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Yes, such moments exist even in a post-WW 1 and Spanish flu game.

  • A Pacifist Run of this by Doctor Reid means he's only killed in self-defense even when prevented with some truly monstrous Asshole Victim characters including a crime lord, slum lord, Serial Killer, and various people all guilty of something. This Reid, however, is a DOCTOR and refuses to take the role of Vigilante Man.
  • Pembrook Hospital is a Ragtag Band of Misfits and, frankly, not far from being an Army of Thieves and Whores. However, despite its many flaws, many-many flaws, it is a place which is offering free hospitalization and care under horrifying conditions. These people may be Chaotic Good but they are most definitely all good. Well, except for Doctor Swansea, who is Ambiguously Evil.
    • Pippa and Milton's love affair is hidden but they're unrepentant about it. They also clearly love one another.
      • Pippa also has one of these moments where she says the Spanish Flu and horrors have strengthened her faith in God. She knows there's someone looking over them and to help them through this. She also gets a moment if you kill Milton where she becomes one of the Knights of Priwen who tries to take you down.
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    • Clay Cox is a murderer and an Asshole Victim but there's a moment of genuine humanity when he gets his knife back and realizes he's lost his wife forever.
    • Ranesh talks to the dead despite not believing in an afterlife and attempts to give them some dignity despite the fact the majority are headed for a mass grave. Also, he's robbing their corpses.
  • Sean Hampton is one long Moment of Awesome for how much he's turned his Trauma Conga Line into Heartwarming moments. Abandoned at birth, molested by the priest who adopted him, he just became more devoted to being a Good Shepherd. He cares for the sick, the destitute, the homeless, deformed vampires, and the addicts of the Docks. He even offers his blood to a vampire to try to calm him down from his blood rage, which admittedly verges on Too Dumb to Live.
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  • Ichabod the Fake Ultimate Hero and vampire hunter wannabe will admit his darkest secret if you press him on it. He HAS seen a vampire and managed to get close enough to kill it but spared its life because he was overwhelmed with pity for its wretched terrified state — implying it was one of Old Bridget's Skals.
  • Old Bridget is the Wasteland Elder of the sewer-dwelling Skals who she has managed to teach to eat only the dead and assemble a sort of civilization down in the London Underground. It's notable that the majority of the Skals down there were created by Lord Redgrave and she is making up for his evil deeds.
  • Charlotte Ashbury is unimaginably well-adjusted for an Ambiguously Brown woman (and thus subject to all the racism and sexism of the era) raised by a vampire in Edwardian England. Aside from being a bit too much of a Vampire Vannabe, she's probably the most normal woman in the game by modern standards.
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  • Geoffrey McCullum can actually have this attitude if you stuck with a Pacifist Run where he admits, "You aren't half bad for a vampire."
  • Likewise, the Pacifist Run solution to Aloysius Dawson's situation later on in the game is to convince him to move on from his fear of death due to his twin brother's. Thanks to Jonathan, he will finally be able to pass away peacefully, but not before spreading his riches around the district.


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