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Drinking Game / Tomb Raider

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  • In Core games, take a shot every time:
    • You encounter Misplaced Wildlife.
    • Animals are locked in tiny locations with no source of food.
    • Lara snarks back at someone, shutting them down.
    • She falls off a ledge during a cutscene (careful while playing Tomb Raider III, thou).
    • Raptors show up. Two shots if it's T-Rex.
    • The villain has a Bad Boss moment.
    • Finish your drink when someone double-crosses Lara.
  • In LAU trilogy, take a shot every time:
    • A QTE happens.
    • Product Placement is present.
    • Zip is completely clueless about history, even when it comes to bare basics.
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    • Supernatural is dismissed. Take another if it's directly followed by All Myths Are True moment.
    • Lara comes up with a Bond One-Liner.
  • For second reboot, take a shot every time:
    • Worst Aid is gleefully applied.
    • Lara says she "has to do" something. Be careful - this might permanently damage your liver.
    • She walks with her arms crossed and back hunched when the game arbitrarily decides she's cold or in pain now, but not in other, similar moment.
    • Near-death experience or being mauled by wildlife doesn't cause even above.
    • A tense plot point is resolved by just moving forward.
    • Lara starts calling for someone by their name.
    • Lara falls through a roof, floor or similar surface.
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