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Administrivia / Repair, Don't Respond

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"Repair, Don't Respond"
"You Could Always Edit It Yourself"
"Be Bold"
"So Fix It"

These predefined messages all speak to a central concept that's critical to any wiki: Users are responsible for the content.

Repair, Don't Respond

You should never add comments in an article explaining that an entry is wrong or incomplete. See Justifying Edit, Thread Mode, and Conversation in the Main Page for more information. If the example is wrong, fix it (or delete it). If the example is incomplete, expand it. If you have a question or concern about the example, bring it up in the Discussion page or Ask The Tropers.

These sorts of edits often show as improper Example Indentation in Trope Lists. Never make an addition to an example that is indented beneath it. It will get removed and flagged as Natter. Also, while editing, avoid leaving Zero Context Examples and rhetorical questions, because these tend to be targets for natter.

While you're at it, be careful to avoid excessive bias. We aren't interested in hashing out the sides of an argument, and we don't permit the removal of legitimately held opinions, as long as they are in the right place. See Righting Great Wrongs.

You Could Always Edit It Yourself

Sometimes users will post a complaint about an example being incorrect, or an article being infested with natter or not sorted properly, or information having been missed in an article's description. The response is usually, So Fix It. You have permission to make additions or corrections; in fact, we depend on those sorts of contributions to improve the wiki's accuracy and thoroughness. As The Other Wiki says, Be Bold and make the changes you think are needed.

The same thing applies if we don't have an article for a particular work or creator. This Is a Wiki: if you think an article for something is needed, go make it. See How to Create a Work Page for instructions and Program Entry Template for a sample page to get you started.

For tropes, we need a bit more rigor. Check Trope Finder first to see if we have the concept already. If nobody can find it, then move over to Trope Launch Pad and pitch it to the community.


  • If an article is locked, visit this forum topic to request changes.
  • As mentioned earlier, new trope concepts must get pitched to Trope Launch Pad before being made into articles.
  • Real Life examples are discouraged if they are shoehorned into a trope, are describing real people in subjective terms, or are controversial. If you see an article listed as No Real Life Examples, Please!, then please obey those instructions.
  • Our Content Policy prohibits articles and examples about works that are purely pornographic or are sexually exploitative of minors. When in doubt, leave it out, or ask here.

Alternative Title(s): Be Bold, Repair Dont Reply, So Fix It, You Could Always Edit It Yourself