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  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • Dr. Edgar Swansea is hit with a brick that is this trope. He insists his intentions were good but was he telling the truth, what with his overenthusiastic reaction to Jonathan agreeing to turn him? Is he a victim of circumstance like he paints himself to be? Or is he hiding his self-centered desires behind a veil of compassion and reputation? Is he genuinely Obliviously Evil or is he just a Never My Fault wretch who's getting what he deserved? Or is he a Good Samaritan with a questionable code of conduct? And if he is turned into a vampire, will he – when all is said and done – feel sorry for what he did or will he give into the blood temptation?
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    • Dr. Reid himself is this by nature as he's naturally inclined to be a Lawful Good hero but there are hints this may have been a cover for a darker nature. During a flashback, he is shown killing enemy soldiers in combat despite being a medic, and he is accused of being a Glory Hound and a Doctor Jerk. How much of the Horror Hunger is alien to him and how much is he naturally suited to being a vampire?
    • Is Lady Ashbury a Friendly Neighborhood Vampire or a Retired Monster? There're hints at both — like the fact she murders the dying to feed her hunger. Her distaste for the Ascalon Club may be because they're prejudiced pigs but also because she's excluded from the halls of power by their attitudes.
    • Are the Priwen Guard a bunch of The Fundamentalist Knight Templar types or are they simply The Extremist Was Right and a Necessary Evil since London is overrun with vampires. It doesn't help that Dr. Reid kills numerous members of their organization during his nightly travels.
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    • Similarly, is Father Whitaker just an Ax-Crazy The Fundamentalist Hiding Behind Religion or does the fact he predicts the awakening of the Red Queen mean that he's actually another character in on The Masquerade? In that case, is his speech about preventing the end of the world just Properly Paranoid?
  • And You Thought It Would Fail: An odd example of this as a lot of people believed Vampyr would be a Cult Classic since Remember Me had turned out so poorly. It was also being unfairly compared to Life Is Strange, DONTNOD's signature game, and even Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, the other famous vampire RPG. Instead, the game was a huge hit in Europe with best selling status in the UK, Germany, and France, and reached the 1 million units sold by April 2019. Safe to say, it massively increased the publisher's revenue as well.
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  • Anti-Climax Boss: Players expecting a tough final boss battle with The Red Queen's avatar may find themselves disappointed due to the fact that she is a much easier opponent than the three bosses that precede her. Unlike the two Ichor bosses, the Avatar does not deal poison damage and therefore cannot kill the player in one good hit. She also has no ability to release toxic clouds when damaged and thus can be attacked in quick succession more easily. She summons minions in during the fight, but her minions disappear after a short while, unlike the permanent Skals that Doris can summon. Unlike Mc Cullum's fight, her arena has no special gimmick that hinders the player movement and ability to attack. Her ranged attacks are so easy to dodge that you can avoid them simply by walking, and they don't even do that much damage compared to Mc Cullum's face-melting barrage of bolts. To top it all off, The Avatar needs at least 3 to 4 hits at a rather manageable pace to kill Jonathan, which is a huge letdown after the last three bosses can pretty much insta-kill Jonathan with one hit.
  • Awesome Music: The entire score by Olivier Deriviere masterfully encaptures the game's haunting, early 20th Century aesthetic. In particular, The Thirst, the soundtrack that accompanies Jonathan feeding on mesmerized civilians, and White Chapel District music wouldn't be out of place in a survival horror game.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Edgar Swansea. You won't find someone who has played the game and remained neutral towards him.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: There's a boss lurking in the West End sewers by the name of Leon Augustin, a Vulkod. You will have to fight him to progress the story and there's nothing in the game that foreshadows him. He just pops up, you kill him, and move on. He's never brought up again.
  • Boss in Mook Clothing: The Ill-Formed Beast, a delightful worst-of-both-worlds merger between Ichors and Vulps. It is only found very late in the game and appears only in specific locations — players will not even encounter it unless they are attempting to finish the Occult Oculus side quest or venture into the fallen West End district. It has large health and stamina bars, high resistance to most forms of damage, spits poison at long range, and is a Lightning Bruiser who can lay players out with a single combo if they are not careful. Fortunately, it is possible to complete all objectives without engaging it, making this an example of Bonus Boss mook at the same time.
  • Cargo Ship: Dr. Swansea and his skull due to him being positively captivated by it during his unmissable cutscenes.
  • Complete Monster: The Red Queen, once worshiped as the Morrigan by the Celts, is a horrific entity hellbent on making humanity suffer and die. In various intervals, she awakens to bring down destruction and death by using a woman as a willing, despairing host to punish the world, forcing her son Myrddin to sire a noble soul so they could stop her. In Edwardian London, the Red Queen calls down a horrific plague, killing countless innocents and turning others into blood-drinking, flesh-eating monsters with intentions of forcing humans to suffer worse in indescribable agony once she awakens. Even upon defeat, she promises to return again and bring more suffering on Earth, being only amused at Myrddin's attempts to stop her.
  • Demonic Spiders:
    • Blinker Skals and Ill-Formed Skals can not only teleport and reappear behind Jonathan, but also leave behind a cloud of acid that causes continuous damage if he is caught in it. They are also very hard to stun and some explode upon death, leaving a puddle of the aforementioned acid.
    • Rogue Ekons are vampires just like Jonathan and come in two equally hair-pulling flavors. The ones in black are sorcerers who like to pester you from a distance with powerful Blood Spear attacks before closing in with hard-hitting melee, and on top of all that they have the ability to drain stamina preventing you from attacking or dodging. The white-clad ones are strictly melee, and easy to parry to be fair, but they have a habit of spamming blood barrier over and over and over again, preventing you from dealing much damage outside of bites, which turns the battle into a frustrating marathon. Both are extremely fast and agile. Fortunately, they are only encountered late in the game and found only in the West End and Southwark districts of London. Unfortunately, if you pissed off the Ascalon Club by refusing to turn Dawson into a vampire, be ready to be harassed by them anywhere you go.
  • Die for Our Ship: General fandom consensus says that Elisabeth and Edgar are the most prominent characters to be killed off so the Jonathan and Geoffrey ship could take place.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Geoffrey McCullum's crimes are often mitigated by the fandom because of his dashing looks and general involvement in the story. The fact he's not really an antagonist but framed that way also helps.
  • Enjoy the Story, Skip the Game: A commonly held opinion about the game is the atmosphere, characters, and world-building is spectacular. Jonathan Reid may be a bit too bland (at least as Friendly Neighborhood Vampires go) but the game revives a lot of classic Gothic archetypes for the game. Unfortunately, the combat is clunky and repetitive with most of the characters wasted as potential food sources for Jonathan. The developers seemed to have agreed as they sometime after release they added a "Story Mode."
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Nurse Dorothy Crane is well-loved by the fanbase due to her commitment and devotion for Whitechapel's district with several players opting to not kill her and being dejected to find that wiping her memory leads to her becoming a Skal, with many regretting this option and choosing to restart the game all over to pick the other alternative where she lives. It helps that choosing to have her resign from her job so she can work full-time in her dispensary leads to her becoming a helpful merchant.
    • Nurse Pippa and Milton stand out due to being an interracial couple who balance sympathetic and unsympathetic traits: They're tough and well-intentioned, but their growing cynicism has driven them to prey on patients by extorting them.
    • Elizabeth's adopted daughter Charlotte is also well-liked by the fanbase for being plucky, poised and yanking Jonathan's chain when they first run into each other.
    • Seeing as he has mere fifteen or so minutes of screen-time, this trope also applies to Geoffrey McCullum for being a badass, self-righteous extremist that can potentially be turned into a vampire himself for a taste of his own medicine.
  • Evil Is Cool: Jonathan himself if he's played this way, backed up by the fact he's got not an ounce of shame in him following his jump off the slippery slope.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Mary Reid according to some fans due to looking like a traditionally sexy vampire, though having a sympathetic backstory also helps a great deal.
  • Fanfic Fuel:
    • Thanks to civilian NPCs having their distinctive backstories and character traits, there is an untapped fanfic fodder exploring their lives, what would happen if they became vampires themselves, etc.
    • Lady Ashbury's adventures prior the start of the series is also an popular fanfic subject, specially how she served as inspiration for Bram Stoker's Dracula.
    • The revelation that King Arthur was a vampire too just like Jonathan and the list may include Francis Drake, Guy Fawkes and William Shakespeare adds even more fuel as to what historical figure also were an vampire champion raised to defend Britain against the Red Queen.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • The Barbed Cudgel. It is the only two-handed weapon with Parry as a special ability that also adds regular stun points to each successful hit. With it, it becomes laughably easy to knock foes to the ground and use your Bite on them. Biting (Blood Absorption's big brother) also gives Jonathan's stamina bar the required i-frames to fully recover which equals to more melee swings taken. Rise and repeat to effectively stunlock all your enemies. Moreover, it is found early-game in the sewers where you fight the Sewer Beast. The drawback is that it's completely useless against enemies that do not have a stamina bar i.e. the Red Queen.
    • On the other hand, if you prefer the one-handed weapon approach, there's the Surgical Knife type of off-hand daggers that draw blood on each hit. You can find one as early as the old morgue and is the only weapon you can upgrade to “epic” (purple) and “legendary” (orange) levels as early as Whitechapel. Buy the upgrade parts from Barett in Whitechapel (who sells them regardless of Health Status) and use them to give the knife even more blood absorption. By the end, you'll be able to restore the entirety of your blood bar in a few seconds, and unlike the Cudgel mentioned above, it's still very helpful against the Red Queen. The one drawback to this is that you'll need a lot of coin to fully upgrade the knife — you'll need nine of the tiny good handle parts and Barett sells only two per night and each one is 80-100 shillings.
    • Or, provided you're willing to do so, Embracing Rakesh gives you a level five mainhand weapon that can be upgraded to have that effect. While it doesn't absorb as much blood, it still deals a lot of damage and can absorb up to 10 points of blood per hit. The only downside is that you don't get it as early, as Rakesh requires level four mesmerize.
    • The Medical Hacksaw is possibly the fastest melee weapon in the game, but does no less damage than any other one handed weapon. You get it early in the game and might use it for the entire game if you don't find the one of the scant few main weapons better than it.
    • The Priwen stake is an offhand weapon that with only one or two upgrades can knock most weaker enemies on their backs with one hit, allowing you to combat bite as often as possible. Pair this up with the ability chain that lets you increase your bite damage by over 1000% and you can juggernaut your way through this game's combat system with nothing more than your teeth.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: The game did modestly well in the United States but received only limited buzz and some Tough Act to Follow accusations regarding Life Is Strange. By contrast, it was a huge success in Europe and topped the UK, Germany, and France's game charts.
  • Good Bad Bugs: You can get enemies to ignore you by leaving their aggro zone. Since the distance the stop attacking you and the distance they begin to fight you is different, you can pull a hit and run, striking at their backs as they walk back to the distance where they recognize you hitting them.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Literally everything about the epidemic plotline in light of 2020's COVID-19 epidemic. The Spanish Flu was a comfortably remote historical event when the game released. Now, it bears an eerie resemblance to reality.
  • Ho Yay: Dr. Swansea admires Jonathan a lot. And McCullum does make a point of staring deep into Jonathan's eyes. Both of these men can be turned, which is a process that involves a certain amount of bodily contact and fluid exchange.
    • Jonathan making the decision to save Sean by giving him his Ekon blood gets pretty ... intense, what with Jonathan demanding Sean get on his knees and suck on his bleeding wrist. The dialogue leading up to it also implies Sean himself may see it in a somewhat sexual, or at least uncomfortably intimate, light.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • You're a stupid bastard, but you're my friend, X. Explanation 
    • Can vampires even fuck, doctor? Explanation 
    • A perfect fit. Explanation 
    • IDIOT SANDWICH. Explanation 
    • King Arthur's flasks of whiskey. Explanation 
    • I had the tea served. Explanation 
    • Neck-sniffing. Explanation 
    • SCHLORP. Explanation 
    • Are you my Maker? Explanation 
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Aloysius Dawson is every bit the massive jackass as Lady Ashbury describes him, but he is not over the MEH yet. If he is turned into a vampire though, he intends to feed on his employees, kills all his other family members so he can keep their inheritance, goes on a power trip planning to have England conquer the rest of Europe and then place an immortal monarch ruling over the rest of the world. To make matters worse, he becomes a Karma Houdini and there is nothing you can do to stop him.
    • Dr. Swansea is revealed to have crossed it when he began the Skal epidemic by injecting Harriet Jones with Lady Ashbury's blood. Though he argues it was an extremely careless 'accident' on his part, he most definitely crossed the moral event horizon in Jonathan's point-of-view since from that point on, the only things left to do are to kill him, leave him to die of his injuries or punish him with vampirism (it doesn't quite work).
    • While many of the people a Kill 'Em All Jonathan can feed on are Asshole Victim gang members, murderers, or worse, you can also feed on complete innocents. Camellia, Sabrina Cavendish, Stella Fishburn, and even the daughter of your best friend Charlotte Ashbury. The latter is considered particularly horrifying by some players.
  • Narm: The opening narrator's Purple Prose monologue has been subject to some mockery due to his hamminess and this particular jewel:
    What is glass, but tortured sand?
  • Narm Charm: That being said, his delivery makes it sound just as awesome as it does ridiculous.
  • Player Punch:
    • The game opens with one no less; Jonathan succumbs to his bloodlust after being turned and feeds on the nearest person... That turns out to be his sister, Mary, who risked her life trying to find him.
    • Finding out that certain choices had tragic consequences from something minor like a couple of characters turning up as Skals or Sewer Beasts after their significant others had died to major ones like brainwashing Nurse Crane to forget blackmailing Lady Ashbury or leaving Father Hampton to his devices, which will result in them becoming monsters, which sting due to appearing like good options at the time.
  • Ron the Death Eater: In opposition to McCullum, this is the fandom's general-purpose treatment of Edgar Swansea – when he's not a Memetic Psychopath in fanfics. It is not unfounded, mind, especially with Swansea's post-Turn dialogue: calling people 'mortals', refusing to discuss those who he's already killed, and distinctly hinting that he's going to feed on his staff and/or patients.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • The one-save file per playthrough can be very frustrating considering this is a choice-based narrative game. Once you make an important decision or kill someone, there is no way to reload to an earlier save and make an alternative scenario. Good luck restarting the game several times to see all the different outcomes the story has to offer. That being said, it's still very possible to save scum by manipulating a hidden AppData folder that contains all the save game files.
    • Since the game likes to dish out Player Punch for seemingly good choices with admittedly missable warnings spoiler , the lack of multi-save can cause some player to rage quit outright.
  • Ships That Pass in the Night: In the Les Yay side of things, Mary Reid and Lady Asury are popularly paired up...despite the two never meeting in the game.
  • Strangled by the Red String: While not necessarily outright antagonistic, as Lady Ashbury is a guide for Jonathan in the early days of his being a vampire, she still develops a deep level of affection and concern for him in what is at most a week, COUNTING the game mechanic of sleeping through a day to level up as individual days. They both are still relative strangers to one another at this point, and he's still struggling with his new nature, but the three or four conversations they've had lead to her almost declaring love for him at the start of the second act. Although, this may just be Values Dissonance since Lady Ashbury was born in the 1500s and therefore she may just have a more archaic opinion on romance and courtship.
  • That One Boss:
    • The Sewer Beast fight in Chapter 2 serves as a taste of things to come in theory, but the extra-aggressive fighting style combined with players being rather low level with few skill options leaves it more frustrating than just a Wake-Up Call Boss.
    • While not a real boss, Infected Nurse Crane can be insanely difficult to beat due to how early on you can face her. Unlike normal Skals, attacking while she's blocking will cause her to spit out a toxic cloud that can drain your health in seconds. If that's not enough, her attack can also poison you, and unlike the poison you get from her cloud, the poison you get now will kill you almost instantly with no amount of healing being enough to slow down the health loss.
    • Mary can be utterly insane if you're under-leveled due to a Pacifist Run. It requires massive amounts of dodging and cherry-tapping to take her down. The fight becomes even harder if you're trying to beat it taking the moral high ground and refusing to kill Vicar Larabee yourself, which means Mary will drain him to regain her health instead.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Embracing people often results not in characters dealing with the loss of a friend or loved one, but them becoming a completely generic enemy that you can only tell apart from the other ones by their inflated level and looking at them with your vampiric sense. It's only very rarely worth Embracing just one person when they have someone who would be affected by their loss.
  • Underused Game Mechanic: The players can invoke this themselves while doing a Pacifist Run since feeding on civilians and then witnessing the consequences is one of the integral parts of the game and the above run means you'll miss on a lot of character development and subplots.

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