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  • Acting for Two: Presumably as a cost-cutting measure, the entire cast, save for the lead, voice multiple NPCs. Highlights include:
    • Harry Hadden-Paton plays Edgar Swansea, Ichabod Throgmorton, and Clarence Crossley.
    • Katherine Kingsley plays Lady Ashbury, Camellia, and Giselle Paxton.
    • Ben Peel plays Geoffrey McCullum and Newton Blight.
  • Follow the Leader: The game's vampire lore obviously cribs a lot from Vampire: The Masquerade: Dr. Reid refers to the act of vampires hiding amongst humans as a "masquerade", The proper term for a vampire's offspring is "Progeny". A vampire refers to fellow vampires as "kindred". The term "Embrace" refers to an act that involves draining humans of blood (though in Vampire: The Masquerade it also involves turning the victim). Vampires have a lineage that affects how strong their powers are. They use blood to power their abilities and must feed to refill themselves. Fire and claws inflict "aggravated damage" that is more difficult to heal.
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  • Missing Trailer Scene: The extended ‘cemetery’ conversation Jonathan has with Lady Ashbury (see below) which can be seen in the 2016 gameplay demo was cut entirely from the final product, save for the final few lines.
    Elisabeth: (referring to Mary’s coffin/murder) What’s troubling you so much, Jonathan?
    Jonathan: Lady Ashbury?! What are you doing here?
    Elisabeth: I came to give you a warning, my dear.
    Jonathan: There’s really no need. It’s best if you just leave.
    Elisabeth: Please, Jonathan. Drop the pretense. I’ve had centuries to observe this world. I know the pain you’re in.
    Jonathan: Really? So what’s your diagnosis, doctor?
    Elisabeth: You’re not heartless. But you are afraid to be free with your feelings, in case the hunger in you is let loose, too.
    Jonathan: You missed your calling, my lady. You would make a fine alienist.
    Elisabeth: Mark my words, Jonathan. The more you hold back what’s inside you, the quicker you’ll become the monster you most fear.
    Jonathan: But what if it’s already too late?
    Elisabeth: See that steeple? Saint Mary’s church. I can’t think of a better place for you to go right now.
    Jonathan: My lady wants me to confess? Note 
    Elisabeth: No, Jonathan. It’s you who wants to confess, I think.
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  • Production Posse: A minor one. Anthony Howell (Jonathan Reid) and Harry Hadden-Paton (Edgar Swansea) have already talked to each other extensively in Dragon Age: Inquisition during the “Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts” quest – they were Grand Duke Gaspard de Chalons and the British Male Inquisitor, respectively. Note 
  • Star-Making Role: Though not confirmed in any way, this seems to be the case for Anthony Howell, as Vampyr was his first-ever lead role in a videogame. Nowadays you can find him working for Blizzard Entertainment, Devolver Digital, and alike.
  • Trailers Always Spoil: The “Devil” trailer outright shows the Morrigan and the Blood of Hate at the very end.
  • Word of Gay: When asked about Swansea’s adoration of Jonathan, Word of God confirmed that Edgar is in fact asexual.
  • Word of God:
    • Once upon a time, one of the more popular and persistent theories for the game was that Edgar Swansea must have once been a Guard of Priwen chaplain/scientist who defected and joined the Brotherhood of St. Paul Stole. He is able to repel undead with faith, knows an awful lot about McCullum, McCullum knows how to work Edgar’s ultraviolet trap, and if Jonathan eavesdrops on Edgar and Geoffrey’s Pembroke exchange, he’ll hear the latter accuse the former of ‘becoming soft’. This fanon was soundly disproven by the game director on Twitter.
    • Many little things were clarified and/or confirmed by the lead writer in the months following the game’s release:
      • Jonathan is 38, Mary is 34, and McCullum is 38 years old. McCullum also has a superhuman resistance to Mesmerism.
      • Edgar was 11 when his nanny was killed by a vampire.
      • Mary’s deceased son was named Luc.
      • It was 1902 when Jonathan decided to apply for an internship position at Pembroke Hospital, but his application was refused because the hospital, at the time, was looking for less-qualified and cheaper doctors.

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