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Administrivia / Three-Day Rule

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The general rule of thumb for tropers in the Trope Launch Pad, Trope Repair Shop, and Image Pickin' is to wait at least three days to gather opinions before adding a crowner, calling a crowner, or taking another kind of page action. Waiving this rule can only happen for TRS threads in the Not Thriving category (or any other thread for a page that's experiencing wick starvation) and when there are 10 or more verbal votes for and none against, while leniency for other types of threads is generally reserved for when the vote is so overwhelmingly in favor of a given course of action that further opposing votes wouldn't make much of a difference (for example, if a crowner option with a relatively high vote count is unanimous or close to it). Timestamps are your friends, in all cases.

The rule is designed to give dissenting opinions a chance to be heard.