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Nightmare Fuel / Vanish

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  • The molemen. They're hideously deformed, can kill you immediately if they catch you, frequently show up when you reach a dead end, persistently chase you should you run away from them, and there are plenty of them. Most of the time, you'll see them slouching against a wall or calmly sitting down, and charge at you if you get too close. They look like a rotting corpse combined with a bird. There is also no explanation of where they came from, or why they're here.
    • Sometimes you'll outrun it and think you're safe, only for it to (very suddenly) kill you when your back is turned.
    • Every time a moleman chases you, you can hear a hideous hissing sound several times in quick succession as your POV shakes.
    • The new appearance of the molemen isn't much better, as they appear more like a ghost with a birdlike face.
    • They also have a habit of appearing behind a player who reaches a dead end, providing for a horrific Jump Scare.
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    • It doesn't happen often, but every once in a while you'll come across a moleman sitting behind a set of metal bars. If you approach him, he'll stand up, turn his head towards you, then lunge at you, sticking his arm through the bars to reach you, then run off to find you.
  • This game is very dark, so dark that sometimes you won't be able to spot a moleman right in front of you. The only light source are the light bulbs on the side of the wall which only illuminate a three foot area and some glowsticks that you can find in the pump room and generator room. When the generator goes out, the glowsticks are all you're left with, and you only have a limited supply of them. If you run out, have fun stumbling around in the darkness.
  • As you play, the maze will randomly change its layout as you play. This means that occasionally when going back down the same hallway when chased by a moleman, you can end up at a dead end that wasn't there before. What's worse is that these changes in layout are never explained in-game, leaving you wondering just what the hell is going on, and leaving quite a shock to first time players.
  • The various pipes and llights around the sewer can burst at random, making for an effective Cat Scare. And occasionally the tunnel can cave in in front of you. While it doesn't harm your character, this can be deadly if you're getting chased by a moleman.
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  • The audio in this game can be very frightening, from the clicking and hissing the molemen emit, to the sounds of demonic whispering and chanting, inhuman moans, and buzzing flies.
  • The notes on the walls written by Hank and Phil can be scary as well, as it goes from panicked writing about the writers' encounters with the molemen to insanity in written form.
    Written on a note: No end but dead
    • Hank and Phil's Sanity Slippage is terrifying as well; two normal maintenance workers were Driven to Madness before being killed or worse, and you could end up just like them.
  • In the beginning of the game, you get forced into the sewers when a bag is pulled off your head, a large metal door is opened, you're thrown in, and the door is closed behind you. While horrifying by itself, it leads to the question of just how many people were forced into the sewers this way, and for what reason?
    • For that matter, it isn't known who or what the people that force you into the sewers are, or why they're throwing you into the sewers to begin with. No matter how you look at it the question of just what the hell is going on has its own layer of creepy.

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