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Awesome / This War of Mine

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  • You can engineer moments like this, from Big Damn Rescues and smiting heinous bastards when you survive. Pat yourself on the back extra if you get through these operations unscratched.
    • Special mention: soldier at the grocery store. The game practically screams: “You need to kill this guy.”
  • Surviving the war with just Marko. By far the hardest starting scenario in the game.
  • Taking out the military base.
  • Upgrading every station, fortifying all defenses, and having enough supplies to make you rich, all without doing any sort of crime. Managing to pull that off feels good.
  • One for the developers is Update 1.3, which added two new levels, a scenario editor (where one can pick one's starting survivors and fixed locations), and a custom survivor tool. Kudos to 11 Bit Studios for releasing this for free, because they care.
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  • Update 2.0.3. Despite its small size, it brings two of the most requested additions into the game. First is Chinese localization, which many Chinese players have requested for some time. Second is the complete and foolproof fix to the infamous bandit looting glitch (where looting bandits in most locations was treated as the same as looting from innocents).

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