle!! And then, Henry blasts the Sheriff's gun clean in half — by catching one of the bullets, and throwing it right back!!! At this point, the cops let Henry go simply because he proved too badass to handle. Then, to add insult to the injury, Henry rides off in one of the cop cars.
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    • In Stealing the Diamond
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    • In Infiltrating the Airship, we can't even give you the whole names of the endings because they describe it already.
      • The "LQL Lightning Quick Larcenist Ending" doesn't quite count on its own, because it's acknowledged as a fail. However, this is no fault of Henry's; he got in and out of the airship with a very large safe in two moves, and the only reason it didn't end well is because the aforementioned safe only held a teddy bear. If he had happened to grab something more incriminating, he would have easily made good on the title.
      • The "PBT Pure Blooded Thief Ending": Henry steals a huge ruby, crashes the airship, and makes off with a suit of Powered Armor straight out from Fallout. The agents who called him in were about to fire on him, but decided to let him go because he got the Toppat Clan anyways — in other words, he helped the good guys and got another big jewel.
      • The "GSPI Government Supported Private Investigator Ending": Henry makes his way through a huge labyrinth with Charles' help, acquiring enough evidence to get the Toppat Clan arrested in the process. He is now an official infiltrator.
      • The "RPE Rapidly Promoted Executive Ending": When siding with the Toppats, Henry fakes the agents out with a pair of dummies, and becomes the new leader of the Toppat clan. He is then shown stealing the bags of money he was trying to steal in Breaking the Bank.
      • The "RBH Relentless Bounty Hunter Ending": When siding with the agents, Henry shoves the Toppat clan leader into a tank and drives it off the airship and into a desert. He hands him over to the agents, who give him his clearance forms, and he rides off into the night. With a tank.
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    • The Right Hand Man gets his Moment of Awesome in the above two endings, facing off against Henry twice to help the Toppat Leader escape and even directly fighting him. It doesn't end well for him, but still.
    • In Fleeing the Complex, the full names of the endings also can't be given, since they'd spoil it. All but one of the endings is Awesome (the last, The Betrayed, is a Tear Jerker).
      • The "GI Ghost Inmate Ending": Henry manages to slip out of the Wall all by himself without anyone even knowing that he made it out in the first place. Since the Wall is meant to be very tough to escape from, Henry just gave a nice middle finger to those who imprisoned him.
      • The "CA Convict Allies Ending": Henry buddies up with fellow inmate Ellie to pull off a double escape, and they both cause a full-scale Prison Riot by pure accident, allowing them to bust out in the chaos, but not before having the Wall's warden and Grigory suffer high-velocity trauma.
      • The "PD Presumed Dead Ending": After tackling a guard and making a run for it through the halls, then stabbing a guard and hijacking a truck, Henry pulls off one hell of a Batman Gambit by making the Wall's warden think that he was in said truck as it was pushed off a cliff. Turns out he slipped out of the truck and out of sight, allowing him to later get on a plane and out of the country.
      • The "IRO International Rescue Operative Ending": Henry calls upon the aid of his old ally Charles to get him out of the Wall. With a little teamwork, the two manage to recreate the old days and pull off a damn near flawless operation.
      • There's also the fact that, as mentioned by the Warden right before the Presumed Dead ending, Henry is the first person ever to succesfully escape The Wall. It makes every single ending even more awesome (yes, even The Betrayed).
      • There is another fact that the Warden mentions that makes things more awesome. Right before the Convict Allies ending, he mentions that there hadn't been a single incident at The Wall in the past 50 years, but Henry managed to cause a massive riot the same day he was brought into the Wall.
  • Even a Red Shirt/Mook gets one in Fleeing the Complex if you choose the "Grenade" and "Crossbow" option. Henry throws a grenade while Ellie fires the crossbow, pinning the grenade to a guard's eye. Realizing he has a live explosive on his face, the guard proceeds to charge at Henry.
    “Ow! Uh oh... NEVER!


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