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Unspoiled text from end-game conversations below! You have been warned!

Not Regarding The Reveal

  • How did Myrddin manage to bite Jonathan if he's an immaterial specter made out of blood?
    • Well, being made out of blood, he'd just have to put some in you.
    • He can take on a material form when he chooses to.
  • (More about writing/terminology choices than the story) Why did they choose to call what you do to your victims 'Embracing'? In a majority of vampire lore since at least Vampire: The Masquerade, if not further back, to 'Embrace' is to turn your victim into either a thrall or a full-on vampire, but in this game it's synonymous with 'kill'.
    • Its a Deadly Euphemism and specific word choice for this setting, nothing more.
  • How was Sean Hampton not affected by his own cross necklace after being turned?
    • It is shown multiple times in the game (Swansea's first meeting, Sean's cabinet being opened having no effect, Priest Enemies) that religious symbols apparently have to have (for lack of a better phrase) Faith projected through the symbol in order for them to become effective. Just wearing it or displaying it is not enough otherwise Jonathan would have been repelled the instant Sean opened his cabinet, and the priest enemies' staves would be shining 24/7.
  • Why did Jonathan try to take his own life almost immediately after vowing to get justice for Mary and himself?
    • He was not in a very stable mental state at the time.
    • He'd just witnessed himself taking his sister's life and was attacked by masked vigilantes and burned by the sun, all amidst a nightmarish environment. He was convinced it was just a nightmare and not real.
  • Why did Jonathan assume that the vampire he was tracking was his maker?
    • He had no reason at the time to think that vampires were as common as they had become so assuming the nearest one was his maker was reasonable.
  • How was Mary turned despite Jonathan's blood not entering her system?
    • He may have bitten his tongue.
    • Drinking blood helps with the process but doesn't always turn someone. The exact mechanism for making a Progeny is unknown. Drinking blood simply helps with the process.
    • Jonathan's blood did enter her system, when he was holding Mary. He was unconsciously holding her face straight into the wounded part of his neck, where he has been bitten.

Regarding The Reveal

  • The final conversation with Myrddin before entering Lady Ashbury's castle baffles me for how thickheaded Dr. Reid was. Myrddin was explicit in stating that Elisabeth was not a "Healthy Carrier" for the epidemic, leading me to conclude that it was the fact that a woman as spiteful and hateful as Harriet Jones received any vampiric blood that caused the Red Queen to have a vessel. And yet, throughout the entire ending, Myrddin's words are seemingly disregarded in favor of Dr. Reid's theory, even by the very writers that put those words in Myrddin's mouth to begin with. For reference's sake, this was in "The Cure" ending, so maybe it's different for "Walking the Earth"?
    • Doesn't Elisabeth herself state that she's this “healthy carrier” right after decapitating William Marshal? Also, maybe because she too all but became a Disaster/Ichor in the past, but William saved her by giving her his share of the antidote?
      • She wasn't at risk of becoming an Ichor, though - she'd been in Paris during the French Revolution and reveling in the brutality of it, but no Disaster in sight - William simply gave her the antidote out of paternal love. And she only believes she's the "healthy carrier" because Jonathan put it into her head - Jonathan has since been told otherwise, but casually ignored it.
      • William Marshal was infected during the curing of the Great Disaster. He passed it onto his progeny (Elisabeth) before she was cured by William Marshal's magic formula. However, it made her asymptomatic (to use doctor speak) rather than curing her so any vampires created by her would be psychopathic monsters ala Harriet. Hence all of this is kinda her fault (but really Swansea) in that all of the psychotic murder vampires are her creation. They were also possessed by the Red Queen because she's a Big Bad.
      • There's no concrete evidence of that, though - it's all supposition on Dr. Reid's part, though it's understandable why they wouldn't wish to put that theory to the test. The only person that Swansea treated with Elisabeth's blood was Harriet, who became a latent Disaster, and passed it on to her daughter during her visit, and Harriet's daughter passed it on to everyone else in London. The only concrete cause for a Disaster-level vampire is a woman with a tremendous amount of hatred being made one - it doesn't necessarily mean that the progenitor vampire was a "carrier", it just means that the Red Queen believed the individual to be a good fit for her to enact her will upon the Earth.
      • There's no proof whether any vampire blood would have had the effect or if Elisabeth's corrupted blood was required. Since the only experiment would be for her to sire another vampire and potentially cause another Disaster testing this is off the table so Jonathan and Elisabeth (and the player) have to draw their own conclusions. Naturally Jonathan, as a scientist, favours epidemiology over mysticism.
  • Before anything else, I want to clarify: who granted Sir William immortality? Was it really Archangel Michael? Or Myrddin?
    • The way I understood it, it was Myrddin, but Sir William, being a devout Christian, interpreted him as being the Archangel Michael due to being an incorporeal entity capable of bestowing eternal life and incredible power. Myrddin probably just let him believe whatever made him comfortable with becoming a vampire. As Myrddin notes, he has been known by countless names throughout history, so it's possible Michael was one of them.
  • While he is established to be Weakened by the Light, the epilogue at Elizabeth's castle shows Jonathan walking outside before sunset without it harming him. Is it only direct sunlight that he can't stand?
    • There could be multiple reasons, it might have to be direct sunlight as you said, it could be that vampires gain partial immunity to sunlight as they age, Reid is kind of special as vampires go, being a direct fledgling of Myrddin, maybe being that close to a "source" makes certain issues that the other vampires get.

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