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Awesome Music / Stardew Valley

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The game's soundtrack is, in general, absolutely gorgeous. What makes this especially impressive is the fact that all of it was composed by one man: the creator of the game, Eric "Concerned Ape" Barone.

  • "Stardew Valley Overture", the first piece of music you hear upon starting up the game, is very relaxing and promises a grand, yet laid-back adventure.
  • The music that plays when you're on the file select page has a funky sort of relaxing sound to it.
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  • The theme you hear during the first cutscene of the game after you arrive to the valley, appropriately titled "Settling In", has an upbeat sound to it; perfectly promising a new, hopeful start to your life compared to the corporate ruled one it was before.
  • The "Molten Jelly" track heard in the Volcano has synths, strings, and percussion that give a sense of danger and a bit of mystery, especially when the drone comes in, but the bells also feel like a promise of treasures within.


Seasonal themes

  • Spring:
    • "It's A Big World Outside", the first spring theme, is so beautiful sounding! It encompasses a new season, a new year and a new you.
    • "The Valley Comes Alive", the second spring theme, is so upbeat and catchy, it's almost impossible to not smile while you're listening to it!
    • "Wild Horseradish Jam" has a very upbeat sound to it, giving it a groove that you can't help dancing to.
  • Summer:
    • "The Sun Can Bend an Orange Sky" uses the sitar to evoke the feeling of a hot, sticky, carefree summer where one is too lazy to do anything but appreciate the beauty of their surroundings and the orange sky of a long evening.
    • "Tropicala" has a bright, peppy sound that calls to mind playing outside with friends on a sunny day.