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WARNING: Spoilers Off applies to Heartwarming Moments pages.

  • One scene with Linus shows that he doesn't get enough food as a hermit and enters the town at night to loot food out of the residents' bins. The player catches him in the act and can choose to sympathize with him. Once they part ways, Linus tries to loot the bin outside the saloon and is caught by Gus, who kindly offers him some zucchini fritters he made earlier and tells him that should he ever need food again later, he only needs to come in and ask for some.
    • A later heart event lets you offer to let him move onto your farm. He declines, saying (or at least implying) that his lifestyle is by choice rather than just being down on his luck. Conversely, if you choose not to and just say you're happy for him, he'll thank you for not trying to fix him or looking down on him.
  • If the player helps rebuild the old Community Center, it is eventually restored entirely to its former glory. As Lewis gives the player his gratitude, Morris the Jerkass JojaMart manager enters. If you choose to be civil about the situation, Pierre will ask the townsfolk to gather. In the following scene, the townsfolk all reminiscence over memories of spending time in the Community Center and rally together behind Pierre, resulting in Morris and the JojaMart corporation being driven out of town for good.
    • And as of the 1.4 update, you can now turn the rundown JojaMart supermarket into a sparkly new movie theater that everyone can enjoy...and help the last Junimo return home.
  • Quite a few of the bachelor/ette scenes:
    • Abigail's first one has you sitting down and helping her beat the first level of a tough video game. Later on, she becomes inspired by your exploits in the mines and starts training to go on adventures with you, but she's not quite brave enough and the last scene has you tenderly comforting her as she's cowering in the corner of the cave.
    • Haley's third one has you searching the beach for her lost bracelet, a keepsake of her great-grandmother. When you return it to her, her eyes go wide with appreciation and she gives you a hug. Haley generally shows a lot of Character Development from this point on, shedding her spoilt Rich Bitch personality and becoming more enthusiastic about country life.
    • Harvey's last scene has you flying a hot air balloon together and helping him conquer his fear of heights.
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    • Sebastian's second scene is a small one, where he fantasizes about riding his motorcycle and offers to bring you along some time. the possible answers are "Sure.", "That sound like a dumb idea.", and "I'm scared of motorcycles." If you answer the latter one, he promises to protect you.
  • Whatever problems Sebastian has with his family, he still visits his mother occasionally after you marry him:
    Sebastian: Mom's face lit up when I walked in. She deserves to be happy.
  • A meta one: When fans learned the game was being pirated, some bought extra copies to mitigate the effect. And some pirates felt so bad about their pirating, they paid for the game.
  • The 1.1 update added Shane to the list of bachelors along with Emily being added to the list of bachelorettes.
    • Even without romancing him, Shane's new extended storyline involves you helping him with his depression and alcoholism, culminating in talking him down from suicide and helping him start therapy with a counselor in the city. The last cutscenes of his platonic route show him finding joy in chicken husbandry and making friends with Clint and Emily, showing that he's starting to recover.
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  • All of the cutscenes connected to the Community Center could count, but of special note is the Bulletin Board. The day after you complete it, you wake up to find letters from various townspeople about how happy they are, how their notices had been up for years and what a surprise it was to find the things they needed. Really drives home how much a part of this community you've become, especially since completing the Bulletin Board increases your friendship level with all the townspeople (excluding the Bachelors and Bachelorettes).
  • Married life is full of this: If you have two children with Alex, he comments: "You've given me the family life I've always wanted, thank you." Especially considering just how crappy his life was, with his abusive father and his ill and deceased mother. It's also quite heartwarming and awesome if you're the same gender as Alex, as he never thought he'd have feelings for another guy and kept denying it until his 10-heart event. The same would go for other potential spouses who usually wouldn't have ever thought of having feelings for someone of the same gender as them.
  • The 1.3 update has some more events involving other characters.
    • After upgrading your house, Robin offers community upgrades. The first one? Giving Pam and (if not married) Penny a new house to replace their small trailer. Seeing the joy on both their faces—as well as Pam vowing to be a better mother to Penny—is endearing. If you pay Robin enough money and give her enough wood to build Pam and Penny a house to replace their trailer, Pam decides that she's been a pretty shabby mom and decides that she needs to treat Penny with more respect. Even some of the townsfolk will remark how generous and giving you are, especially if you decide to admit that their new house was built because you paid for it.
    • As of version 1.3, when you romance every potential love interest in one play-through, they will either meet up at the Stardrop Saloon if it's the Bachelors or at Haley's house if it's the Bachelorettes. Normally, it would be a sad confrontation which would end in them all breaking up with you, no matter what you say, but if you have a Rabbit's Foot with you at the time, the Bachelors will end up playing the 1st Stardew Valley Pool Tournament and the Bachelorettes will start gossiping about Lewis and Marnie's relationship. Lucky, indeed! It also shows how much the love interests are starting to get along with each other after you go along with their heart events.
  • If married, kissing your spouse will remove exhaustion. Just goes to show how happy your married life really is.
  • One of your heart events with Sebastian has to happen on a rainy day: You find him on the fishing docks, where he mentions that he usually feels anxious around people, but not with you, and says you can get under his umbrella. For a hermit-like goth smoker, he gets pretty sweet after he opens up.
  • Version 1.4 adds a platonic roommate option for Krobus, semi-fulfilling the memetic request for him to be a spouse option. If you have children from a previous spouse, he'll care for them like they're his.
    • Also added in 1.4: Your pet can now sleep in your bed, giving you something to cuddle up with.
    • Another new feature in 1.4 is the addition of Secret Notes. Some of them lead you to sidequests and hidden treasure, but a number of them are basically shopping lists by the townsfolk looking to buy things their loved ones enjoy. Secret Note number eleven? It's a faded photograph of a younger Marnie smiling as she holds the hand of Toddler-aged Jas, surrounded by her farm animals. Yes, she's been Jas' mother figure for a long time.
  • After reaching maximum affection with your pet, you get a short, but cute message for your efforts:
    "(pet) loves you. ♡"
  • Haley's 14-heart event, accessible only after you marry her. After a scene where she witnesses that the children's school textbooks are old and in bad shape, she works together with you to host a community cakewalk for charity, which ends up raising over 5,000g. After it's over, Haley reveals to the crowd that the money will all go to Penny so she can buy new school books, much to Penny's joy. It's a heartwarming culmination of Haley's Character Development into a loving and caring member of her community.
  • As of 1.5, on Sandy's birthday, Emily will come visit her, giving her some company and time out of the shop.
  • It's easy to miss, but your dog will wag its tail whenever you get near.
  • Elliot goes away on a book tour for his fourteenth heart event and is gone a week. He writes to you every single day and on one occasion, just sends you a poem expressing his affection and how much he misses you and the farm.
  • At the start of the third year, the spirit of your grandfather will visit you, and if you have done well in building up the farm and making friends around townnote , he will tell you he is So Proud of You, that you've surpassed him as a farmer and that his spirit can rest easy knowing that the farm is in good hands.
    • If you wiff this evaluation, you can re-do it by giving the shrine a diamond. He'll apologize for being harsh with you the first time and note how much you've improved.
  • After you get 100% on all achievements (shipping all crops and foraged items, befriend all villagers to the maximum heart level, catch all fish, craft and cook all recipes, find all Stardrops and Golden Walnuts, build all 4 obelisks and a Gold Clock, and reach all Adventurer's Guild Monster Slayer goals), you can access the Summit behind the Railroad that was initially blocked by a boulder until you've reached 100% perfection. Once you reach the Summit, a special cutscene plays with you and your spouse/roommate (or either Lewis or Morris if you're single or divorced, depending on what you did with the Community Center) sitting on a bench at the edge of the summit, watching Krobus, the Dwarf, and the Wizard flying through the air, followed by the Witch, several crop fairies, and — if the player has amassed 100,000,000 gold — the traveling merchant's pig. What follows after that is a special credits sequence, featuring all the characters you've came across, which ends with your grandfather's ghost and Mr. Qi congratulating you on your accomplishment and how far you've come ever since you first moved to Stardew Valley. It's a step up from your grandfather's first evaluation on the dawn of the 3rd year, and gives off a more conclusive feeling, knowing that your farm, along with all of Stardew Valley, will thrive for years to come (which will be more satisfying if you chose to restore the Community Center and drive Morris and JojaMart out of town).
  • At the tail end of the cutscene for Pierre's Prime Produce, one dialog option has you gripe that you're offended no-one wanted to buy your vegetables after Pierre jacks the price up by a factor of 10. Jodi is quick to reassure you that your produce looks great and that the only issue was the price.