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What is TV Tropes? Going by the namespace for our article on ourselves, as well as our tagline on the Home Page, this is/we are a wiki. There is also a forum and a few other amenities, but this is a wiki first and foremost.

Being a wiki means that articles are there for everyone to read and for anyone to edit (rare exceptions occur, and those reasons are discussed on other pages). Content should be factual and hopefully interesting to browse for most readers. Our directive is to find and present storytelling conventions/patterns to an audience that is not familiar with specific examples of tropes and works.


To achieve that goal, we invite editors to Be Bold and make changes, even dramatic changes, to the wiki if that's what's needed. Two bold editors might come into conflict, so we want them to discuss the issue together, or seek consensus from the rest of the wiki. These changes can be large and quick, but must have justifications (please use Edit Reasons).

For example, we don't like to remove pages from the wiki. Adding a page to the Cut List is saying "we give up, nobody is able to fix this". While there are justifications for deleting work pages, they can't be "I'm the author, I don't want a page, get rid of it". A page can be deleted with legitimate reasoning, like "doesn't have three trope examples with context and the creator won't add it" or "breaks the policy of...". Only the wiki can own a page, so no one member can claim authority by virtue of being the first editor, being the biggest contributor, or even being the author.


We hope you understand this and keep having fun with browsing and editing TV Tropes the Wiki.


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