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  • When neutral NPCs sit down for too long they sometimes say this:
  • The survivors drink alcohol to alleviate sadness and depression, so of course their drunkenness serves as comic relief in an otherwise somber setting. If you employ booze as a mood booster, be prepared for your survivor to waste a day rolling around on the ground, singing badly, tripping and falling through holes in the ceiling/floor, trying to hug their housemates, trying to convince their housemates that they are invincible, and refusing even to eat, claiming that they are "honestly just too wasted" to open the fridge.
  • Your survivors will, by default, sneak around if they're not running. This is pretty normal, considering that most of the places are either decrepit or full of armed gunmen. It gets funny when you go to heavily occupied places, such as the City Hospital or the Community Square, and your character insists on sneaking around, despite being in full view of everyone.
    • It gets even better when people try having one-sided conversations with you.
  • With The Little Ones DLC, you can build a smiling snowman... right next to the giant "Fuck the War" sign outside the shelter.

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