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Fridge Brilliance:

  • Jaina's Stop Poking Me! quote sinking the ship with Thrall might sound like just another attempt for Blizzard/Chris Metzen to ensure the pair never comes to fruition. But, if you take heed of what comes next, Jaina saying the last two people pursuing romance with her ends up as world-destroying maniacs, this could mean that maybe Jaina didn't want Thrall to end up like Arthas or Kael just in case they are paired together. Sure, she's with Kalegcos at the moment but it might mean that Jaina knew that Just Friends with zero romantic pursuit is pretty much the best kind of relations when it comes to her... and Thrall actually has it.

  • Many of the opening lines involving Murky are expressions of confusion at the murloc language. Even Malfurion mentions he has to brush up on it. On the other hand, Tassadar, Zeratul, Artanis, and Alarak, being telepathic Protoss, have no trouble communicating with Murky at all, and both Tassadar and Zeratul are concerned with Murky's desire for vengeance. Likewise, Space Lord Leoric seems to understand him. Why? Because Space Lord Leoric is a Sith in all but name and it is very often suggested in Star Wars that, while mind reading isn't possible (until the seventh film at least), Jedi and Sith can sense powerful emotions.
    • Alarak, also motivated by vengeance (against Amon) in his home series, takes a liking to Murky because they are in the same boat. And if Nova Covert Ops is any indication, he's very vindictive and willing to put aside reason to have his revenge like he tried to do against the Defenders of Man, just like Murky.
    • There are only a handful of heroes without any kind of special dialogue with Murky. Among them is Junkrat. Junkrat grew up in a radiated wasteland, and the fallout caused him and many other people to develop serious mental issues. Junkrat might just be used to hearing and dismissing angry, nonsense-babbling weirdos.

  • Ever wonder why the setting of this game is called the "Nexus"? The word itself could either mean "connection", "center", or even "core". If you put the game's multiple maps and their themes in mind, you realize that the Nexus is a mixture of realms connected together! No wonder why the heroes are able to travel and battle in different maps or why some maps have the same minions and mercenaries. They are all connected!

  • The Diablo heroes and the Lost Vikings generally have the hardest time adjusting to the Nexus, if their Stop Poking Me! quotes are any indication. Diablo is the only one of the four major franchises without a MOBA attached to them (StarCraft gave birth to Aeon of Strife, Warcraft generated Defense of the Ancients, and even Overwatch is something of a MOBA/FPS hybrid), and the Vikings are coming out of a seventeen-year retirement after last appearing in a platformer.
    • Overwatch heroes do tend to have a lot of Wrong Genre Savvy to them, which is probably because they're used to a first-person game whereas every other franchise is top-down, third person, or side-scrolling.

  • Auriel is the Archangel of Hope. She gets her powers through hope itself and it is shown with her skill set. As long as she and/or her Bestow Hope target are dealing damage, she can heal her team. If your team isn't dealing damage, she's powerless. And in what situation are you most likely not going to be dealing damage and still need healing? When you're retreating. She can't help people fleeing from a battle they have no hope of winning.

  • Tassadar remaining hostile and suspicious towards Kerrigan even if she's already pulled a Heel–Face Turn might seem out of place until you realize that by the time Kerrigan is fully cleansed of Amon's influence, Tassadar was long dead; the spirit of him appearing in Starcraft II is actually Ouros in disguise . He died before knowing of Amon's existence, and so does not realize that she isn't the partially-Amon-influenced Queen of Blades anymore.
    • It's for the same reason Uther dismisses the Orcs characters as just like the demon-corrupted ones, he died before their Heel–Face Turn.

  • Alarak has talents that grant increased utility to his spells at the cost of permanently weakening his Sadism trait, making him less effective at taking down enemies by himself but more effective at setting up kills for allies. In other words, he's dropping the jerk facade just a bit in order to help his teammates. Perhaps he's still a Jerk with a Heart of Gold after all.

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  • “Timing” is the keyword while playing as Chromie as the player is required to time the use of her skills well. This is quite fitting for a member of the Bronze Dragonflight, whose specialty is time manipulation.

  • The game is called Heroes of the Storm, because one type of storm is a blizzard.

  • Raynor's "/dance" emote has much more moving around and flexing (especially his legs) in his unarmored skins, but why? Well, that Power Armor is probably pretty heavy and cumbersome, so he's surely quite happy to be able to move freely when he's out of it.

  • Save for Zarya and Ana, none of the Overwatch heroes know how to properly ride a horse. This is because by the time Overwatch takes place, horse riding is likely completely unheard of. Starcraft gets away with it due to its heavy New Old West Space Opera setting, but Overwatch is a closer and more realistic future.
    • As for the two heroes that actually know how: Zarya was an aspiring athlete before the Omnic Crisis and probably learned horseback riding (or some facsimile thereof) during her training, and Ana is old enough that she could have picked it up in her youth.

  • The reason why Stukov's basic attack damage is the highest among all the Support heroes is due to his Zerg arm. Although it is unpleasant to look at, his Zerg arm is incredibly muscular and has enough raw muscular strength to shatter stuff from concrete to metal.

  • Garrosh isn't a hyper-aggressive brawler like many people predicted. But that's because he never was. Garrosh's fighting style was always to stand unflinching to wear down his enemy, wait for his opponent to make a mistake, then throw them into a compromising position and deliver the beatdown (figuratively or literally). That's pretty accurate to his trait and W for sustain, and Groundbreaker + Wrecking Ball combo.

  • When Kel'Thuzad was finally revealed, it turned out that he had actually been waiting in the shadows for the perfect time to strike. That's right, Kel'Thuzad's been here all along, he just hasn't been a playable hero.

  • One of Junkrat's heroics is a literal Suicide Attack where he actually straight-up dies. Thankfully, he respawns a moment later. Thinking back to the tutorial, maybe when Junkrat "ascended" to the Nexus, he got the schpiel about respawning from Uther, and in his unhinged way decided to weaponize it.

  • A lot of people noted that Alexstrasza's design is a lot chunkier than her WoW look. However, her WoW model uses the same skeleton as a normal Blood Elf female, and had to built to that shape. In Heroes, she's allowed to have a more personality-friendly body. And what better body for the mother of the Red Dragonflight than a set of child-birthing hips?

  • When D.Va's MEKA "dies" due to sustained damage (or self-destructs) she pops out of it and walks around on her own 2 feet, just like she does in her home universe. When the Vikings use their Longboat raid, the ship can be destroyed and they would be left stunned for a lengthy period of time in its wreckage. Killing the Triglav Protector, the Dragon Knight, the Garden Terror and almost any other vehicle, the pilot plops back out no worse for the wear. But when Tychus is destroyed in his Odin, he dies rather than pop out and continue fighting. Tychus dies along with the warmachine he's using, just like any other pilot would in his home universe.
    • Also keep in mind that the Odin is a Dominion vehicle. The Dominion has never been too concerned with their troops' lives, and why bother keeping a pilot who failed and lost a warmachine anyway?

  • Mephisto's trait is more effective the more people he can hit. In other words, the more players join forces against him, the more powerful he gets, just like in a typical Diablo game.

  • Johanna is a Deadpan Snarker when confronting evil characters, for no apparent reason other than making her look sassy as hell. But keep in mind that as a crusader of Zakarum, she knows her entire religion was corrupted by the hatred Mephisto spread through it. Mephisto also makes it clear that the more hatred he feels in the mortals around him, the more powerful he becomes. Instead of giving into the rage she feels for her lost faith, she takes Mephisto's power away by ribbing on her enemies instead.

  • Nexus original heroes never lampshade the fact that they're in a video game in their poke quotes, not even in a Wrong Genre Savvy way. That's because they've never been in a different game before and don't have the same point of reference. They just think the Nexus is perfectly normal reality.

Fridge Horror

  • Nova is now a rather flirtatious person. But if you look at the history of Ghosts being subjected to mind-wipes... who can say that when she entered the Nexus, she underwent another painful mind wipe just to condition her into more being a tease and a 'good guy'? It might be for the best, but if you look at the possible implication on the price of entering the Nexus... brr...

  • Lunara is already more murder-happy than your average dryad, but one of her interactions with Cho'gall has some rather... disturbing implications.
    Cho: Your precious wilds once served the gods below!
    Gall: They shall again!
    Lunara: I would rather see them burn.
    • That doesn't sound so bad, since she is ultimately trying to save nature from the Old Gods. But if you know Warcraft lore, you might be reminded of a certain faction with that exact same goal and motivation. Lunara is already walking down the slippery slope that leads characters into becoming demons, including the exact line of thought that drove Sargeras insane.

Fridge Logic

  • Using Dive with Illidan is completely counterproductive in PvE, if it isn't used to dodge or reposition. Unless the Marked for Death talent is picked, Illidan's Basic Attack deals more damage.
  • Samuro's Bladestorm, while looking very cool and giving him Unstoppable, had multiple flaws, like instantly giving away who the real Samuro was (which is counterproductive for a Glass Cannon who relies on Confusion Fu), not actually dealing more single-target damage than his Basic Attacks and also not increasing his movespeed, making it easy for many heroes to escape him. Thus, it was never a serious option for the highest skilled players, especially compared to Illusion Master, which greatly emphasizes Samuro's general gameplay. Blizzard decided to fix this gradually by giving him the ability to switch with his images baseline, as well as replacing the Unstoppable effect with Armor and drastically reducing the cooldown, thus turning it more into a waveclearing ability.

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