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The Weather FM radio station is run by the military
Which explains why it keeps telling people to go take walks in the park when the weather is warm, despite all the snipers waiting outside.
  • The radio doesn't have to be local, it could be on regional or national range. Not every sniper is a military, others are bandits. On the other hand, in a civil war, is to be expected from media to be held by the warring parties. So either the government or the militia will have influence in that radio for sure.
    • This is supported in the game. A lot of radio reports start off with statements like "If you are at Pogoren..." (the city that the game takes place in), suggesting that the radio stations aren't local, just report on local news. Also keep in mind that there is sometimes a delay between certain weather events being reported and actually taking place in-game, which would make sense if the Weather station is located elsewhere.

Franko works for the rebels
He always accepts whatever guns, bulletproof vests or helmets you have but he never sells any. He may actually be trading for military equipment to keep the rebels going. Notice how he never sells weapons, just a few measly bullets or weapon parts.

The Construction Site's underground section was flooded by the military
No matter which version of that location you go to, there is always a pair of soldiers on the upper floors when you come there for the first time.

The 'Outbreak of Crime' event happened because the military sent in soldiers without uniforms to cause trouble
Considering how well-organized they are and how they have enough weapons and manpower to raid almost every house in the city at night, they must have someone backing them. The aim was probably to convince the locals that the rebels couldn't maintain order and hoped that the people there would start an uprising or at least demand the rebels to surrender. However, it backfired as everyone learned to organize patrols and started fighting back. At that point, the military might have realized it was a really bad idea and may have just made the city's inhabitants more dangerous, and so stopped their operation.
  • The loading screens displayed during the event clearly depict an armed man dressed in a dark cloak strapped over camo-pattern fatigues. The only NPCs in the game depicted as wearing similar clothing (or any kind of uniform for that matter) are the military.
  • Given that one of the situations you may encounter at the ruined supermarket is a military soldier harassing a lone scavenger like yourself, it's established that the military soldiers are troublemakers and thus it's not all that far out for them to commit these atrocities.

There were cannibals in the city
One of the news reports on the radio states that many animals have disappeared from the streets and warned listeners to be dubious about raw meat. It's possible that the raw meat you find in bandit fridges are actually human flesh, but your survivors were blissfully unaware of it.
  • It could be, you do find some psychos in the hotel doing terrible things to their victims.

The warehouse where Boris worked is the same one that was taken over by bandits
It seems to be the only warehouse in the nearby area, and it does have signs of damage by shelling, as Boris mentioned in his profile.

Hyenas in wolf's clothing
Emilia's family was murdered by looters. Her neighbors told her that they were with the Vyseni militia and were looking for Grazni informants. The fact that they were killed without being interrogated casts suspicion on their actual allegiance and true motives. For comparison, when Valter is suspected of taking a care package the militia considers theirs, they don't just shoot him based on an accusation but go through the trouble of looking for confirmation. The looters could've been common bandits or even Grazni soldiers disguised as Vyseni militia.

Cveta was designed to emulate This Loser Is You
She has absolutely no survival skills. Likely none of the game's audience would either.
  • While this may be true, it also probably represents how unlikely it is that everyone you meet in a war is super talented in some sort of survival aspect.

There will be more scenarios with Boris starting out
So far he's only in one.
  • Sort of confirmed. You can make your own scenarios, and you can select Boris as one of your starters.

Roman and Katia "kept each other warm" for a few nights.

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