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As it's a throwback game written by Ron Gilbert almost specifically for old-school Adventure Game fans, Thimbleweed Park is full of references.

  • To Maniac Mansion:
    • Many characters from that game can be seen or are mentioned in this one. Sandy and Dave are married and run a diner together, Razor and the Scummettes are still a band, being played by the DJ at the radio station. Dr. Ed, Nurse Edna, Syd (wearing a Groucho Marx disguise), Michael, Wendy, and Green Tentacle can be seen watching Ransome's show.
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    • Maniac Mansion as a game is mentioned, but under the name Mansion Mansion from MmucusFlem.
    • There are references to locations and puzzles within Maniac Mansion. The inside of the Edwards's fridge is the same as the Weird Ed's fridge, Ironically, it's all useless stuff except for the one different item, some hot sauce. Later on in the game Delores enters the world's wireframe, which looks like the mansion. There is a chainsaw that is out of gas, just like in the mansion. It's even called the Chainsaw of Disappointment. This time, however, you find gas for it, and you need it to complete the game. L'il Beeper, Ransome's pet hamster, also lives in Ransome's microwave.
  • Ransome mentions that he wouldn't microwave a hamster.
  • Ray and Reyes's dynamic (a redheaded, straight-laced woman paired off with an eccentric brown-haired man) brings to mind Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.
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  • An optional puzzle in the full game allows the player to use a severed head to find your way to a buried treasure. Unfortunately, the player has no shovel to dig it up. Like so many other things in the game, this is lampshaded.
  • Your uncle died, and all you got was this lousy T-shirt! Not so useless, however, as it has the schematics for a missing vacuum tube.
  • The puzzle to get to the "sekrit base" calls back to many different versions of labyrinthine woods, but the chief one would be The Secret of Monkey Island.
  • One of the many books on Madame Morena's shelf is "The King's Quest III spell book"
  • The Simpsons:
    • Ransome the Insult Comic's voice is reminiscent of Krusty the Klown. His name is reminiscent of Triumph the Insult Dog.
    • The Sheriff's Verbal Tic of adding "a-reno" to words mirrors that of Ned Flanders.
  • While pushing in the tubes to defeat the Chuck AI, he will start to sing Daisy, Daisy.
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  • Ron Gilbert's name is mentioned frequently throughout the narrative, not all of it flattering.
  • Star Trek:
    • At Thimblecon, there is both a Silent Spock and a Sexy Riker.
    • Delores has a collection of Kirk/Spock slash fanfiction in her bedroom.
  • The entire setup is reminiscent of Twin Peaks, but there are a few specific references. For example, if you try to get Delores to pick up more than one log, she says "I'm not some kind of log lady." Also, if she tries to order cherry pie from the diner, Sandy will say that the last pie was eaten by some tall guy from the city who ate it with his coffee.
  • Two siblings that are plumbers and go on adventures. Are these the Pigeon brothers, or Mario and Luigi?
  • One reason the Pigeon Brothers couldn't be called the Pigeon Sisters is that The Odd Couple beat them to it.

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