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  • There is no feature to use the Control Pad and face buttons to navigate menus, aside from scrolling through apartments and shop listings. The only feature they have is skipping a Mii's speech.
  • If you accidentally select the wrong item in your inventory, there's no way to put it back when it appears in the Mii's apartment.
  • Miis leveling up after about a month or so of playing the game. They don't require much effort to increase in level, and it happens so often that it will grow to become Padding for many. There's no option to quickly skip giving them a gift if you can't decide on something, though you can always give them a very low amount of Pocket Money.
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  • Miis breaking into fights at random for seemingly no reason.note  Calming them down with food is out of the question if they have a full stomach, and good luck trying to calm them down with clothes, since there's no way to know ahead of time if they will like a clothing item or hat enough to do so. And if you give them something that only generates a "[They] liked it" response (the most common of the three non-calming responses, the other two being the dislike responses), you still cause experience gain and have a chance of leveling them up, which despite how happy they seem during a level up, that won't calm them down either. They will also refuse to use most goods when they're angry with someone, with the only exceptions being the bath set,note  music box, and swing.
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  • If a couple ends up fighting and one of them doesn't accept the apology, instead of offering to apologize and return things to the way they were, or if their relationship status sticks below "Getting along OK" for too long, they'll instead go "Things aren't going so great with me and [Mii's name]..."note  without any warning. From there you're presented with two options. "Move on" or "Work it out". The former causes the two to break up or divorce, which will end their relationship and launch both of them into a Heroic BSoD. The latter option does the same, complete with both Miis in a dark room and a Scare Chord if they fail to get together. What makes this bad is that unlike with most other events/problems with a Mii, where there is an option to just leave the Mii be with whatever problems they have, you cannot Take a Third Option to try and make the Miis happier before they try to work things out. Like the above mentioned example, this can happen even if one of the two Miis' relationship level is at the highest level. As long as it says "Getting along OK", "Kinda getting along", or "Not getting along" on one of the Miis' relationship status, they will ask for a breakup/divorce at every opportunity.
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  • Not being able to tell who a Mii wants to confess their feelings to until you tap on their thought bubble. Like the breakup/divorce requests, you cannot back out once this happens. What makes this bad is how Miis will frequently attempt to go after Miis that already have a partner in an effort to take the Mii for themself and break the heart of the other Mii also in a relationship with the targeted Mii. This will require players to take notes on who is currently Sweethearts with who, so attempts of Miis asking out already-paired Miis can be reduced. This was further escalated in Collection, where Miis will try to confess their love to married Miis, multiple times.
  • If a married Mii had an ex that they broke up with, the ex may go "I can't stop thinking about how times used to be... I miss [name of their ex], I think we should get back together." Even though the Mii they're trying to get back with already has a husband/wife, the ex will still try to get back together, even to the point of asking the player multiple times over the course of one save file.
  • Unlike apartments, you cannot move/reorder the houses in Mii Homes; especially since if you have a couple get divorced, it leaves a very awkward vacant spot in its place, which can feel like a Player Punch.
  • If you give your Mii a bath and they have a hairspray-induced hair color, the color vanishes and restores the Mii's natural hair color, forcing you to re-dye it afterwards. Thankfully, Miitomo and Miitopia addressed this issue by allowing Miis to pick abnormal hair colors as their natural hair color.
  • Have a relationship that falling apart? If you try to give a travel ticket to a Mii when their relationship with their partner is at "Getting along OK" or lower, they'll bring one or two of their friends or relatives instead of their partner. Obviously, your chances are better if you give the travel ticket to the one with the higher relationship status, but if neither has a particularly good status, you're pretty much fighting a losing battle. What makes this worse is that travel tickets are one of the more uncommon gifts that you will receive, making them more difficult to grind up and save for emergency trips.
  • If a Mii is experiencing a Heroic BSoD, they will never bring anyone else along with them, traveling purely solo and not improving any relationships.note  This is especially true if you by chance have a Mii who is under the weather thanks to a Rejected Apology and at the same time their relationship with their current partner is in the mid levels and you want to improve it. They won't give you a souvenir either.
  • Sometimes when you check on a couple and their baby, they'll be perfectly fine. But the instant you step out, the parents will call you with "Excuse me..." and you'll be redirected to take care of their baby, who all of the sudden burst into tears the second you left.
  • The maximum length for a Catch-Phrase is 15 characters. This makes sense in the Japanese version, as it's easy to fit a sentence or even two in 15 characters in Japanese. In Western languages, however, you'll barely be able to fit a complete sentence in the same number of characters.
  • You can alter how a character's names are pronounced without changing the name itself, but you can't do the same with catchphrase or song lyrics. Does your song or catchphrase involve words that are pronounced incorrectly by the game's voice synthesizer? Too bad.
  • It is extremely likely that a Traveler Mii you send out will end up getting deleted due to being sent to the island of a player who deletes their game data while the Traveler is on it, or the Port overflowing with Miis (50 total), forcing any Mii sailing in on the Shopkeeper's boat to be erased from existence and not show up on the boat at all despite the onscreen text saying a Traveler was received.note 
  • There is no option to bring a traveler back to the campground if there is little to no StreetPass activity. As a result, they will stand at the port indefinitely.
  • The fact that Miis of the same gender can't get into a relationship is this for many players.
  • The fact that cellphone calls from parents happen without warning, are not possible to ignore, and appear on the main hub, where the save button is. Just about to stop playing? Too bad, you have to sit through an interaction first.note  It's also possible to acquire several phone calls in a row because you have several fully grown children that cannot be shipped off because your port is full.
  • Unlike with lovers, you have absolutely no control over best friends. Even if you tell a Mii that their best friend is not compatible with them when they tell you they aren't getting along, that does nothing except lower their relationship status a tier.note  It also works in reverse; although it is rare, best friend Miis will randomly lose that status.
  • Once you've viewed a Mii's wedding with their sweetheart, you cannot see it again.
  • If you have several phone calls waiting to be received, there will be no problems to take care of, aside from fights and wanting to play a game.
  • Married Miis will never fight or divorce as long as a child is in their house, which makes them the only way to prevent divorces. Unfortunately, married Miis will think of having a baby at random, and once their child leaves, they're back on the fight/breakup radar with each other.

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