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Heartwarming / Darkstalkers

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  • Victor's endings in the first and second game. While he learns the tough truth that Professor Von Gerdenheim is dead, he learns he has an older sister in the form of Emily.
  • Victor's ending in the third game, where he sacrifices himself to grant Emily enough electricity to bring her back to life. The game even notes he was still smiling as she woke up.
  • In the OVA, there is a case of Fantastic Racism in place between humans and darkstalkers due to many of the darkstalkers and their influences taking over the planet. Felicia, despite being "not much for organized religion", serves as one of the examples of good darkstalkers, coming to various towns performing musical shows for all to see. After she was attacked by a group of Huitzil one night, she finds herself in a doctor's home the next morning recovering from the attack. The people who saw her show know they have nothing to fear from her, with the local children visiting her regularly and giving her flowers. The doctor Felicia stays with willingly helps her during her stay in the town even when the more prejudice humans incarcerate her and as the Huitzil resume invading the town. As a result, she was willing to and nearly sacrificed her own life as a way of both thanking the citizens of the town who supported her and showing the other citizens that not all Darkstalkers are evil. Jon Talbain quickly helps her escape from the train she wanted the Huitzil to crash into and Felicia then explains to Talbain that there are humans willing to understand them if given the chance.
    • The doctor himself also refused to leave the town, as he felt his duty was to take care of the weaker citizens who wouldn't be able to escape, refusing to abandon them or Felicia.
    • The end of the OVA. Due to the actions of Donovan, Anita finally gets to experience happiness. This motivates him to continue searching for his own happiness as well.
  • Whenever Huitzil is on the receiving end of a Super Move, a barrier appears around Cecil to protect him.
    • Two of Huitzil's win poses involve him crouching down so Cecil can climb unto his hand. In one, the kid hugs the big robot and then sits on his hand with a smile. In the second, he slips and falls back. Huitzil looks slightly worried until Cecil starts laughing. In both of them they really display their Little Guy, Big Buddy relationship.
    • The ending of Darkstalkers 3 has Huitzil — as he lays dying — activate his brothers with one new directive: "Protect Cecil". Huitzil's bond with Cecil has grown so much that it passed it to down to the others.
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  • Morrigan comforting Lilith after the latter challenges her to a fight and loses. As Morrigan monologues about their mysterious connection, Lilith returns to their body.
  • The Darkstalkers manhua has a few due to its story.
    • Demitri and Morrigan in human guise visit a circus where Demitri comes across a sorrowful Felicia locked in a cage as part of a sideshow. He later comes back and frees Felicia from her cage then gives her a neck bite in order to awaken her fighting instinct so she could fight. Felicia was grateful to Demitri and promises to return to him as she owes her life to him.
    • Jon Talbain lived a life on the run due to his werewolf heritage, then fondly remembers the only good thing that happened in his life was his meeting with Felicia, who saved him from getting captured by soldiers.
    • Throughout the story, no matter what hardships she went through, Felicia held onto her hope of wanting to reunite with Demitri again.