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Trivia / This War of Mine

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  • Revival by Commercialization: After the reveal trailer used the 1968 hit "Gyöngyhajú lány" by Hungarain rockband Omega, online videos of the song experienced a sudden boost in views.
  • What Could Have Been
    • The developers actually intended to have Shotgun Shells and Rifle Cartridges in the game as well as the necessary components required to make more of them at the metal workshop. They ultimately decided against it as separate ammunition types would've needlessly complicated the player's resource gathering efforts with having to find more unnecessary materials.
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    • There is unused dialogue in the game-code which is for survivors that hurt themselves trying to remove rubble with their hands. This was possibly removed for being an unfair way to waste Bandages and overemphasizing the importance of bringing a shovel to rubble-filled areas as mandatory.
    • In Father's Promise, Adam was originally going to be contacted by a woman named Nina who would ask him to help hunt down human traffickers. There was also an option to have Adam commit suicide after finding out that Amelia was already dead.

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