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Heartwarming / Suikoden V

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  • When Lymsleia shares a scene with the Prince one of these is bound to occur but the crowning one is the first one because it also serves as an Establishing Character Moment: She's introduced via a door swinging open and an adorable girl flying through it to glomp her beloved brother.
  • Ferid's introduction involves him greeting his son warmly, giving him a bear hug so big he nearly crushes him.
  • Arshtat is full of these, almost every cutscene with her, if it doesn't involve the Sun Rune, involves her being a good Queen and darling mother. Of note:
    • Her first introduction involves warm greetings and words of praise for the Prince and his whole entourage.
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    • Counseling Lym about her role as future Queen, in that many people will fight for her name as ruler, and she needs to become tough.
    • Talking to the Prince before The Godwin coup. She reflects how proud she is of both the Prince and Lym, in the way only a mother could say it.
  • During the engagement rites at Lunas, if the Prince has a high relationship value with Lymsleia, she will come into his room and ask to sleep in his bed. She talks before she goes to sleep, and says that, when she was younger, she used to look down on her brother because he could never rule, but he was always so nice to her.
  • Arshtat's final hug when she's a spirit in the Sun Rune, along with Ferid and Sialeeds.
  • When Lyon comments that Arshtat is a wise and good Queen during the boat ride to Stormfist, and Sialeeds and Georg concur.
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  • At the end of the game, Nakula, who at this point realizes that Sagiri is just as much a victim of Nether Gate as he is, departs for Nagarea to destroy the remnants of Nether Gate within, promising to kill her last. That is to say, he goes to another country to hunt down every last member of a group of incredibly elusive and deadly assassins—a mission he likely may never come back from. It's probably the closest thing to forgiveness he can grant her.
  • After the coup, Lymsleia is sitting alone in her room with Miakis, and refuses to fall asleep, because if she does, she thinks she'll see her mother and father in her dreams, and she'll cry. Miakis remarks that it's okay for her to cry, but Lym refuses, because she cannot admit defeat to the Godwins. Miakis cries for the Princess.
  • What Lym endures would break people much older and mature than her, but she keeps a stoic facade as best she can. At the end of the game, when she is finally reunited with her beloved brother, the bad guys have been slain, she cries for the first time in a long time. Her brother hugs her.
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  • After Lyon is severely injured and Lym is snatched away just when she and the Prince were almost reunited, almost everyone in the castle tries to cheer him up or encourage him.
  • Sort of a mix of Fridge Heartwarming and Fridge Sadness, but when you put the clues together and learn that Ferid was Skald Egan's son, it makes a lot of interactions with both him and Bernadette take on new meaning, some of it happy, some of it sad. The happy part is how warm Skald is toward both the Prince and Lym, jumping into their corner with only enough token resistance to not make it suspicious and giving as much help as he can without causing a political mess for his grandkids.
    • A particular standout is Skald (through a message relayed through Bernadette) practically gushing over what a wonderful queen Lymsleia will make, and how important it is to make sure she gets to be more than a Godwin puppet. Bernadette's only comment is that it all goes without saying. Keep in mind, Bern has both never met Lym and doesn't know that she's related to her.

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