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This game is Blizzard's Author's Saving Throw for the Too Bleak, Stopped Caring reactions caused by World of Warcraft after Cataclysm
Look at the Warcraft roster, for example. Excepting Li Li and some others stuffs, most of them come from the times when people were still praising the characters genuinely. Jaina is still a peace-loving mage that doesn't hate the Horde, Thrall is still the Warchief of the Horde, Tyrande and Malfurion seems to be still the normally reasonable Night Elves protector of nature (and competent ones, since Tyrande didn't seem to do that A Little Patience thing), Muradin is in his Mountain King look and refers that Magni still 'lived' rather than him taking on the dwarves' kingship, Arthas is still on his deadly Lich King self, Sylvanas didn't put much focus on the whole Val'kyr business, still feeling disgusted with her undead status and focusing more on vengeance on those who turned her into Banshee, Anub'arak isn't dead yet...

Yes, we know that they're all taken from different timelines, but don't you think it's kind of weird that Blizzard took all these characters BEFORE the more questionable storylines in Cataclysm, the moment where the storyline and characterization gets skewed in order to keep the War in Warcraft, started?


Maybe this was Blizzard's way to say "We're sorry with our questionable storylines, here, have the characters taken from the time that you like them best!". Of course, we know that there is also some rumors that some future characters would probably be those rising in prominence after Cataclysm, such as Varian, Garrosh, Aggra, Vol'jin... but somehow, it kinda gave hope to those who were disillusioned with the Warcraft characterization. The events at post-Cataclysm would be limited to just joke quotes or extra skins or something, such as Thrall resigning from the Horde and giving it to Garrosh, World Shaman Thrall, Jaina being frightened at her white hair (or sinking her shipping with Thrall without referring to Aggra), Sylvanas just merely making a passing reference to Val'kyr...

Perhaps Garrosh and Varian, if included, will be taken from their hotheaded selves seen in Wrath of the Lich King. Maybe if they include Grom Hellscream in the future, they would take the classic Grom, instead of Warlords of Draenor!Grom. And perhaps, if Kael'thas is to be included, he'd be in his more sensible Frozen Throne self, instead of the maniac seen in Burning Crusade.

  • EDIT: Saying that it's after Cataclysm may be stretching it, because Kael'thas is included and he seems to take after his The Frozen Throne self, a vengeance driven, but still sane Prince of the Blood Elves, not the megalomaniac Kil'Jaeden servant seen in Burning Crusade. (Although he is still called "the Sun King," which does date back only to Burning Crusade.) This continues, then Zul'jin, if included, will be more of his WC2 presentation that is loyal to the Horde than the one seen as the Raid Boss in Burning Crusade.
    • It's not just Warcraft. The appearances of Tyrael and Diablo come right out of Diablo II, even though both of them also appear in Diablo III. I agree that Blizzard is throwing a bone to players who like the older Blizzard games better than the newer ones.
      • On the other hand, there are rumors that with Johanna's inclusion, there will be a Diablo-based map and Diablo appeared in Diablo III appearance during the first trailer when he went toe-to-toe with Raynor, so maybe they're not quite done with the Diablo III design. Besides, so far the PC representatives are the Nephalems, not the original D2 heroes (Paladin, Necromancer, Sorceress/Isendra, Amazon, etc). I think that for Diablo, Blizzard might think they haven't screwed up enough story-wise that they'll still give a bone to newer Diablo players and lore fans.

The Nexus is Purgatory/Hell, and all the Heroes and minions there will spend eternity battling each other in atonement for their past acts

The Heroes, mercenaries and minions are all stuck between time and space where they cannot die and pass on to the next life; instead, they battle each other in endless combat over and over again. They are forced to die at the hands of, or even worse, work with characters whom they would never cooperate with while they were alive. However, the forces that be insist that they work and fight... forever. Even angels and demons like Diablo and Tyrael (who, despite being an angel, is sentenced to a place where evil can never be defeated) are sentenced to a never-ending struggle until Judgement Day and trumpets sound.

The arena announcers are powerful beings (so powerful that they can keep celestial forces in check) who are also doomed to live out their sins. Blackheart and the Spider Queen represent greed for gold and gems, Ka represents pride and has no peace in being worshiped by his structures that are being perverted as weapons, etc.

Of course, the exeption to this would be those brief moments where the Nexus seems like paradise (much like how Sylvanas comments that it's great to be able to kill Arthas again and again). But even then, this brief moment of satisfaction is taken away almost instantly, like a glimmer of hope snuffed out like a candle. Indeed, this place is purgatory.

If Leah ever makes it to the game...

She'll give Diablo a piece of her mind similar to nearly everyone who wanted a piece of Arthas in the Warcraft side. It'll make things fair anyway.

Leah is kind of 'teased' amongst Diablo characters to be included.

Arcturus Mengsk will be playable, and then...

Future heroes will put him as the Starcraft side's Butt-Monkey, like Arthas. There's just... no other possible choices for this from the Starcraft side.

Future Heroes Prediction

Well, you know the drill. Blizzard has a lot in store that they can use. Let's see who will appear. Will also include the above WMGs

  • Confirmed WMGs so far: Leoric, Artanis, D3 Wizard (Li-Ming), Zul'jin, D.Va, Garrosh, Junkrat, Alexstrasza, Hanzo, Firebat (Blaze), Maiev, Fenix, Deckard Cain, Yrel, Mephisto, Mal'Ganis, Imperius, Anduin, Deathwing, Mei, Hogger
  • Diablo series
    • Playable Characters:
      • Aidan (D1 Warrior, later the Dark Wanderer)
      • Moreina, (D1 Rogue, later the Blood Raven)
      • Jazreth, (D1 Sorcerer, later the Summmoner)
      • Isendra, (D2 Sorceress)
      • D2 Assassin
      • D2 Druid
      • D2 Paladin
      • D2 Barbarian
      • D3 Necromancer
      • D4 Sorceress
      • D4 Druid
      • D4 Barbarian
    • Demons:
    • Lilith
      • Baal
      • Belial
      • Duriel
      • Andariel
      • Cydaea
      • Ghom
      • Rakanishu
    • Angels:
      • Itherael
      • Izual
    • Others:
      • Leah
      • The Cow King
      • Maghda
      • Archbishop Lazarus
      • Gharbad the Weak
  • Starcraft series
    • Protoss
      • Selendis
      • Aldaris
      • Talandar
      • Vorazun
      • Rohana
      • Karax
      • Ulrezaj
      • Ji'nara
      • Mojo (Scout)
      • Taldarin (Immortal)
      • Warbringer (Reaver/Colossus)
      • Talis (Adept)
    • Terrans/UED
      • Rory Swann
      • Egon Stettman
      • Ariel Hanson
      • Horace Warfield
      • Reigel
      • Donny Vermillion
      • Carolina Davis
      • Arcturus Mengsk
      • Valerian Mengsk
      • Edmund Duke
      • Gerard DuGalle
      • Gabriel Tosh
      • Matt Horner
      • Mira Han
      • Alan Schezar (Goliath)
      • 21-46 (Adjutant)
      • Dennis Halkman OR Crooked Sam (Reaper)
      • James "Sirius" Sykes (Warhound)
      • Rob "Cannonball" Boswell (HERC)
    • Zerg
      • The Overmind
      • Izsha
      • Zurvan
      • Vaevictis (Hydralisk)
      • Zasz
    • Other
      • Amon
      • Narud
      • Maar (Hybrid)
  • Warcraft series
    • Horde
      • Orgrim Doomhammer
      • Grom Hellscream
      • Teron Gorefiend
      • Blackhand
      • Varok Saurfang
      • Eitrigg
      • Kargath Bladefist
      • Ner'zhul
      • Kilrogg Deadeye
      • Garona Halforcen
      • Broxigar
      • Hamuul Runetotem
      • Overlord Geya'rah
      • Cairne Bloodhoof
      • Baine Bloodhoof
      • Sunwalker Dezco
      • Mayla Highmountain
      • Lor'themar Theron
      • Lady Liadrin
      • Halduron Brightwing
      • Grand Magister Rommath
      • Jastor Gallywix
      • Vol'jin
      • Rokhan
      • God-King Rastakhan
      • Princess Talanji
      • Nathanos Blightcaller
      • Lilian Voss
      • Thalyssra
      • Kiro
      • Ji Firepaw
    • Alliance
      • Anduin Lothar
      • Danath Trollbane
      • Tirion Fordring
      • Turalyon
      • Leeroy Jenkins
      • Khadgar
      • Rhonin
      • Harrison Jones
      • Katherine Proudmoore
      • Mathias Shaw
      • Maximilian of Northshire
      • Magni Bronzebeard
      • Brann Bronzebeard
      • Kurdran Wildhammer
      • Hemet Nesingwary
      • Moira Thaurissan
      • Broll Bearmantle
      • Fandral Staghelm
      • Alleria Windrunner
      • Magister Umbric
      • Vereesa Windrunner
      • Arator the Redeemer
      • Gelbin Mekkatorque
      • Prophet Velen
      • Maraad
      • Captain Fareeya
      • Nobundo
      • Aysa Cloudsinger
      • Prince Erazmin
    • Eternals, Loa, Old Gods, First Ones, Elemental Lords and Dragons
      • Cenarius
      • Wrathion
      • Ysera
      • Nozdormu
      • Korialstrasz
      • Malygos
      • Kalecgos
      • Al'akir
      • Therazane
      • Neptulon
      • Hakkar the Soulflayer
      • Bwonsamdi
      • Algalon
      • N'Zoth
      • Y'Shaarj
      • Yogg-Saron
      • C'thun
      • G'huun
      • The Arbiter
      • Denathrius
      • The Winter Queen
      • Kyresteia the Firstborn
      • The Runecarver
      • The Jailer
    • The Burning Legion
      • Sargeras
      • Archimonde
      • Kil'jaeden
      • Mannoroth
      • Varimathras
    • Others
      • Prophet Zul
      • Lord Godfrey
      • Grand Apothecary Putress
      • Millhouse Manastorm
      • Archbishop Benedictus
      • Edwin VanCleef
      • Taran Zhu
      • Lorewalker Cho
      • Lady Vashj
      • Akama
      • Wilfred Fizzlebang and Lord Jaraxxus
      • Azshara
      • Magatha Grimtotem
      • Vek'lor and Vek'nilash
      • Nexus-Prince Haramad
      • Locus-Walker
      • Moroes
      • Darion Mograine
      • The Headless Horseman
      • Lei Shen
      • Xavius
      • Lothraxion
      • Terokk
      • Gorak Tul
      • Bolvar Fordragon
      • Calia Menethil
      • King Mechagon
      • Annhylde
  • Overwatch
    • Winston
    • Soldier: 76
    • Widowmaker
    • Symmetra
    • Bastion
    • Reaper
    • Zenyatta
    • Torbjorn
    • McCree
    • Pharah
    • Sombra
    • Reinhardt
    • Mercy
    • Roadhog (with heavy Divergent Character Evolution)
    • Orisa
    • Doomfist
    • Moira
    • Brigitte
    • Wrecking Ball
    • Ashe and B.O.B.
      • B.O.B. as his own hero
    • Baptiste
    • Sigma
    • Echo
    • Sojourn
  • Hearthstone/Blizzard Classics
    • Snake Sanders
    • Harth Stonebrew
    • Morgl
    • Nemsy Necrofizzle
    • Sir Annoy-O
    • Dame Hazelbark
    • Elise Starseeker
    • Sir Finley Mrrglton
    • Reno Jackson
    • Archthief Rafaam
    • King Togwaggle
    • Madam Lazul
    • Hagatha the Witch
    • Dr. Boom (Technically from World of Warcraft, but who remembers that version?)
    • Blackthorne
    • Tomator
    • Scorch & Fang
  • Heroes of the Storm Originals
    • A Heroes of the Storm minion
    • The random heroes avatar/A "Keeper of the Nexus"
    • The Raven Lord
    • Ka
    • Verick and Delia
    • A representative of the Dark Nexus

The above WMG (Hero guessing) based on this Arena promotion picture...

This picture

Some weapons seems to be not belonging to any of the rosters so far announced after Blizzcon 2015. There are a green dagger (the poisoned dagger with spiders seemed to belong to Nazeebo), possibly fueled with either a special potion or fel energy, and a purple magic staff/wand. This might refer to the next heroes revealed after the Blizzcon reveals, so let's start guessing based on them:

  • Magic staff: Could belong to any magical arcanist, most likely either the Diablo 3 Wizard or Diablo 2 Sorceress (if the naming scheme is using the more canon resource unlike Blizzard's tendencies as of late, it would be either Li-Ming or Isendra). Failing that, it might refer to one of the Arcane magic users in Azeroth, namely either Khadgar or Medivh.
  • Dagger: This might refer into 2 archetypes:
    • Warcraft Rogues: Using poisoned daggers. The two candidates are either Garona Halforcen or Valeera Sanguinar (Valeera is less likely as the dagger did not match her dagger's unique shape, however it has some fel energy while she dabbled with them)
    • Diablo 2 Necromancer: Has a Poison Dagger skill and he might have a different form of poison dagger when compared with those from Azeroth. Not to mention, at Blizzcon 2015, the changed the Haunted Mines announced from 'Necromancer' to 'Grave Keeper', possibly alluding for a future inclusion.

  • The jury's out. Magic staff belonged to Wizard, dagger belonged to Necromancer.

The Monk will make a Shout-Out to League of Legends

With the Lost Vikings giving Shout-Out to the term originating from LOL meme, 'Spin to Win!', they might continue with the guy played by Jamieson Price. Maybe the Monk, using one of his skills, will yell at a most patriotic ham: "IVGOROD!!!"note 

  • Jossed.

The Nexus does in fact connect all worlds

It is in the same chaos dimension as the pandemonium area in Diablo and the Twisting Nether in Warcraft. Amon's void area in starcraft also fits. Because of the chaos of this enormous dimension, it takes different forms in different universes, and in another hidden corner, the Nexus exists. Characters are drawn through portals are drawn into various universes's style of portal, and brought into the "storm" portion of this dimension to fight each other.

The Chaos generates various environments because that is what chaotic dimensions do, in floating flat areas like what you find in Outland, Hell, pandemonium, or the void rocks in Starcraft, alternatively, he Xel'naga did produce it, as Artanis's quote suggests, or a more general "creator" species did it. Terrazine was possibly used, in a similar way to the unit clones in Legacy of the Void. In addition, the characters subconsciously communicate with each other psychically through the Nexus, explaining how the different universes have similar characters and plot points. These communications strengthened over time, and also allowed portals to the chaos dimensions to grow stronger, leading to current heroes of the Storm.

It remains to be seen how Overwatch will connect, possibly an experiment gone wrong.

The Nexus doesn't actually remove individuals from their respective universes.

If you look at the Nexus in the various menu screens - character select, match select, the marketplace - everything is digital. It's all hexagons and holograms and things that wouldn't look out of place in TRON. And then, we have this gem:

Artanis: This realm poses many questions and few answers... Were the Xel'naga involved in the creation of the Nexus? If so, they have left no temples, no new life forms. Unless... Those life forms were unseen, controlling us through some sort of complicated digital mechanism, some sort of... Battle net, as it were. Maybe even thousands of these life forms, all manipulating our lives at once! Ah, all right, this is giving me a headache.

None of the heroes involved have actually been removed from their respective timelines - not even the heroes from alternate universes - but are instead copied like a snapshot by the Nexus itself. This 'snapshot' then continues from the point of capture, but only progresses forward within the Nexus. This allows for multiple iterations of the same character to interact with one another, and also preserves the integrity of any respective timelines and/or alternate universes. This could also explain the existence of Master skins, or 'Joke' skins (like Bikini Stitches, the Pajama Party Lost Vikings, or Kandy King Muradin): rather than being pulled from outside, they only exist for those 'snapshots' within the Nexus, creating a series of independent, stable timelines, with no ability to affect anything within the multiverse, and allowing for a consequence free environment.

Just in case Kel'Thuzad makes it to the game, he'll have an annoyed quote regarding him being 'banned' in Hearthstone

In Hearthstone, he used to be a Legendary card in the Curse of Naxxrammas set. However, after Whispers of the Old Gods, the Naxxrammas set is to be banned from Standard mode, still available for Wild mode, but probably not going to be on the official set. Consider all those and the nature of the Stop Poking Me! quotes in this game and Kel'Thuzad's model has been leaked since the alpha days, not to mention he's Denser and Wackier in Hearthstone, if he makes it to this game, there's no way he will miss out saying that if he's released.

  • Jossed, although he does have a few callbacks to Curse of Naxxramas.

Tracer will have lines about fans shipping her with Widwomaker.

Future Maps/Realms

Other realms of the nexus have been hinted at through various skins, and could be likely candidates for future maps.

  • A Kaijo-realm themed map where the teams must compete to collect machine parts and build a Humongous Mecha for their side. Possibly called Neo-Stormwind.
    • Humongous Mecha idea is in the game now, although its part of the Overwatch map Volskaya Foundry.
  • A map based on the conflict against the Eternal Empire, detailed in Tyrande, Medivh, Leoric, and Li-Ming's skins.
  • A Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft map, where players collect mana crystals, and turn them in to "play cards" that attack the other team.

Most dialogue by the cast implies Darkness is a fairly nice guy, but we hear that he's one good terms with heroes and villains. So Darkness doesn't judge good or evil, he's just friends with whoever he meets. Unless pissed off like when Li-Ming shot with a magic missile for no reason or Gul'dan ripping off his name.

Gul'dan is currently a Destruction Warlock

Most of his spells are generic warlock magic, or felfire abilities. The Destruction Skillset is all about felfire for Warlocks.

A future Protoss hero will have this as a Stop Poking Me! quote

"My life for Ner'zhul— uh, I mean, AIUR!!"

Deathwing will never be a playable character

He's simply too long. The basic shape of other huge characters (Azmodan, Ragnaros) are tall rectangles or squares. It's easy to scale those shapes down without making them look silly. However, it's pretty much impossible to shrink a length-wise rectangle into a proper playable shape without making the character tiny. Also, his human form isn't cool enough to be a hero and would be a waste of his character.

  • Possibly Jossed now that Alexstrasza is confirmed, although her dragon form does only last a few seconds.
    • 100% Jossed now, since he's real.

The coming destruction that The Raven Lord saw was Baal or Deathwing

In the first Heroes of the Storm comic, The Raven Lord sees a great destructive force and had to summon the Dark Nexus in desperation. The finale to this story will be 2018's Blizzcon, with heroes stopping the Raven Lord only to find out it's too late, revealing either the Lord of Destruction or the Destroyer himself (or possibly both!). Bonus points if it results in a Diablo, Ragnaros, and Baal/Deathwing duel against Hanzo, Alex, Genji, D.Va, and Varian.

  • Jossed, although he did make it to the game in 2019.

The Raven Lord is trying to save the Nexus from the Omega Swarm

With the unveiling of Orphea we get the vague motivation for the Raven Lord's conquests - "There must be order, my daughter. Without it, everything will be lost". This signifies some kind of a threat for Nexus as a whole. The only thing shown in Heroes so far that would be capable of achieving such a feat is the Omega Swarm - the Zerg you fight in a handful of the Brawls. They're even described as running rampant in the Nexus. Also notice that you don't really have that much of a success against Omega Swarm itself even if you win either of the brawls they were featured in - you either escape them, or just nuke the everloving hell out of them in a large area, but in both cases it seems to be just you buying yourself some time before they come again. It's possible that the Omega Swarm have gotten themselves a Singularity and are conquering lesser Nexus realms one by one, much like the Raven Lord is doing, and a future event will be dedicated to re-taking a sector from the Omega Swarm. And if Zerg's ability to spread at a terrifying rate is so feared in their home universe, How powerful would they become with the ability to respawn their numbers indefinitely?


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