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WARNING: Spoilers Off applies to Funny Moments pages.

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  • The chicken icon for the exit button on the main menu. "If you quit before you've even started playing the game, you're a chicken."
  • During the intro showing the player working for JojaCorp, the camera pans over several weary, dead-eyed office workers, save for one grinning man who is licking his lips, tapping away furiously at his keyboard, with wide eyes and a huge cowboy hat. Looking closely reveals he has half a dozen medicine bottles scattered around his desk, indicating that he's high as a kite.
    • If you're into Black Comedy, the dead coworker is also worth a laugh.
  • This game allows you to name a lot of things, so the usual silly names for your player character, pets and farm animals is the same as other games. However this game also lets you name your favourite thing, which doesn't get referenced anywhere in the game so you'll forget what it was until you get your first stardrop, the taste of which "reminds you of your favourite thing: silly-thing-you-wrote-20-hours-ago". Or worse, maybe you named it something very rude...
    • There is also an Easter Egg: if you say your favourite thing is ConcernedApe (the handle of the game developer), the message will acknowledge this with affectionate surprise and say thanks.
  • This game has some interesting bugs, namely in 1.0.4 if you named your pet after one of the NPCs, that pet will follow their routine and effectively become that NPC - so you can have a horse that you can give gifts to and will sleep in a bed in town!
  • Eating a food item involves tossing the entire thing into the air and then chomping it with a single bite, dish and all.
  • The notices on the Help Wanted Board can be absolutely ridiculous:
    I'd like to put an Octopus on my great-grandfather's tombstone. Please deliver it some time today. -Demetrius
  • Abigail's Mama's Baby, Papa's Maybe situation becomes hilarious if you're playing with the anthro mod, where her mother's a ferret, her father's a raccoon, and she's a dragon. The Wizard is the only other dragon in the valley.
  • Whenever you hire Robin to construct or upgrade a building, she can be seen working on it at all hours of the day- when you wake up at 6AM, she is already there, and will still be working when you go to bed at 2AM. While this may have been intended as a semi-abstract representation of the building being worked on, it makes her come off as being ridiculously dedicated to the job.
    • If a nightly event (such as the witch or the fairy) happens within range of the building, Robin will still be there. She's not even going home to sleep until she's finished work.
    • Usually, Robin and Demetrius go to the saloon on Fridays and dance. If Robin is working, Demetrius will still dance awkwardly by his lonesome. Makes you feel a little guilty about cutting into their rec time.
  • The shelves at JojaMart contain products ranging from the mundane (various kinds of bread) through all kinds of exaggerated but still somewhat believable foodstuffs ("Maypul" Syrup, Powdered Breakfasts - Just Add Water, Powdered Butter...) to the downright weird, like Joja Multipurpose Detergent which is apparently good for laundry, dishes, as hand soap, toothpaste and as cake icing. There's also a shelf of escalating levels of hot sauce, starting with "hot", going through "fire" and "inferno" sauces all the way to "Searing Pain Sauce" and "Take-Me-To-The-Emergency-Room Sauce". In the other direction there's "Mild Sauce", "Granny's Sauce" and "Taco Sauce For Babies".
  • You can put hats on the sea urchins you keep in fish tanks. Truth in Television, as sea urchins do wear stuff for protection.

    Heart Events 
  • During Sam's six-heart event, he will get scolded by Lewis for skating on a flower pot. If you stay out of their argument, then both will agree on Sam not doing it again... before Sam turns to you and asks you, with a sheepish grin, if you've seen his sick trick.
  • In Abigail's four-heart event, she invites the player to come and stand under a tree with her. The problem being that it's entirely possible for the player to have chopped down this tree already, meaning the player moves one space up in order to stand under nothing.
  • A bit of Mood Whiplash in Shane's four-heart event: You and Marnie find him passed out in a pool of his own vomit and beer. You wake him up by dousing him with your watering can.
  • The four-heart event with Linus the homeless man: he apologizes to you for not trusting you and offers to show you something in his tent. The camera stays outside so all you hear is a strange wet beating sound that increases in pace and then ends with a squish. He's teaching the player character how to make wild bait.
    • It's called wild bait, but the way it works, it may as well be called premium bait, improved bait, master bait.
    • The player's uncertain expression upon emerging from the tent sells it.
  • An unexpected scenario during Pierre's six-heart event— your player character sneaks into his room and finds his "secret stash" and immediately gets caught red-handed. A secret stash of what, exactly, is never revealed (though given where you find it and Pierre's reaction when he catches you doing so, one can probably connect the dots).
  • Shane's So Bad, It's Good commercial for Joja Bluu featuring Emily and Clint.
    Clint: The world-class science team at Joja Headquarters have determined that Joja Bluu does not cause a significant erosion of the stomach lining.
    • After the take, when Emily prods Clint after being so silent, Clint turns blue with panic (or possibly from drinking too much Joja Bluu. "When will you turn Bluu", indeed...).
  • During Clint's six-heart event, you find him hiding in the bushes after having chickened out of asking Emily out on a date. He tells you that he's pretty much stuck there until she stops talking to Caroline and leaves. You threaten to never upgrade your tools again if he doesn't ask her out, prompting him to call you a villain. note 
  • Haley's eight-heart event has her take pictures near Marnie's ranch. She decided that she wants to learn how to approach a cow, while she has her camera set on a timer. One of the photos has her ride a cow, while the next one has the cow send her into the mud. There's even mud added to her portrait after the photos! She laughs it off, admitting that she had fun, and heads home to shower.
  • Emily's six-heart event has her take you into her room and... dance. Not just one animation look, but five-- two for facing one direction, and three for the others. Complete with wacky, trippy, and just plain weird visual filters and special effects on-screen. Afterwards, she asks you how it was. You can say it was amazing, embarrassing, or just say nothing and slow clap. She then goes to take a shower because she got so sweaty doing the routine.
  • In Abigail's eight-heart event, she invites you over to try out her "spirit board", which starts to spell out a message... "I ❤", followed by the first three letters of your character's name. Abigail panics and "accidentally" knocks over the spirit board.
    • Even funnier, if you give your farmer a single-letter name for whatever reason, she'll knock the board over after the ❤, making it look like she did it completely at random, for absolutely no reason. It's exactly as absurd as it sounds.
  • Alex's ten-heart event is a romantic dinner with you at the Stardrop Saloon. Should you say that you share his feelings, he is pleased with your response, then proceeds to start eating his meal... only to have his dog, Dusty, barge through the window.
    • Even funnier if you remember the 2-heart event where he confided about his abusive father, then tried to lighten the mood by taunting Dusty with a steak. The moment he orders steak at the Saloon, you know what's coming.
  • Leah's ten-heart event is a romantic picnic in the forest... that gets interrupted by Leah's ex, Kel. Kel asks Leah to come back to the city. Leah refuses. You can give Kel a punch to the face. If you don't, Leah will instead.
  • Penny's ten-heart event is a swim together at the spa. One of the possible responses when she asks if you know why she invited you is "You wanted to see me in my bathing suit."
  • Leah's 14-heart event involves offering you painting lessons. Eventually, she has you work with her on a portrait for Marnie. Your result is... less than spectacular, and Marnie tells you as politely as possible to keep your painting, which earns you the decorative item "My First Painting".
  • After 14 hearts, Elliot goes off to do book signings for a book he wrote. One of the letters he sends has him write a poem about a less-than-appealing Joja Value Meal that he ate that day:
    Should this be called "food"?
    Or "edible matter"?
    I needn't long brood
    It must be the latter
  • Maru's 10 heart event has her showing you the robot she built. While it's being activated, Demetrius barges in with a triumphant "I knew it!" before freaking out at the sight of the robot. He later admits that, not knowing about the robot, he figured that Maru was downstairs the whole time "fooling around with [Player]", to both yours and Maru's embarassment.

    Other Events and Dialogue 
  • Much of Sam and Sebastian's friendship.
    • On Friday nights, you'll find Sam and Sebastian playing pool in the Saloon. Sam is terrible at it.
      Sebastian: Should I let Sam win for once? ...nah.
    • At the Luau:
      Sebastian: One year Sam put a pound of anchovies in the potluck soup.
      Sebastian: Ever wondered why Sam leads the town in community service hours?
    • At the Dance of the Moonlight Jellies
      Sam: I wonder if they're poisonous?
      Sam: Maybe I shouldn't push Sebastian in after all.
    • This gets downright hilarious during the Festival of Ice if you're married to Sam. Since the bachelors/ettes' lines change to be more focused on the player after marriage, talking first to Sam and then Sebastian nets you this:
      Sam: Aren't you cold? Are you sure you don't want my jacket?
      Sebastian: Cold? Nah, I never get cold.
  • When you finish the community center and Pierre confronts Morris, you can tell them to settle it reasonably, in which case Pierre rallies the town to boycott Joja. Or you can suggest they "settle things the old-fashioned way". Pierre gets in a fist fight with Morris, uppercutting him through the ceiling, and then puts on a pair of sunglasses.
  • The quest where Lewis asks you to find his missing "lucky shorts" and return them discreetly. They're in Marnie's room.
    • Because of the way items are coded, you can put them in your produce display at the Stardew Valley Fair. As of version 1.1, Lewis is not amused.
    • As of version 1.3, you can also put the shorts into the potluck at the Luau... with spectacularly hilarious results.
    • With the addition of clothes tailoring in 1.4, the shorts can now be made into a wearable version. Talking to either Marnie or Lewis while wearing them gets a reaction (giggling and a shocked screech respectively).
  • After the shorts quest, Lewis will issue a new quest: "I need truffle oil. Don't ask me why." When you deliver it to him, he remarks in particular about how slick it feels.
  • If you gift Abigail with something she likes, she'll comment on how delicious it looks. Even if it's something obviously not edible, such as rare minerals. This was initially an oversight, but a patch not only kept it, but if you're married to her, has her tell you to bring back something delicious from the mines.
  • When Lewis thanks you for killing some slimes:
    Lewis: I can remember papa going into a rage after I got purple slime all over my brand new dress
    Lewis: pants.
  • Occasionally after catching a certain amount of fish for Willy, he'll mention how he caught that kind of fish the size of a large object. You may raise an eyebrow if the fish in question is a typically small fish, like a sardine, and he claims to have caught one the size of an encyclopedia set.
  • Sometimes, when your spouse helps out with a chore, the dialogue for "doesn't have any of that" (no animals, crops, or fences) triggers, and they'll remark that they couldn't find any and gently criticize you for being lazy. Even though the crops are clearly watered and whatnot, and presumably within eyeshot of your house.
  • If you're married to Maru, there's a glitch where she might wear her nurse outfit to bed and say "Shh! Don't let the doctor see you!" when you try to talk to her. Well, it's probably a glitch.
  • If you give Kent an item from his worst gifts list, he'll shudder and tell you that he was tortured with that when he was held in a Gotoro prison camp. Possible choices include Joja Cola.
    • It's hilarious when the "help wanted" quests has him want those.
  • If you're married to Elliott, one of the possible lines he'll say when you speak to him in the morning has him mention a recurring nightmare in which you apparently give him a buzz cut. He does trust that you will not do it for real, though.
  • Similarly, sometimes Elliot will say that he wouldn't trade you (his spouse) for 100 Iridium bars. If you keep pestering him about it, he'll keep raising the number... and raising it... and raising it.
    Elliot: One MILLION?! Don't make me do this, [PLAYER]!
  • Given his usually grumpy demeanor, George's response to getting something he likes is a plain old "Thanks." regardless of if you gave him a wildflower or a diamond.
  • Put something absolutely disgusting (such as void mayonnaise, a red mushroom, or anything else with a negative Energy value) in the potluck soup at the Luau. You'll take a serious blow to your relationship values, but the Governor's disgusted reaction is hilarious.
  • With 1.3 there is a note that tells you to interact at 12:40 at night with a big bush next to the bridge to the beach. If you do that, Lewis and Marnie jump out of it and run away. Going by where Lewis' shorts were found...
  • It’s possible for Abigail to say that she and her dad had a consumable that the player sold for dinner. This includes items like sap.
  • With the 1.4 update, you can build a movie theater in town after finishing all the bundles in the Community Center (or buying all the Joja Warehouse upgrades). You can invite other villagers to go to the movies with you, which can lead to some amusing reactions:
  • As it turns out, the Wizard doesn't like Strange Buns, because (like other gifts he doesn't like) he thinks they're too mundane for him.
  • If you marry Haley, who is established in early Heart Events as being lazy and careless about cleaning, talking to her in the mornings will occasionally have her cheerfully remark that she's "finally getting the hang" of keeping house— as her portrait shows her completely covered in grime.
  • Introduced in 1.5 is special orders, which allows you to take on substantial tasks. It has its share of hilarity.
    • The introduction to the feature has Robin and Lewis assemble a special bulletin board. If you show interest in getting involved, Robin replies asking if you mean you're "on board". Lewis groans, while Robin is still laughing about her pun as the cutscene fades.
    • Emily asks for five gemstones for a Rock Rejuvenation session. Completing the task allows you to view the session with Haley, Caroline, Abigail, and Marnie. When Emily asks if they felt the energy from their gemstones, Abigail says she hasn't, Marnie does feel something, Caroline feels relaxed, and after some silence, Haley falls asleep.
    • Pam asks for a batch of potato-based spirit. You're probably assuming Vodka, but the result is still labeled as "Potato Juice" like any other vegetable processed in a keg. After fulfilling her order, a cutscene occurs in which she tests one bottle... and likens it to fermented baboon kidney.
    • Pierre's is a fantastic Take That, Scrappy! quest. You get a full season to donate to him 25 Gold Quality veggies. Easy enough. What follows is Pierre trying to sell them... for 25,000 gold, ten times what you got for completing the quest. Resulting in everyone in town pissed as hell at Pierre, and telling him What an Idiot! he is for trying to gouge them like this.
      Gus: "Pierre, I'd have to sell the Saloon to afford these!"
      • At the end of it, he tries to sell the vegetables back to you... for exactly 1 gold more than he paid you for them.
  • When first meeting Leo, a feral child on Ginger Island who claims to be a bird, the farmer can try to reason with him by asking how he can talk if he's a bird... forgetting that these are parrots.
  • At the Stardew Valley Fair, there is a minigame where you can "test your strength" by hitting a stone while a bar is moving up and down, being awarded with a star token if you hit it while the bar is at the top. You will be given a "strength rating" depending on where the bar landed, with higher ratings such as "Mammoth" and "Ox" while the lower ratings include "Toothpick", "Wet Tissue"... and "George's Knee".
    • If you get the bar at the very bottom, the man at the stone will be so impressed at your weakness that you will be awarded a star token.
  • It's worth it to buy the telephone just for the entertainment value:
    • Call the Saloon and Gus might answer the phone with his mouth full.
    • Call up Pierre and you could catch him panicking because Abigail's guinea pig is loose in his store.
    • Alternatively, Pierre could call you, purely to advertise at you.
    • Lewis can call you up to ask how the farm is doing. You have the option to ominously state you "know his secret," whereupon he nervously pretends he can't hear you and hangs up.