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    To The Moon 
  • Just about everything Neil says.
    • When Eva is removing River from John's memories and Neil is trying to stop her, Eva calls Neil:
    (phone rings)
    Eva: Hello, Neil.
    Neil: ...Morpheus?
    • Eva even made a note about him
    Dr. Neil: Village idiot.
  • The RPG-styled fight between Neil/Eva and the squirrel at the start of the game.
  • "You are so getting resetted."
  • And while it later becomes a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment, Eva proves she's Not So Above It All by refusing to disable Neil's tastebuds just as he's about to start eating pickled olives with Johnny.
  • Neil and Eva's attempts to convince Johnny to go to space at various points during his memories after being unable to locate the source of his wish, even though he doesn't want to up until the point that River dies:
    • Also when trying to convince a young Johnny to go to space after being unable to locate the source, he impersonates a NASA employee. Being Neil, it's as hammy as humanly possible.
    • The dreadful movie Eva makes to try and encourage young Johnny to go to the moon. The icing on the cake is that its title is "To The Moon". You can then find an NPC outside the theatre who dismisses To The Moon as pretentious, saying it lacks a certain je ne sais quoi.
    • When River and Johnny are pony-riding:
  • Neil chasing Eva through memory loops and fighting off "Zombievas" by magically firing out potted plants.
  • In the ending sequence, while Eva and Neil are watching Johnny's space shuttle launch, Neil attempts to casually sidle up next to and put his hand on Eva's shoulder, and she promptly swats it away.
  • One of the Steam trading cards for the game is called "Sharing Olives". The picture on the card is the (toy) platypus eating olives with the blue and yellow rabbit. The card's description is "Because this totally happened in the game.".
  • When Lily puts her kids to bed.
    Tommy: I don't wanna go to school...
    Lily: It's Sunday.

SigCorp Holiday Special
  • The mock-up game Neil makes of the Johnny and Eva story in the minisode, including hordes of "zombievas" as enemies. It's as funny as it is tasteless.

SigCorp Minisode 2

  • It starts off with Neil and Eva chatting in a meeting room, when in come the very flirtatious Dr.'s McMillan.
    Willis: Why, if it weren't for my back, I'd pick you up and... (notices Neil and Eva) Hey.
    Eva: Hey.
    Willis:'s snowing outside.
    Neil: Yeah... it sure is.
    (Beat before the McMillans run out into the hall)

    A Bird Story 
  • The boy attempts to play fetch with the bird with a paper airplane. Instead of giving it back to him, the bird just runs off with the plane, or at one point, even dunks it in the lake and uses it as a boat.
  • The nurse and the teacher chasing the boy through the corridors of the school, using a number of Scooby-Dooby Doors, set to the tune of a Suspiciously Similar Song of "Yakety Sax".

    Finding Paradise 
  • The "To the Moon 2" trailer that Kan Gao released. It's obviously a parody of typical movie/video game trailers and it is hilarious! Highlights include:
    "Not even the music saved this one for me..." Developer's aunt note 
  • When arriving at the apartment building, Neil and Eva see that a bully had just thrown a younger girl's teddy-bear into the pond. Neil's solution to the problem? Throw the bully's favorite doll into the pond too. Even weirder, it works, as the younger girl is immediately cheered up while the bully bursts into tears.
  • Going to retrieve Colin's file as Eva gives her a conversation with Roxie. She's waiting for the elevator back at the office, and remarks how lucky Eva is that elevators always open instantly for her.
  • Between games, Neil managed to implement some Character Customization into their equipment. His options are a new hairstyle, a Badass Beard, and different socks. Eva's options are a new hairstyle, a badass beard, and different socks. Depending on your customization, Eva would either compliment (By keeping her style) or cussing (By adding facial hair to her) to the system. Which is, by extension, you.
    • This serves as a Brick Joke later when, after reaching a dead-end while exploring, Neil conjures up a treasure chest - containing the socks that Eva had worn during the customization section.
  • Colin brings up a nice daughter of one of his friends after Asher's recent breakup, causing Sofia to admonish him when their flustered son quickly makes his exit, pointing out that they hated it when their parents did it to them.
    Sofia: What are you doing?
    Colin: I'm texting him Jenny's info to set them up.
    Sofia: Don't do that! He's driving. Do it after he gets home.
    Colin: Good call.
    Sofia: Make sure to include some pictures, too. The good ones, with lighting coming from the side.
    Neil: ...No words.
  • Neil's plan to get to a just-out-of-reach clock memento? Magically moving a teacher's desk with a wand, without turning off the program's reactive interactivity feature. This causes the teacher to freak out, and Eva to reset the scene. Then, she scolds Neil for not even using the proper spell.
  • Early on, Eva notes that Neil hasn't uttered one Hadouken or Kamehameha in the time between this game and To the Moon. Once Neil gets a chance to break the barrier around one of the mementos after this observation, Neil realizes that Roxie and Rob were originally assigned to Colin. This causes him to get so mad, he turns Super Saiyan, complete with gold, spiky hair, and breaks the barrier with a literal Kamehame Hadouken.
    Eva: ...Wow, you've really moved up to getting sued by two IPs simultaneously.
    Neil: Sorry, Eva... I just can't have you go on thinking I've gotten tame. (returns to normal) You could say you brought that upon yourself.
    Eva: ...No, Neil. I really wouldn't say that.
  • At one point, Eva and Neil are stuck on a balcony on the opposite side of Colin's apartment, unable to get around a wall. Neil's solution? Creating a hookshot, which at first seems straightforward... until Neil ramps up his hamminess, shouts "THIS HOOKSHOT IS THE HOOKSHOT THAT WILL PIERCE THE HEAVENS!", drags down a shrunken planet, and turns on its localized gravity, causing the duo to get stuck to the planet. Once they get off, Neil thanks the planet for its help, causing it to shake in agreement, and float away.
    • Which specific planet drops down is randomized. In the event you get Pluto, Eva will comment that it's not even a real planet (which causes Neil to retort, "Your face isn't a real planet!").
  • While working at the airport, Colin meets an instructor named Barry and the two begin bonding after Colin shows Barry how to free his drinks from an uncooperative vending machine. Barry agrees to teach Colin and mentions that he used to be a skywriter but was fired due to being an illiterate school dropout. Colin promises Barry that if he ever needs skywriting services, he'll hire him. The next scene is Colin's marriage proposal to Sofia via skywriting... which reads "SO FIA WIL YOU MERRY ME".
    Colin: *facepalm* Dammit, Barry!
    • Also at the airport, the fact that Colin remembers the boss as a Mafia don.
  • When Neil discovers the truth about Faye and tries to fight her, he undergoes a transformation sequence, complete with a golden armor and shiny weapons - yet Faye just demolishes it in one blast.
    • How the spoilered-out moment happens: Faye hits him with the memory link he was after. You even get it in your inventory for a moment before she takes it back!
    • His initial attempts to transform fail, as the motion-controls were unresponsive at first.
  • Apparently Colin only remembers his copilot's Magnificent Mustache from his first time as a first officer on a commercial airplane.
  • When the two scientists reach a dead end in the memory, they take a break to bemoan how unspecific Collin's request ("To be happy") is. Neil suddenly has an idea to fix the problem, walks over to the (inactive) Collin and scribbles a smile on his face in black marker. Eva admonishes him and walks over to fix it... by colouring the smile in red.
    Eva: Lips are red, not black!
    Neil: Great, now he looks like an affectionate Joker.
    • A few moments later, Roxy suddenly materializes as a beam of light from the heavens. After realizing who it is, Eva has a moment of panic and quickly dashes over to Collin to literally wipe the smile off his face before Roxy can see.

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