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  • Von Croy's actions at the end of The Last Revelation and throughout Chronicles. After spending most of The Last Revelation as an antagonist (due to a combination of greed, anger at being Left for Dead and eventual possession by Set) , he has a change of heart after his possession wears off and desperately tries to save Lara from the collapsing Temple of Horus, and is genuinely mournful when he can't save her. In addition, during the present day in Chronicles, he spearheads an operation to try and rescue her.
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  • In the Rome levels of Chronicles Pierre and Larson are portrayed as Vitriolic Best Friends with Chronic Backstabbing Disorder, but during one scene, they decided to let Lara go ahead of them and do the work for them. In the mean time, however Pierre decides to treat Larson to a milkshake.

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