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Heartwarming / Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade

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  • Lyn's reunion with her grandfather at the end of her tale. Hausen's reaction, Lyn's assertion that despite taking so much poison he'll recover, and the CG of them embracing is one of the most heartwarming moments in the game. Also a bit of a Tear Jerker.
    • In that scene, when Lyn talks of the pain of being alone after the Lorca massacre (the less-than-a-dozen other survivors all went their separate ways, refusing to follow her), Hausen solemnly apologizes for his pride all those years ago: he reveals how deeply he regrets not accepting his daughter Madelyn's choice to marry for love and wishes he could take it back because they could have all lived together happily. In response, Lyn assures him that despite the tragic end, her family and tribe all lived a life of love and happiness; Hausen, deeply moved and happy that Madelyn had a happy life, thank her. This, in turn, leads to the above bit where Lyn assures him that despite how much poison he's consumed, the strength of will can save his life.
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  • Priscilla finally, finally getting the happy ending she deserves in her ending with Erk, who unlike her other options can actually marry somebody of her title by exploiting both his position and his talents.
  • Dorcas and Farina's supports. Dorcas's wife has a bum leg and Dorcas works to earn money for her treatments, and when Farina finds out she gives him this huge sum of money. These supports are among the best for revealing Farina's Hidden Depths.
  • Hawkeye's supports with Ninian provide some information about Arcadia, a hidden paradise where dragons and humans live in peace together. At the end of their A support, he tells her he has hope for a future where all of Elibe can be just like Arcadia, and Ninian says she believes this as well.
  • Anything involving Nino and Jaffar, from when she saves him out of compassion to his Declaration of Protection to her, and his going out of the way to lay it hard on Sonia. Their support conversations feature Love Redeems in full force.
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  • When Rath gets a crit with a sword he pats his horse's head just before attacking.
  • Nils saying goodbye to his sister Ninian and Eliwood before he crosses the Dragon's Gate alone.
  • A lot of A supports.
    • Kent and Lyn's A support: I am here for you. Even were I not a knight, even were you not my lady. My heart would not change. So, I hope that you will forgive me, should I continue to stay by your side...
    • Priscilla and Erk's A support, Say My Name end included. Even more heartwarming because it triggers Priscilla's only happy double ending, where she * does* get to keep the man she loves.
    • Lucius and Serra's A support, whether you view it through romantic or platonic lenses, shows both the lonely girl Serra is under the Rich Bitch facade, and the extent of what a kind and forgiving person Lucius is (despite the rocky start of their interaction, he still says she's a kind person).
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    • Bartre and Karla's A support; in which Bartre unwittingly, yet no less elegantly for him, declares respect and love for Karla just by her abilities and respects her as an equal; which knocks her off her feet harder than any sword ever did!
    • Erk and Serra's A support, where their Slap-Slap-Kiss becomes an Aw, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other moment in the end.
    • Serra's support with Oswin, which also showcases her desire for his approval and how crushed she is when she thinks she's a bother on him and the troupe. Or when Hector says she can consider him and the rest of Ostia her family for as long as she wants.
    • Lucius may be crowning character of heartwarming. In his Renault support, when he talks about his years of suffering after his parents' deaths, Renault confesses that he killed Lucius's father, falls to his knees in tears and begs Lucius to forgive him. Lucius forgives him.
    • Lowen and Rebecca's supports as a whole are pure heartwarming.
    • Canas and Nino's has the two of them realize they might be uncle and niece. They don't know for sure, but Nino says Canas is such a Nice Guy that she'd be happy to have him as an uncle, and he feels the same.
      • Well, there's a bit of Funny here and there as well, but otherwise - yes. Perfectly so.
    • Jaffar/Nino's support: Nino showing her trust for Jaffar even after his job was to kill her and Jaffar admitting that he loves her.
    • Hector and Farina's A support. She's distrustful of nobles due to Ilian mercenaries being treated like pawns and spent all of their previous support reflecting this. Hector spends the entire final support convincing an overworked and exhausted Farina that no, he doesn't see her as just a pawn and he's helping her because he wants to. Keep in mind that Hector isn't known for his finesse and gentleness when it comes to women. This also becomes a Funny Moment when you see their ending CG.
    • Lyn and Florina's A support. While Florina had distanced herself from Lyn a bit by calling her "Lady Lyndis" rather than "Lyn" due to the difference in status between them, she gets Lyn to admit that she wants to return to the plains with Florina, showing that they're still friends after everything they've been through.
  • In the last chapter when Eliwood tells everyone to stay back and, of course, no one listens to him.
    • Also, before the chapter when Eliwood talks to Nergal: "Do you believe for a moment that, when wise Athos struck down his dearest friend, he felt nothing!?"
  • Hector's decision to wield Armads even knowing the consequences. He doesn't care if he dies young, or a painful and bloody death at that. He just wants to help Eliwood. Actually, Hector getting involved in the first place all because of Eliwood.
  • In a way, when you defeat the morphs of the previous bosses, you actually see them revert to their original human appearances smiling, which makes it feel like you're putting their souls to rest.
  • Despite her being part of the reason why his life was so terrible, Zephiel still wanted Guinevere's mother to come live with him, Guinevere, his father, and mother as one true family, showing no ill will towards the woman.