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  • Miis that have been rejected by their crush may express the desire to try again. A determined battle theme plays when this happens. There's a chance that the Mii's crush still won't reciprocate their feelings, however.
  • It's particularly satisfying when the confessing Mii is victorious against a love rival or two.
  • A meta one: Nintendo apologized for not including same-sex marriages and promised they would be included in the next game, so as to be more inclusive to everybody.
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  • Whenever two Miis get into a huge fight, which is represented by the Miis having a flame aura, and a third Mii successfully gets the two to make up:
    "I did something good today! I should be proud...and I am!"
  • Getting Miis of your One True Pairing, or you and your significant other, to become sweethearts, or better yet, to get married.
  • Buying a Mystery Bag and getting a high-value item out of it, such as one of the interiors that costs at least four-digit dollars, pounds, or euros.note 
  • Being able to prevent a rare item, such as a diamond or an ammonite fossil, from falling on the floor in the Catch minigame.
  • Finishing Tomodachi Quest by triumphing over a super rare and super expensive item, such as a Historical bust or Gold bar, then winning said item.
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  • Feeding a Mii their super all-time favorite food will cause them to blast off into space while epic music plays in the background.


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