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Nightmare Fuel / Heroes of the Storm

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  • The implications of the 'Tomb of the Spider Queen' map. Most other maps are just the heroes having a good ol' brawl. The Tomb of Spider Queen implies that the heroes are all trapped within the Spider Queen's lair, and only the winning team gets to leave, the losers doomed to be meals for the Spider Queen and her brood. Basically, that map isn't a WoW PvP-style battle taking place for whatever reason — it's a fight for survival.
  • Likewise, the implication of the 'Battlefield of Eternity'. It might be just a 'good ol' brawl' unlike the Tomb of Spider Queen, but the placing of your team is completely randomized. So imagine if you just picked a bonafide good guy like Tyrael or Thrall, then suddenly you get put into the side of Burning Hells and actively trying to win the Eternal Conflict for the Demons. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!! And damn you random team placement! The same can be said if an evil hero gets put into the Angels side, might be good for us viewers, but for these guys who enjoys being evil? Pure nightmare.
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  • The Butcher's reveal video is hands down the first legit-scary reveal video. It starts with Tychus splitting off with Tyrael and Jaina in the Haunted Mines... and all of the sudden, the Butcher appears and yanked Jaina out and possibly did the same to Tyrael. When Tychus ended up stumbling upon the Butcher's lair, he saw the remnants of other heroes that have been butchered... including ETC's Axe, Johanna's shield and Arthas' helmet and Frostmourne, and even worse... Raynor's helmet, plus the Butcher himself in the middle of 'butchering' something and greeting him with the famous "Aah, fresh meat!" line. It doesn't matter how powerful you are in your home-verse, the Butcher will find you and butcher you.
  • Every hero in the game has a separate set of lines for when they're cloned by Abathur's Ultimate Evolution heroic, save for Abathur himself. Though with their monotone delivery, broken speech, and a touch of Evil Sounds Deep, it just makes them sound incredibly off putting, especially in the cases of normally upbeat heroes like The Lost Vikings or Li Li.
  • The Butcher in general is one of the most terrifying things in the history of anything ever. His description, appearance, his constant cry of "FRESH MEAT!!!", his sheer DPS with the right talents and enough meat (not to mention the fact that he EATS THE MEAT OF HIS SLAIN ENEMIES) are all nightmarish, but the most horrifying thing about the Butcher is one of his Heroic Abilities called "Lamb to the Slaugther". He throws a hitching post, which seconds later chains a nearby hero to a spot, forcing them to watch in horror as the Butcher quickly tears them to pieces. The thought of being chained to a post and then being attacked by the Butcher is terrifying on its own, but even worse is the fact that the player cannot escape from the chain in any way. No amount of running, protective buffs or even teleporting can get you away. Oh, and in case you wanted to fight back - it also inflicts Silence, so good luck dealing with the Butcher without any of your abilities.
    • The Butcher also has an ability called "Ruthless Onslaught" that has him shout "FRESH MEAT!!!", accompanied with a Scare Chord, then charge towards his target at full speed stunning them on impact. The last thing you want to hear as a squishy assassin class while roaming the map is this because it means that The Butcher is comming for you and immediately after you will see him running towards you.
      • Nightmare Retardant sets in when you see how unrealistically and humorously fast the Butcher's stubby legs are moving, especially during long charges where the animation gradually gets faster. ESPECIALLY when the Butcher accidentally charges against a wall and just sort of runs against the wall for a few seconds.
  • Ka (the advisor for the Sky Temple) and the Raven Lord both have rather ominous voices.
  • Being eaten by Stitches's Gorge ability can be rather unnerving, especially with the special border that appears around your screen.
  • Nova and Zeratul. The level of paranoia and fear you get from the knowledge that they could appear anywhere, anytime on the map and deal substantial (if not terminal) damage is a feeling Team Fortress 2 players will recognize as the feeling one gets when facing enemy Spies. This can also apply to Samuro, his stealth is not permanent, but he can activate it while hiding in the bushes, creating the same effect with above. Valeera even more because after she applies that stealth from that burst, you wouldn't know if she has prepared a combo that can burst you down to the inch of your life or kill you outright in a matter of seconds.
  • Even some of the Poking jokes can be scary or at least unnerving. Gul'dan's last "joke" reminds you of this fact.
    Gul'dan: Don't let others fool you, it is much easier being green. In fact, (the sound of pouring and unnatural bubbling is heard) why don't we talk about it... over a drink? (cue sinister chuckling)
  • Varian's Colossus Smash callout isn't a badass one liner or threat, it's a blood curling howl that reverberates and doesn't even sound human.
  • Azmodan's Az'Guldan skin is unique in that it portrays an alternate reality where Gul'dan becomes host to Azmodan rather than seeking power from the Burning Legion. It's one thing to see Azmodan's usual ugly mug, but to see an orc, especially one as prolific as Gul'Dan, warped into something resembling Azmodan adds a whole new level of horror to his design.
  • Prime Evil Diablo. Gone is the hulking, boisterous Diablo that can occasionally produce a laugh. In his place in a stick thin, insectoid-like Diablo with a combined male and female voice, a very Xenomorph like appearance, two extra mouths on his shoulders and a bone chilling whisper. His hero-specific mount style has him crawl hastily against the ground in a very creepy manner, calling back to the Xenomorph comparison yet again. Even his jokes end up being more horrifying for the most part, funny only to him.
  • Malthael, the Aspect of Death, who's whole kit is made to suck the souls of his targets until they die, by marking them with his trait and slowly grinding them to death. If you're hit with trait, you can faintly hear disembodied screaming as you whither away.
  • Any hero with an instant-death Heroic. If you're below the health threshold, you're going to die. Pyroblast in particular is horrifying, since it's a painfully slow-moving gigantic ball of fire that cannot be dodged or outrun at all. It becomes Nightmare Retardant if you have a Medivh or are playing Genji, Dehaka, or Varian, since they can all No-Sell damage with basic skills, but still.
  • Consider Kel'Thuzad, and how it's stated that he's been biding his time in the Nexus before making his arrival known. In that time, he somehow managed to corrupt Zagara (Broodmother and future Queen of Kerrigan's Zerg Swarm), Sonya (one of the Nephalem) and Jaina (Archmage of the Kirin Tor), turning them into a Crypt Queen, a Death Knight and a Dreadlord respectively. All under everyone's noses.
  • Two words: "Consume Souls."
    Mephisto: I see you now... NAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    • To elaborate, said ultimate, courtesy of none-other than Mephisto, reveals all enemy heroes on the map after a short channel time, before detonating on them for a hefty amount of damage. This can easily finish off any low-health heroes making a hasty retreat, and there's next to nothing they can do to escape it. And at level 20, if it kills anybody on the first go around, it gets cast once more. And if THAT isn't enough, remember that the heroic reveals your location. After all of the above, anyone left standing is going to be severely wounded. And the enemy team now knows where you are. And they will be coming for you. And god help you if they have an Illidan with the Hunt, a Hanzo with Dragon's Arrow, or a Fenix with Planet Cracker.

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