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  • One of the "small talk" conversations with Miis has one to The Legend of Zelda.
    "It's not healthy to keep things bottled up. Except for potions and fairies."
    • In addition, one of the things islanders can mumble in their sleep is "It's dangerous to go alone! Take this!" Another thing an islander can mumble in their sleep is the ever popular "Do a barrel roll!"
  • In the UK, the name for the '50 years in the future' dream is 20XX.
  • In the US, the description for the R.O.B. toy mentions that the character is a Smash brawler.
  • The description for the punching bag:
    With this, you can sting like a tiger and have the eye of the bee. Or something like that.
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  • The description for the Clay figure references Animal Crossing. ("Did you find this underground?") It could also be a reference to Pikmin, as the second game contains a treasure that looks like the figure that you find in one of the underground dungeons.
  • The description of the Trucker Hat has a shout out to Pokémon.
    "This hat is the best. In fact, it's the very best. Why? Slip it on and find out!"
  • Take a closer look at the Arcade apartment design. While the names are too blurry to see, the attract screens closely resemble 1941, Commando, Grand Prix, and Gradius.
  • In the Cinema apartment design, the sci-fi battle onscreen seems to be happening right outside Spacedock.
  • The description for the disco ball includes lyrics to one of KC and the Sunshine Band's most famous songs.
  • 1889, the year Nintendo was founded, is referenced in several places, such as on a poster in the Music room, and on several shirt designs wherever the establishment date fir the fictional Mii Wear brand is shown.
  • One of the things the Miis can say when they're sitting in front of a fan is "All your fans are belong to us!"
    • Also, "Exterminate!" in the Europe/UK edition.
  • Pay attention to your Miis playing the Wii U! The poses and noises that emit from the scene are from Game & Wario and Nintendo Land!
  • The description for the tweed dress:
    • The Puffy Vest proclaims:
    • And the Sailor Dress:
    Go boating, or maybe fight some crime, in this lovely sailor dress.
  • One of the morals from the Superhero dream in the US version:
    • Another moral in the US version:
    Remember, kids. The only thing to fear is fear itself and also spiders. note 
  • The description for the red-and-white striped shirt mentions that wearing this lets you stick out in a crowd.
  • The description for the peach food item says that it's a fruit fit for a princess.
  • In one dream, there's a different shout-out depending on the version, where a Mii is struggling with push-ups, eats a specific food, and then starts doing them effortlessly at high speed.
    • In Europe, said food is spinach, a clear reference to Popeye's Once an Episode power-up.
    • In North America, the food is a red chili pepper, a more subtle reference to Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga; there, they were an item that increased attack power and weight (making jumping animations much faster).
  • During a fight flashback if it's the "chuck random objects at one another" flashback, one of the Mii's may shout "FALCON THROW!" at the other.
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  • The Pinafore dress's description is a reference to Alice in Wonderland.
    Throw this on for a hop down the rabbit hole. Beware the Jabberwock.
  • The Rain interior design's description references Singin' in the Rain.
    A great setting for singin' and dancin'. Otherwise it gets fairly dramatic in here.
  • The Safety Helmet resembles a Mettaur helmet.
  • The description for the cowbell item says "Everyone could use a little more cowbell."
  • In the PAL version, the default name for the heavy metal song is "Eternal Darkness."
  • Occasionally, a Mii will ask you what your favorite type of game is, and one of the possible answers is "Puzzle." Selecting it will have your Mii note something along the lines of a true gentleman or lady never leaving a puzzle unsolved.
  • In the PAL version, the description for the Space Station interior warns that there are "no plumbers in space."
  • Outgoing Miis reference the song 1999 when they say "I wanna go party with my friends. Party like its a good year to party."
  • The Scandinavian interior's description says "Some assembly required", most likely a reference to the Sweden-based IKEA.

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