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Drinking Game / Tomodachi Life

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  • Take a drink every time a Mii levels up.
  • Take a drink every time two Miis get in a fight. Take an extra sip if during your attempts to try and cheer them up, they level up while they're in a fight with another Mii.
    • Take a drink if before you do calm them (Or if after they reject the apology and the daydream is the "Treasure Toss" variant), they throw any item that could pass as Toilet Humor (Disposable Diaper or Potty).
    • Take another if they fail to make up.
    • Take two drinks if the fight they have in daydream format is over a bear.
    • Take another if it was a very hostile fight represented by flame auras.
      • Drink until you pass out when the third Mii tries to get them to make up, and fails.
    • Down your bottle whole if two Miis get into a fight, the apology is accepted, and several hours or days later the same two Miis get into another fight.
  • Take a drink if a Mii informs you that two Miis who are currently sleeping are in a hostile fight.
    • Add another if they fail to make up.
  • Take a drink when your Mii forces you to sit through a Big-Lipped Alligator Momentnote 
    • If the Mii is asking "I need to sneeze, but it won't come out!", "I wish I was all grown up...", or "I want to be a kid again", take two drinks instead. If one of the later two occur and the Mii is based on a copyrighted character, take three instead.
      • If you do respond to the Mii's request to be aged up/down then revert them to their original age afterwards, if several hours later they repeat "I wish I was all grown up...", or "I want to be a kid again", down your bottle.
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    • If the Mii asks you to view their stomach, take another drink if their stomach is empty.
  • Take a drink every time a Mii tells you that someone wants to meet them up on the roof.
    • Take another if a paper or photo is given to them during the meetup.
  • Take a drink if a Mii attempts to confess their feelings over a Mii that's already in a relationship.
  • Take a drink every time a Mii falls in love with another Mii and the two Miis are related.
    • If a Mii sets up two Miis related to one another, take two drinks if it's successful.
  • Take three drinks if the Ex of a married Mii attempts to get back together with the Mii they were once in love with.
    • Take another if the other Mii is already in another relationship, and finish the bottle if the other Mii is already married.
  • Take a drink if you feed a Mii their "worst ever" food.
    • Take two more drinks if you know it's their worst ever food, You Monster!.
    • Take another drink if it's your Mii that got fed said food, and another if you actually like said food in real life.
  • Take a drink if a Mii requests a specific item that isn't available in stores.
  • Take a drink if you give a Mii a particularly expensive item and they don't like it.
    • Add a shot if they outright hate it note .
  • Take a drink every time a Mii calls you and it's because their baby is crying (you'll know it's this when the parent calls you with "Excuse Me"), or if they got a letter from their traveling son/daughter.
    • Take another if you were planning on doing something else prior to the phone call.
    • And another if you get called the instant you open the game.
    • If you just took care of their child and the child was happy before you left, finish your drink.
    • If they call because their traveling son/daughter is visiting, take a celebratory drink. Take another if they leveled up prior to the visit.
  • Take a drink if you can hear a baby crying on the title screen.
  • Take a drink if a Mii gets a stomach virus.
    • Take two if you give them a Stomach Medicine immediately without checking to see what kind of meds they need and they confirm they have a stomach virus.
    • Down your beverage if they give you Cold/Stomach Medicine immediately after they're cured.
  • Take a drink every time a Mii trips over while standing still.
  • Take a drink every time a Mii's laptop crashes.
  • Take a drink every time a Mii is sleeping at the Cafe or the Park.
    • Take two instead if a Mii is spying through the windows of the Cafe.
  • Drink to forget if your Mii successfully breaks up with their sweetheart or spouse.
    • If it was because of a fight, drink until you pass out.
  • Take a drink every time you dress a Mii up in opposite-gender clothes and they actually like it.
  • Take a drink every time you get a Traveler.
    • Drink a celebratory glass of champagne if it's one of your own Travelers. Take an extra drink for every 5 islands they visited.
    • If the line at your dock at the time goes beyond the screen, take another drink, and one more if you got more travelers waiting after the tenth one.
  • Every time a Mii celebrates their birthday, pretend-toast them with a drink and then take said drink.
  • Take a drink every time a Mii based off a fictional character gets handed a piece of clothing that matches their canon clothing perfectly, and the Mii either dislikes it or hates it.
    • Alternatively, take a drink when a Mii based off a fictional character is given a food that their canon self likes, but the Mii dislikes it. Add another drink if it's the Mii's worst/worst ever, and add a couple more if that food was their canon self's Trademark Favorite Food.
  • Take a drink if a Mii asks you about one of their phrases that you have set, and another if you decide to keep it as is.
    • If playing the Japan-only Collection, drink only if you decide to keep it as is.
  • Drink every time you see someone who knows nothing about the game besides its lack of a Gay Option.
  • Take a drink if a couple tries to ship off their child and the dock is full.
  • For café conversations (for best results, use a beverage commonly served in cafés):
    • Take a drink if someone says they should get food.
    • Take a drink if someone mentions how they keep getting a person confused with another. Take another if the two don't look any similar at all, or if the speaker is related to either.
    • Take a drink if the clothing item suggested by one of the Miis is for the opposite gender.
    • If it's a "pity party", take a drink.
    • If a Mii turns away during a conversation, take a sip for each skipped conversation.
    • If a Mii uses the Lampshade Hanging "Do you ever feel like we always end up talking about the same things over and over?", drink until you can't drink anymore for whatever reason.
  • Take a drink if something you type in is caught by the game's censor.
  • Take a drink if a baby is born wearing makeup.
  • Take a drink if a trash food is being sold at the morning market.
  • Take a drink if, when given a frying pan, a Mii makes a meal that should be impossible to make with a frying pan.
    • Add another if it's a trash food note .
    • Take another if the end result otherwise sounds unappetizing (such as Mayonnaise-covered Tap Water).

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