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Heroes of the Storm includes a soundtrack replete with many examples of The Power of Rock and Ominous Latin Chanting.

Imported from other Blizzard franchises

Hero-specific themes

  • Tracer has two; the first is nearly a carbon-copy of the cinematic intro of Overwatch. The second is fairly similar, but given a Heroes of the Storm-style rock rework. It combines the uplifting Overwatch theme with the epic orchestral metal and chanting that Heroes of the Storm is known for. The last 30 seconds have to be listened to. The latter theme has been repurposed as victory music for Hanamura and Volskaya Foundry, as well as a random main menu theme.
  • Chromie, which starts with a cover of the Gnomeregan theme introduced to World of Warcraft in the Cataclysm expansion. After that, it switches to The Culling of Stratholme, a Wrath of the Lich King dungeon Chromie was prominently featured in. The Gnomeregan theme in particular is amazing. It gives a total makeover to a fairly silly theme, transforming it into this epic warchant.
  • Lucio, which is almost directly lifted from We Move Together As One (AKA his Speed Boost). Really builds up the hype for any Lucio fans coming in from Overwatch.
  • Genji, from Overwatch, as well as the Dragons cinematic. Expanded upon and used for the Hanamura map. Not only was it finally some clean audio of the Dragons music, it's a pretty incredible piece by itself. The song incorporates the most famous part of the Requiem for a Dream theme, but doesn't overemphasize it. The singing in the background is gorgeous and ties the whole song together.
  • D.Va, loosely based on Overwatch. It starts as a normal epicified song before breaking down into a pseudo-chiptune beat. It's one of the shorter themes, but that doesn't make it any less interesting.
  • Stukov, largely original but ends with a cover of Funeral For a Hero from StarCraft: Brood War. The original was used for Stukov's death, and it has the sweeping, heart-wrenching quality to it. When the guitar kicks in, it coalesces to feel like a glorious tribute to a fallen commander. Knowing the context of the original song and Stukov's actual fate only makes the music more powerful.
  • Garrosh, from the Horde themes within Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria, the two expansions in which Garrosh was Warchief. The whole piece is imposing, hammering in Garrosh's personality.

Original themes

  • Chant, used as the queue theme for Brawl mode, and later the entire game. Later modified with, well, chanting.
  • The final music of Volskaya Foundry is a new composition complete with Ominous Russian Chanting. The lyrics of the chorus roughly translate to "Volskaya protects all of us, she is a defender.", and the overall tone of the chanting (obligatory Autobots, Rock Out! aside) would not be out of place in a nationalistic Russian musical epic.
  • "Heroes Defy", also known as "Rock Opera", which combines the sweeping orchestra and Latin chanting of Warcraft with the hard-hitting heavy metal instrumentation of Starcraft.


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