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  • Yatakan and Ayvtu's friendship. Depending on how her story goes, she can become pregnant out of wedlock, a disgrace in Rider society. His response? He straight-out tells the clan circle that if she's sent into exile, he's going with her. Even if he's the clan chief.
  • Giving Redalda a guardian spirit, who in turn gives her a name.
  • It is a literal law of nature that Rams cannot ride horses, due to the way magic works in this setting...but a tribe who are unaware of this fact may ask your clan to sell them horses. You can gently tell them the truth, and if you do, they will understand note . Either side in that conversation could have chosen at any point to follow 'tradition' and be cruel or greedy or bitter, but they didn't.
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  • Rider gods are distant, and it's easy to think they don't care about individual mortals. Even the clan's belief that the Fire Children were blessed is mostly an educated guess. But if you send Yatakan on a successful Elmal heroquest, the high god will tell him, personally:
    "You have made good use of the gift I gave you."
  • In Nyalda's heroquest, she is accosted by a bluebeard who likes to marry women and then throw them in dungeons. One way she can fend him off is by summoning a past victim of his, who will gladly help Nyalda avoid falling victim to the same fate.
  • The ending changes everything for the better, not just for your clan elite. And to show this, one of the epilogue slides depicts a Rider and Ram shepherd playing checkers together- not wary or confused, as their ancestors were- just at peace.
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  • The feminist Wheel woman coming home.
  • Adopting the Yeleni foreigners, who have forgotten everything about their heritage except for the fact that they are Hyaloring. But that's enough.
  • Having the Former Wheel successfully perform the ritual of her patron goddess Gamari. Gamari tells her, “Yes, you are a true daughter of Hyalor. Thank you. Thank you. And now, I would like to offer you a boon.”

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