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  • The ending cinematic for both Shogun and Shogun II through Fridge Brilliance. Not only have your clan and daimyo's exploits brought about victory, but your legacy is implied to have endured well into the present day. It's a small nod to how your victories in the game have been forever preserved into posterity.
  • When a group of units at less than 10% strength that would normally be disbanded after the battle stay behind and hold the line valiantly to allow the retreat of your other units and general so that they may live to fight another day.
    • Turns into a Tear Jerker if afterwards the enemy takes two steps on the campaign map and progresses to crush your remaining army because you can't retreat twice. Or a Moment of Awesome if they find out that you've just retreated to an area in range of an allied army waiting in ambush.

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