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  • Choosing to hug Markos goodbye as the protagonist leaves Kephallonia for greener pastures. Though Markos is cheap, manipulative, and has a love of money that FAR outweighs his business acumen, he is still the protagonist's adoptive father-figure who saved them from the brink of dying a hungry, homeless orphan.
  • The Family Ending, if you don't kill Deimos/the other sibling, Nikolaos, and your adopted step-brother, Stentor. After all the protagonist went through in their odyssey, it's nice to know that they'll now have a home to return to at the end of each day.
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  • Combined with Awesome, convincing Roxana you don't have to fight to the death at the end of the Battle of 100 Hands. Doubly so if you romanced her, as the Eagle Bearer notes she's FAR more important than fame riches for their friend. You then proceed to go Back-to-Back Badasses in fighting the cult, and can recruit her for your ship after.
  • The aftermath to the "Making Friends" sidequest if you took the harsh approach and told the poor girl to stop treating the clay statues as her friends. That scene is heartbreaking, but it pays off. If you return later, you can see the clay statues have been torn down and girls are asking Khloe to make dolls for them as well, so they can all play with them together. In the end, she managed to make actual friends after all, just as her mother had asked her to with her last words.
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  • The ending of the Minotaur legendary boss. After Ardos has a heartwrenching moment trying to accept the fact that his father is really dead, his Caretaker reunites with him, and they both agree to figure out their futures together. Mitigated by the hilarious conversation that ensues, where Ardos confesses to stealing numerous items of the Caretaker's, many of which he wasn't aware was even missing...
  • The Eagle Bearer's reunion with their mother, Myrinne. It’s especially poignant since the previous story segment the Player did was likely the Tear Jerker barrage in plague-stricken Athens. They enter the house while Myrrine is busy briefing underlings, clearly giddy in anticipation. As they follow Myrrine onto the balcony, they are at a loss for words as Myrrine tells them the meeting is over, so they instead present the Spear of Leonidas to convey their identity. Myrrine quickly figures out who this stranger in front of her is, and they tearfully embrace.
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  • With so many mercs that out-tier you trash-talking you and belittling you, it's a bit of a shock to hear one give words of encouragement as you pass by.
    Tundaerous the Thrill Seeker: You're on your way, young misthios. Keep at it.
  • From the modern day stuff, it's nice to see Layla has actually bonded pretty well with the Assassins. Compare her e-mails and notes with the stuff from Origins, it's clear the Assassins like having Layla around. She's also showing a deeply empathetic side, expressing concern for the team who came out of Uprising.
  • If you get the Golden Ending to the Family storyline with all four other family members alive, and you assign them all as lieutenants on the Adrestia, the banter scenes really sells them all being one happy family again.
    • Myrinne reminisces about her time being a pirate captain.
    • Nikolaus expresses pride at the Eagle Bearer being a captain of a ship and defers to them as the master of the vessel.
    • Deimos gains a bit of experience abiding by boundaries on what they want.
    • And Stentor plays up the aloof always-better attitude.
  • While questing in Delos and Mykonos, the seasoned one-eyed sea dog Barnabas may find his soulmate in Iola, a similar seasoned one-eyed sailor, in the post-victory celebration if the Eagle Bearer had been kind to her.
  • One of the Lost Tales of Greece, involving the Eagle Bearer going on a long quest thanks to a vision Barnabas has while high, ends with them discover the "Leda" they've been chasing is not Barnabas' long lost wife, but his daughter. The quest can end with the Eagle Bearer inviting Leda to come with them, or stay at her mother's farm. Doing the latter upsets Barnabas, but the Eagle Bearer can point out that this way, it means he has a home to go to, if and when he retires from sailing.

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