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Heartwarming / This War of Mine

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  • If one of your survivors is depressed, it's possible to direct another to talk them back from the edge with assurances that they aren't alone. They can also bring each other food, medicine, and tend each other's wounds directly.
  • There are many ways to engineer these moments. Taking out two snipers who were preying on innocents, raiding said snipers' medical supplies, and then donating said supplies to the local hospital is just one example.
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  • If your scavenger does something brave, such as taking out a group of thugs, their housemates will spend the next the saying nice things about them and their bio entries will mention supporting them if needed.
  • Getting the best ending of the game by ensuring that not only did your band of survivors made it through the fighting in one piece, but that they found some measure of peace and happiness in their lives after the war ended.
  • Any sort of interaction with the children, from playing games with them, giving them food, or even just talking to them.
  • One version of the backstory of Zlata and Pavle, while the other version shows how despite their best efforts to boost the mood of fellow around them failed. The other gives you a hopeful version of the story. In Zlata's second version of the story, Zlata and Tadei make a miraculous recovery and Tadei even managed to get out of the city through a pass. In Pavle' second version of the story, fog covered the players trying to get the stadium and they managed to have a wonderful football game that pavle remembers even more fondly than his life as a professional player.

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