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Heartwarming / Far Cry: New Dawn

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Even though it's become a post-apocalyptic frontier full of violence and anarchy, Hope County still has plenty of touching moments to offer.

Unmarked spoilers below.

  • The opening cutscene depicts the residents of Hope County finally leaving their bunkers for the first time since the bombs fell. Seeing people building a new, lively home gives you hope that despite everything, humanity does indeed have a chance to rise again.
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  • After rescuing Nick Rye from the Highwaymen, you're treated to a very sweet family reunion back at Prosperity. When you and Nick walk in, Kim is too busy looking for a tool to even hear her long-lost husband saying her name... until he comes up behind her, holds her and asks "Lost something, darlin'?" Then Carmina walks in, overcome with joy, and simply thanks you for bringing her father home.
  • Should the Captain decide to spare Mickey, she not only keeps her word and abandons the Highwaymen, but leaves behind a letter detailing her next move: to head back east and search for her mother.
  • Even though it also comes with a heavy dose of melancholy, many of the notes that detail Hope County survivors venturing off into the world comes with a good bit of relief knowing that they did survive the nuclear Holocaust after all, since it means that the Deputy's efforts to help them weren't all in vain.
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  • The final scene of the game is Carmina and the Captain sharing a beer at Rush's grave while remarking that even though things probably won't get much easier they have made a lot of progress and the future is looking a little brighter than it was before. After seventeen years of nuclear war, fallout, bloodshed and death it seems a small measure of hope has finally returned to Hope County.


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