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Heartwarming / Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

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  • In the announcement trailer, Ryu offers Mega Man X a helping hand after the latter gets hit with a repulsor ray (similar to the "Chris saves Morrigan" moment from the Episode 1 trailer for Marvel vs. Capcom 3, albeit way less dramatic), and the two team up together to fight against Iron Man and Captain Marvel.
    • This also counts in a meta sense, as Street Fighter was one of the few franchises Capcom focused on while the Mega Man series was in steep decline around the time of MvC3. One could easily interpret the gesture as Capcom trying to extend the olive branch to some of the fans it turned away through previous business decisions, using Ryu and X as surrogates.
  • Speaking of which, seeing Iron Man and Captain Marvel work together as friends and allies, especially considering their antagonistic relationship with each other in Civil War II.
  • Look at the way the Marvel and Capcom heroes work together in the story trailer. They've got each others' backs, they've got each others' respect. It may be Marvel VERSUS Capcom, and you just know the story proper is gonna start with the obligatory Let's You and Him Fight, but it's nice (and awesome) to see these very disparate individuals truly band together.
    • Story mode shows how both universes' heroes play off each other well. X wields Captain America's shield, Captain Marvel and Chun-Li take on a few Xgardians, Arthur engages in playful banter with Iron Man and Thor, Dante loans Ebony & Ivory to Rocket Raccoon, Thor chooses Spencer to take down Ultron-Sigma with, and Cap defends Chris from a stray attack. Ghost Rider and Morrigan, despite a rough start, also manage to get along pretty well and are later seen fighting side by side against Jedah's forces.
  • A small detail, but one that emphasizes the Bash Brothers aspect of the game: when your active character's health gets down to about a quarter, their partner will chime in and suggest that they tag out.
  • From a hero to villain moment, Stark sympathizes with Thanos upon the latter finding out that he was manipulated by Mistress Death, telling the guy that Love Hurts.
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  • X and Zero performing the Handshake Substitute, reminiscent of the one found in Mega Man X 6 after X reunited with Zero, before the final battle against Ultron-Sigma.

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