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  • In general, much of the humor comes from seeing celebrities, video game characters, anime characters, movie characters, TV characters, musicians, friends, family, and/or whatever other horrible monstrosities your deranged mind can put together in Mii Maker all interacting with each other. It's as absurd as it sounds. This can be funny if the Miis do things that their base characters/people would do without question or would never do in a million years. Plus the Crack Pairings and Crossover Ships that only an RNG could think of, which might be mindbogglingly strange or might make so much sense you'd wish you were the one who thought of it.
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  • Many from the Memetic Mutation that started from the Nintendo Direct of the game, the most notable being the group of Miis parading around a Virtual Boy while chanting "All hail the Virtual Boy!", from one of the many bizarre dreams. It's not just the console, either. The dream will praise many mundane objects, like a plastic trophy or spring rolls.
  • During a performance at the music hall, pressing the "Make it stop" button results in the performance suddenly freezing with a loud "BONG", and audience chatter occurring as the camera pans up from the performers' shocked looking faces. If timed right, it can be even more hilarious. Miis can also freeze up in place even if they're in mid-air, which can be done in the Techno or Musical songs, for example. Finally, you can stop the song in the middle of the post-song audience applause, which not only stops the performers but also the audience.
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  • Many of the lines that your Miis rap out during the Rap Battle are so bad you can't help but laugh. And then there are some of the lines they spew out when they lose:
    I'm so fly I'm a total pest. Can I start again?
    Yo, yo yo! Word! Yo! Uh-huh! I'll get my coat.
    I'm so fresh I'm like an... ancient... sea captain.
    My style is so chill it's like a nasty head cold.
    What does that even mean?
    They call me Bling Bonobo... I have no idea why.
    I know I am, but what are you?
    I think I left the kettle on.
    ...I'm not even going to dignify that with a response.
    I have to go to the bathroom.
    I have more cats than you.
    Your favorite movie isn't very good.

    (In the European version) I've got more rhymes than a grove has... oranges?
    They call me rap sausage because I'm the wurst.
    Cats don't like you.
    I'm so cool, I'm cool. Wait, no, that's rubbish.
    (In the European version)
    My rhymes go on and on like a very dull film... Wait.
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  • Many of the things your Miis can mumble while they're sleeping are almost as good as the dreams themselves:
    This is my island now! MINE!
    Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha! I don't get it.
    Wow! Amazing! So many monkeys!
    I don't think that's flammable...
    Why do bananas have their own packaging? It's a mystery...
    Put the artichoke down, Billy boy! Put it down!
    Not here. Everyone will see us. I need privacy to thumb wrestle.
    Why am I the only one here? And why am I in my underwear? I should go.
    Does anyone need a meerkat? I have a spare.
    (Some other Mii) stole all of my disco balls!
    Why don't you try taking a walk in MY shoes, Mr. Eggplant?
    This is real life? So the island was just a dream!
    (Mii's name) in the kitchen, (Mii's name) in the living room, (Mii's name) on the coffee table, (Mii's name) is taking over!
    I've been discovered! Abort abort! Wait... never mind...
    It's too dangerous to go alone! Take this!
    Officer! Stop that doughnut! It's really a secret agent in disguise!
    Do a barrel roll!
  • Pick any dream. Any. The examples here are just the tip of the iceberg:
    • Collection:
      • The "Kaiju" dream. It shows the dreaming Mii suddenly being able to grow several stories tall at will, throwing punches and firing off beams of energy while wearing pajamas.
      • "Rangers". The dreamer and four random Miis are dressed in Superhero costumes shouting their names individually followed by announcing their team name all at once, before being launched into the distance and bouncing like rag-dolls.
      • In ''Restroom", the dreaming Mii rushes into a restroom, only to be met by an endless wall of occupied stalls.
    • Life:
      • The "Superhero" dream, a spiritual successor to the Ranger dream. It starts with a random Mii, who appears as a fairy, informing the dreamer that a random item is attacking the island or has kidnapped another islander, which prompts the dreamer to transform using a random item (for example: "By the power of tap water!"), and then addressing the player with a Spoof Aesop, all in the style of a kids' show:
      "Remember, kids. Don't forget to wash your hands after washing your hands."
      "Remember, kids. The only thing to fear is fear itself and also spiders."
      "Remember, kids. Only you can prevent burnt marshmallows."
      "Remember, kids. Never open an umbrella inside unless it's raining inside."
      "Remember, kids. Never brush your teeth with shrimp paste unless you really like shrimp."
      "Remember, kids. Everyone loves to dance, but not everyone is a good dancer."
      "Remember, kids. Never talk to strangers, talking dogs, or inanimate objects."
      "Remember, kids. Always feed the monsters under your bed three square meals a day."
      • The "Hiding" dream, in which miniature versions of Miis attempt to hide behind one of three objects. Pulling an object's corresponding rope causes whatever Miis behind the object to scurry away to the other two hiding places while squealing various phrases in a high-pitched voice:
      "Stop picking on us!"
      "The (item) is no good!"
      • "Hunger", in which a Mii chases a random food item (attached to their shirt) around a table while pleading with it to stop:
      "Wait up, [random food item]! ... You move pretty fast for not having legs."
      • "True Love". Two random food items want to get married only for the player to grab the food item on the right.
      • "Royalty" results in an endless loop of aristocratic looking Miis discussing power and politics, following every statement with a Noblewoman's Laugh, while the dreamer sits between them.
      • "Ritual" involves ten Miis, the sleeping Mii and nine others, marching around a random food or treasure, repeatedly worshiping it:
      "All hail the [food item or treasure]!"
      • "The Future" has the Mii as an elderly person in their apartment, stating they haven't seen the player in 50 years. They will then say a random comment.
      • "Workout" has a Mii doing push-ups in their apartment. They will then eat a red chili pepper causing them to feel "more energized" and do push-ups at a ridiculously fast speed.
  • When you successfully get a Mii to propose marriage, everyone starts clapping, and you can clap as well if you tap the Touch Screen. The player can create unintentional Sarcastic Clapping by tapping slowly.
  • The fact that clicking on the "Clear" button while doodling on a sleeping Mii's face will wipe everything off their face, facial features included (except the 3D part of the nose and the hair).
  • Sometimes, a Mii will ask you if they can talk about their partner or baby. Allowing them to do so results in a Fast-Forward Gag, implying that the game thinks you don't have the patience to listen to the Mii's ramblings.
  • Some of the things the Miis do during the "Flying Disc" event at the park like saying their sound effects out loud when they throw the disc.example  But the best part has to be when a Mii tries "special moves". They crouch down, gain an echo to their voice, and let out a Badass Boast.example  They will then throw the disc while becoming a Large Ham and naming the throw.example  Despite this, the flying disc will still fly at the same speed as a normally thrown disc.
  • If a married Mii is asleep in their house and a dream bubble appears, there's an option to directly access said dream bubble from outside the interface.note  The way the Mii reacts once the dream sequence is over is quite funny. They will either fall off the bed with a shocked expression on their face or they will lie awkwardly on the bed without the blanket over them with a shocked expression on their face. To top it off, they will go back to sleep after a few moments.
  • When you feed a Mii their Trademark Favorite Food, they will launch into space like a rocket powered by pure bliss. Even funnier is when you feed them their second favorite food, they will breakdance.
  • When a Mii is fed the food they hate the most, they will experience Color Failure and melt into a puddle of despair. The following loss of their Happiness meter probably isn't funny though.
  • When a Mii is sad, usually after being rejected by a crush, their friend(s) may take them to the Café for a "pity party" and tell crazy stories to try to cheer them up. Some of their attempts are less than effective. It doubles as a Tear Jerker since the sad Mii will never respond, and gets speechless stares from the friends in return.
  • Mii News:
    • During the daily Mii News reports, the news is always followed by a man on the street interview with two other Miis not seen in the report itself. Their responses are usually great:
    I'm jogging right now. Please get out of my way!
    That's good and all, but is there a restroom anywhere around here?
    I don't wanna be on TV! ...I wasn't doing anything bad!
    I can't be seen on TV... Please turn off the camera!
    Hi Mom! Hi Dad! Look at me! I'm on TV!
    Is this one of those practical-joke shows? Are you messing with me?
    World peace!
    In other words, we're having a really slow news day, right?
    Isn't there anything more interesting going on?
    Do you guys ever cover anything serious?
    If you think that's cool, you should hear my story.
    You news guys work really hard, don't you?
    How is this in the news?
    I was almost interested in that.
    • Even some of the more generic ones can be this, depending on the story:
    I'm so relieved to hear about this.
    That's the news story I've been waiting my whole life to see.
    That story gave me hope for humanity.
    • When it's reported that a Mii has succeeded in doing something:
    We're all doomed!
    • The news reports themselves are inevitably silly:
      • Chicken noodle (or any food, really) outbreaks.
      • A lazy bones contest. That is, participants lie around doing nothing. The last one to remain still wins.
      • One of your Miis successfully climbing Mount (island name). The "mountain" in question is a mound in a sandbox.
      • The "First Errand", mostly for the picture that accompanies the news post itself; the positioning of the Mii on the stairs makes it look like he/she is trying to lick the railing.
      • The "Bathroom Holdup" news story, where it tells of a Mii, after being relentlessly teased over a burp (Changed to a fart in the UK version), had locked and barricaded themselves in a bathroom. After a moment, all the other Miis realize that they need to use the toilet themselves and now they can't get in. Cue the Potty Emergency poses, including one pounding on the bathroom door trying to either break it down or convince the other Mii to let them in so they themselves can go to the bathroom.
      • The "[Mii]'s Temper" story shows a random Mii throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of a street, halting traffic and getting the attention of anyone else present.
      • The "[Mii] Strikes a Pose" story has a random Mii send in a video to the news station with a note saying that their poses will astonish viewers. Cut to the Mii doing one pose, then standing back up and saying "Uh… that's it…" with a deadpan filter added to their voice.
      • The "Bus Stop...Doesn't" story has a Mii chasing down a bus stop that doesn't stop moving in the same way the Level Goal pole in Super Mario 3D Land trolls players by moving ahead. The news reporter then snarkily states that you could probably reach your destination by running to it instead of trying to catch the bus stop.
  • While most of the moments in the Creative Closing Credits that show memories of a couple and their baby are more heartwarming than funny, one humorous scene shows the father freaking out his poor child by wearing a oni mask, with the mother being forced to defend the baby. Another funny picture from the credits is the mother helping the baby on the potty, with the baby having surprised, bulging eyes on their face.
  • Miis with the soccer ball gift will play soccer on the beach.
  • In Judgment Bay, you can have the islanders randomly choose between things you write down. It's super funny if you write down "Nintendo", "Sony", and "Microsoft" and Reggie Fils-Aime and Satoru Iwata run toward Sony and Microsoft. It's also possible to write things like "Cake" and "the Ebola virus". Expect several Miis to go for the Ebola virus.
  • Proposals:
    • When you mess up while proposing, it can be very funny sometimes, especially if the Mii's thought bubble is empty or missing. Such as messing up while proposing in the fancy restaurant:
    Proposing Mii: I want to ask you a question. Will you ma...
    (You hear a massive crash from the kitchen and a loud screamnote  drowning out your Mii)
    Love interest: What were you saying?
    Proposing Mii: Never mind.
    • In some cases in the fancy restaurant, one of the waiters/waitresses show up to ask if you need anything. If the waiter/waitress just happens to be an ex, it can look like they're sabotaging the proposal.
    • While you're proposing at the train station:
    Proposing Mii: My Darling will you mar-
    (Train suddenly passes by in front of them going HOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNKKKKK!)
    Love interest: That was loud! What were you saying?
    Proposing Mii: Never mind.
  • The cow mooing sound effect you hear when you get a draw in Vs. Match.
  • Fights:
    • Fighting Miis that don't make up generally make for some Tear Jerker moments, but some of the fight flashbacks can have some rather amusing dialogue. For example:
    Mii A: You're a potato, [Mii B]!
    Mii B: What does that even mean?

    Mii A: What's that, (food)? You say you like me better?
    Mii B: If you knew anything about it, you would know it CAN'T TALK!

    Mii B: What?

    Mii A: You throw like a joke!
    Mii B: You throw like a bad thrower!

    Mii A: You're such a stinky smelly pants!
    Mii B: You've gone too far this time!
    Mii A: You're good-looking, [Mii B]!
    Mii B: No, YOU'RE good-looking, [Mii A]! I mean...oops.
    • And during fights over a teddy bear:
    Mii B: I don't like it, either... wait, what?

    Mii A: For crying out loud, you HATE bears!
    Mii B: No, I HEART bears! There's a difference!
  • The surprised look that appears on the face of the Mii you're playing Catch with if you successfully prevent whatever item they drop from falling on the floor. The Mii clearly does not expect you to catch whatever they want you to catch, especially considering the various methods they use to throw you off. Seeing their shocked expression gets all the more better the rarer the item is. What's funnier is the Mii's trollish behavior to make you lose focus, as they're actually trying to prevent you from catching the item. They randomly drop the item any given time while telling you something, even during a countdown. Sometimes, they'll pull the item back up after dropping it, because it's attached to a string and they act as though they're not sure how that happened. Then, there are times right when the game begins, they'll immediately drop the item without saying a word. Of course, when you fail to catch the item, they don't look upset about it like the other games. They'll always have the "happy closed eyes" expression.
  • Knocking over the referee in Football/Wrestling/Sumo.
  • Questions:
    • Miis may occasionally ask you what your favorite genre of music is. If you say you like jazz, they'll remark that they're not sure if they're "cool enough to be talking to you".
    • Every now and then, a Mii will ask you what to do if you can't stop eating sweets, saying that they're "um, doing a poll." If you advise them to merely eat the sweets, they will sarcastically respond "You're so very wise."
    • A Mii may ask you what scares you the most. If you choose "My own beauty", the Mii will respond "I think you need to calm down and think about some things".
    • It's possible for Miis to ask you if you like playing video games. If you say "It's the WORST!" they'll respond "Umm... you do know what you're doing right now? Oh, never mind."
    • If you answer the question if it's ever okay to lie with "If it's for good", they'll say "Oh, REALLY?"
    • Occasionally a Mii can ask if you like a food available in the game. If you express disgust with "Ewwww", they reply with "Oh, come on now. Try to keep an open mind!" They say this even if it's one of the garbage foods, such as spoiled milk.
  • Sometimes a Mii may receive an anonymous letter about meeting someone on the apartment's rooftop. Not only is the sender wearing nothing but a fake mustache and glasses, they went through all the trouble just to tell the receiver something ridiculously minor that is never brought up again:
    "Just between you and me, this is just between you and me."
  • Occasionally, a Mii standing in their apartment will suddenly trip despite standing still. If you switch to another apartment's view and then go back, they may do it again a few more times, making it look like a Repeat Cut.
  • When a Mii uses the laptop gift, occasionally the laptop will beep alarmingly and the Mii will have a sudden Freak Out! accompanied by quirky noises and hitting a specific key rapidly, followed by an abrupt stop, a "SPROING!" sound and a frowny face. Presumably the computer had crashed but what exactly were they doing to make that happen? The most you see is them browsing through food items.
  • Miis having hiccups. You can then enter the hiccuping Mii's apartment, causing them to flail as you ring the doorbell:
  • Funny combination: When you let a Mii have a bath, they appear naked except for a towel. Then give them a disposable camera and tell them to take pictures of other Miis. When they return, they still wear only the towel, implying that they went around the island clothed in nothing but a bath towel.
  • There's the Towel clothing item, which will have the Mii wear the towel as if it were regular clothing and go about their daily life in it until you or the Mii changes their clothes.
  • Some of the title and photo combinations can be pretty good. For example, a Mii may name a photo they took "Best Birthday", which shows three Miis dozing off at the Café.
  • If you give a Traveler Mii a Bath Set, instead of going for a bath in the usual bathing room, they do it right outside of their tent in a steel drum.
  • Frying Pan:
    • Giving the Frying Pan to a Mii results in them cooking a random food item. Some of the food items they cook makes sense (Fried Chicken, Steak), some are items that are prepared but not through frying (Soda, various cakes), and some items are raw fruits and vegetables.
    • A short description is appended to the food item in question, such as "Everyone's Favorite" or "(name) Island Specialty". Sometimes you may get something that sounds incredibly unappetizing such as "Mayonnaise-covered Tap Water".
  • Visiting a house garners shocked expressions from whoever is there; it gets even funnier if the player visits when a couple is lovingly gazing at each other, as the romantic music just stops.
  • Miis have the tendency to randomly fart in their apartments, and they are varied too. One may have a wimpy whistle fart, while some may sound like they are in need of new pants. If there's company over, they may react to it with a shocked expression. On top of that, if their clothing has a short skirt, it will flutter in the air.
  • The magic show is pretty amusing. The magician tasks you to separate another Mii's upper body from their lower body. The magician doesn't even bother with putting the other Mii back together after the show. The other Mii's expression upon hearing the magician say this is nothing short of priceless:
    Magician Mii: "[Mii's name] is in a bit of a tricky situation, but I'm sure [they're] okay..."
  • The description for the Ruined Meal item:
    Somebody's a bad cook. Or has a sick sense of humor. Or doesn't like you.note  / Everybody makes mistakes... but not all of them have to be quarantined.note 
  • Café:
    • Miis standing outside of the Café entrance for whatever reason. If someone is inside as well and the outside Mii is peeking in, the latter ends up looking creepy in a hilarious way.
    • Occasionally, Miis with the Book gift will read at the Café with a frowny face for some reason.
    • Miis nodding off at the counter, occasionally waking up with a surprised look on their face before falling back asleep.
  • Hangouts:
    • One of the possible conversations during a hangout:
    I feel pretty sluggish these days.
    You look sluggish too.
    I like slugs.
    • And another:
      What do you think of me? Be honest — I can take it!
      You're very nice. Especially when you buy me food. Hint, hint.
      You have the personality of [some random item].note 
      I thought you were [some other Mii] for the longest time. I still get you two confused sometimes.note 
    • Any time there is a variable in the conversations, there is a possibility that the result will be rather curious. For example, having a boatload of habaneros.
    • The Miis are going over how far they swam straight, with the numbers getting larger. One of the Miis finally has had it:
      Where are you guys finding these giant swimming pools?!?
    • Sometimes during a hangout, a Mii will either say that they have a secret but can't say it, is about to say something but stops and says it's a secret, says they found out another Mii did something but stops as if they almost gossiped, says they have something they cannot tell anyone, or says they found something out about a couple but it's a secret. This causes all of their friends to be angry and force them to tell.
    • The Girls' Hangout sometimes features one of the Miis saying she wants to be a pop star. While saying this, she has an angry look on her face for some reason.
    • Sometimes at a Girls' Hangout, one of the Miis says a bug flew into their apartment earlier, and is still freaked out. All the other Miis will have an "Oh, Crap!" expression as they talk.
  • If you look at a couple in an apartment staring lovingly at each other long enough, they will notice you and Freak Out! before standing facing away from each other, as if trying to act normal. To make it stranger, the couple usually does another activity after this. Sometimes they go right back to their love gaze and won't freak out no matter how long you watch them. This can even happen on the first time.
  • Having a Mii older than 40 going after a Mii anywhere from ages 18-25 can be creepy or hilarious depending on who they are. This situation isn't limited to the grown-ups. Your 17-year-old Mii could very well fall in love with your four-year-old Mii.
  • If you are lucky enough to catch two Miis initiating a fight, you get to watch them casually walk into battle positions with their default expression before they start hauling junk at one another.
  • The title of the song Totally Friend Zoned!
  • Quirky Questions can be funny enough due to Video Game Cruelty Potential, Power Perversion Potential once you get past the censors, or just asking insane questions:
    • "Whose mother resembles [blank]?" when the asker is the mother of one of the people answering. Apparently, they don't seem to care if their own kids outright tell them that they resemble "ugly dead bats".
    • "Who hates their wife/husband?" *married Mii starts jumping with an arm in the air, shouting "me!" with a deadpan expression* Like above, the spouse won't care unless they happen to be standing right next to them — and sometimes, not even then.
  • When a Mii ask you to look inside their head when it's completely empty or their stomach after they independently ate something horrible (e.g. ruined meal):
  • Some of the outfits, especially when they create the combinations themselves or don't change out of them for several days.
  • Miis can lose something really important, when another Mii finds it with their name written on the back and asks you to return it. This is pretty funny if the item in question is too small or oddly shaped to write on, too big to easily lose, cheap and common enough they could easily replace it, so expensive many if not all finders would be uncharacteristically noble, or something unlikely to be "important" at all. It gets even better if the Mii who lost something is based on a fictional character (or real person), and the thing they lost is not something you would expect them to hold in such high regard. Such as an adult who refuses to have fun in canon wanting his pink skipping rope back, or a blind character needing her goggles. Or just about anyone wanting to recover their potty.
  • One of the ways a Mii can confess their feelings to another Mii is to repeat a line that you get to write for them. This can lead to creative minds making the Miis say some hilarious things:
    Confessing Mii: I'll never forgive you! Remember what you did to my parents?
    Admired Mii: Sure! / I'm sorry...
  • If two Miis decide to go to Japan for their holiday/honeymoon and one of their photos is at Mt Fuji, they will pose as if it were for the cover for a J-Pop album.
  • When you lose one of the islander minigames, they'll give you a box of tissues or toilet paper as a prize, which can come of as an amusing Stealth Insult.
  • You can tell the game how any given Mii's name is meant to be pronounced. However, the pronunciation doesn't have to match the spelling at all, and you're given a lot of letters to work with, making it entirely possible to have a character's name be written as a completely normal name, and yet pronounced as something completely absurd like "I really enjoy stealing other people's left socks for fun".
  • Any time the trash foods appear in dreams, news reports, etc.
    "Just one wash with this shampoo, and your whole world will smell like moldy bread!"
  • If the rare love square happens on the beach, the second love rival will arrive by way of emerging from the ocean. They will then continue to drip seawater for the rest of the event. If it occurs in the concert hall, the second rival appears gliding using a prop like in the Opera performance, then lands backstage.
  • When a traveler Mii returns to the island to see their parent(s), if they were asked by the owner of the island they visited to pass along a catchphrase, they'll say it while giving off an Oh, Crap! face, as if they're trying to scare you. It becomes funnier if the catchphrase suits the expression.
  • With some clever placement, it's possible to create a Mii that appears to have no nose, or no face at all. And then they ask you to tickle their nose to help them sneeze. Even if you do know where their nose is hidden, you'll probably stare at the touchscreen incredulously for a few seconds. In addition, a hairless Mii might want to change their hair color.
  • One of the Treasure items is an Engagement Ring. So if a Mii gives one to you for helping them out, or a confessing Mii tries to bribe another into dating them, it can create some hilariously gun-jumping subtext.
  • Miis will occasionally blush and tell you not to stare if you tap on their face. If they are wearing a mask that covers their face, their blush will be seen through the mask.
  • Occasionally, your Mii can take pictures with the disposable camera. If you have them take a snapshot of someone on the island, it may be outright hilarious:
    • A group warming up while one of them is losing balance.
    • Two Miis visiting another, who has them try on the clothes the third is wearing. Becomes funnier if crossdressing is involved.
    • Fives Miis partying, only for another to interrupt the party with an angry expression. (Funnier if it's a kid interrupting a group of older people)
    • One Mii throwing a pillow at his or her spouse, who's running out of the bedroom.
    • One Mii trapping two Miis in bubbles.
    • A visitor scaring the child of a Mii couple lying on the couch. One of the parents is angry and scolds them, but the other doesn't seem to mind.
    • A Mii appears to stomp its best friend, who is lying down on the floor away from them making it seem that way.
    • An overview of six Miis zonked out on the floor in either one's apartment, as if drunk.
    • A Mii throwing things at their spouse, who is ducking for cover under the table.
  • The rare interventions when a Mii confesses their feelings to their crush. If a Mii other than the confessor is chosen, the player decides on their relationship. Rejecting it causes them to stare with "Oh, Crap!" faces, sometimes fainting. Otherwise, they'll lovingly smile at each other.
  • When playing with a couple's child, you can spin them around. Right when the child gets hoisted into the air, they will shriek a little while having an "Oh, Crap!" expression on their face; the parents, watching from inside the house, will also have this expression if you look at them carefully.
  • If Miis had a fight, the music that plays is absolutely cooky. One of the Miis will throw a literal temper tantrum if they have an Outgoing personality.
  • "You should get to bed. What's that? Hey, I am NOT a hypocrite!"
  • There's nothing stopping you from giving a male Mii the Beauty kit. You can occasionally catch them applying perfume, painting their nails or putting on makeup. Sometimes you can even visit them while they have the makeup on.
  • Miis that want to play a game with you will hop continuously in their apartment, either excitedly with a happy face, or anxiously with a frowny face. The latter may double as a Tear Jerker as they need your attention badly.
  • Giving a Mii a scale will have them measure their weight, sometimes with a friend watching. Sometimes the Mii is shocked at how they're weighing, or shaking excitedly as if they're in perfect condition.
  • It's quite funny to overlook a Mii when they have a love-related problem. It gets even funnier if they lie on the ground stressed, while shaking and kicking their legs in the air.
  • Sometimes if a couple is raising a child, the parents are so lost in each other's eyes that they completely ignore their child. This is especially the case if the child is five days old and is running and jumping around the house.
  • Parents raising a baby can often play peekaboo with them. It's cute to see the child laugh and giggle when the parent goes "boo!", but at 3-4 days, sometimes the baby laughs so hard that they will tumble over. This can also happen when you're babysitting them at 2-3 days and they're really happy when you play peekaboo with them.
  • Sad Miis often can be found crying in their apartments, even when sick.
  • Only when it's summer, Miis can be found fanning themselves as if to stay cool. Gets funnier in other cases, where Miis can sometimes be seen shivering.
  • Giving a Mii a cell phone will cause them talk on the phone while pacing the room. Some of their phrases are silly to the max:
    So, do you think [Mii's name] likes [food/item]?
    [Food/item]? I don't know.
    Well, what about [food/item]?
  • Sometimes if you overlook a couple sleeping, the right Mii may hog the blanket, leaving the left Mii to shiver and sometimes sneeze.
  • Miis tend to use child terms, often referring to their stomachs as their "belly" or "tummy". Surprisingly, travelers, which are mainly children, use more grown-up terms (stomach, boisterous, etc.); this can be hilarious or strange depending on how old the child appears to be, especially if the child looks very young but uses very big words.
  • The Skewed Priorities description of the Flower Meadow interior:
    You're essentially homeless, but who cares? Rainbows and flowers, yay!
  • It's entirely possible for a trash food to be sold in the morning market as if it were perfectly edible food:
    Shopkeeper Mii: This moldy bread is the best!


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