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Nightmare Fuel / Vampyr

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"Prey to lust and desire, slave to everlasting thirst."

London will be saved, but the player decides what will happen next. Unmarked spoilers below!

  • The Reality Subtext of the game needs to be remembered. Over fifty million people died from The Spanish Flu and 500 million people were infected with it. This is also just after World War 1 so we are left with many of the cast being veterans of possibly the most soul crushing war of all time.
  • The game opens with a wholesome dose of this as if Myrddin's voice-over was not unnerving enough already. Overcome by his bloodlust, Jonathan murders his own sister who, as we later understand, braved London's most dangerous boroughs just to find him. Worse, the game makes the player character push the button to kill Jonathan's sister because eating someone is what vampires do.
    • Don't forget Jonathan wakes up in a mass grave. Men, women, and children dumped in an enormous pit because there isn't time or safe conditions to bury them otherwise.
  • The conditions at Pembroke Hospital are horrifying. Not only is the hospital full but just about the entire staff are engaged in some sort of criminal activity, quackery, or plain incompetence. It's to the point a guy with a broken arm who desperately just wants to get surgery on it and go back home can't get it done because the doctors won't agree on his treatment.
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  • Mary threatening to murder Jonathan and her mother. If Jonathan has been killing people then she kills her.
  • The fact that vampires cannot end themselves is horrifying. They may yearn for death, but suicide isn't an option; they'll reform the next night, prolonging their curse and causing them to seek out others who'd destroy them.
    • Mind you, they actually can. They just need to do it with fire rather than sunlight or a stake. Sunlight is incapable of killing vampires forever but has all the pain and agony of fire.
  • The way Myrddin projects himself in Jonathan's mind: the entire screen goes red, leaving only a small gap to see what's happening, and every sound – beside his voice – becomes muted. Made even worse when he eventually shows up in the Stonebridge Cemetery. He's a walking, talking mass of blood in the shape of a robed human. When Jonathan asks him to shapeshift into a form he'd personally be more comfortable with, Myrddin simply answers that “this is what he is.”
  • Choosing Embrace when dealing with any community Pillar. This reminds the player, first and foremost, what kind of a monster Jonathan really is. His parting words to each of his victims when you confirm your selection is bloodcurdling.
    Jonathan: [Embracing Aloysius] Sleep, now. Rest, now. Forever.
    • Not to mention the entire scene before choosing to spare or embrace Sean.
    Sean: I would never harm an innocent.
    Jonathan: [advancing on him] I believe you've discovered the difference between us.
  • The Turn option when deciding McCullum's fate is equally frightening: Jonathan sucks up some of his own blood, grabs Geoffrey, and then regurgitates it into his mouth. All while the vampire hunter is writhing, shrieking and begging him to stop.
    • What makes this so chilling is that just before he turns McCullum, he says that he turned his sister by accident because he had no control over himself, but now he is consciously transforming someone else into a monster.
      Jonathan: (tone eerily calm) Welcome to the world through the looking glass.
  • The homicide route features the bleakest ending the player can get. Even though Jonathan has vaccinated himself against the Red Queen's influence, he gives into his instincts and starts killing indiscriminately. The final slideshow shows him making his way to Paris to spread the carnage he had begun in London.
  • The final thoughts of your victims when you drain them. Some people are bewildered or feel betrayed, others bid goodbyes to their families, third wish you nothing but to burn in Hell.
  • The Red Queen. The source of all the horror rampaging over London is an unfathomably evil Eldritch Abomination who delights in making humanity suffer for their sins. She looks like a horrifying female demon made out of blood and the moment she emerges out of Harriet Jones' body, the arena is flooded with blood to herald her return. And the best part? She cannot be destroyed. You explicitly fight her avatar as the final boss, and its said by Myrddin that she was only partially awakened since every Disaster she unleashes is the result of her dreaming. And if she were to truly wake from her slumber, the destruction she would unleash would have been immeasurable.
  • When speaking with William Marshal during the game's conclusion, you have the option of asking him about vampires. He describes fighting several many years ago, but his description of them is wildly different from any creature encountered in the game. It seems that there are far more monstrous variants of vampires out in the world...


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