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  • In Tomb Raider I and Anniversary, you can use a hand from the statue of Midas to turn lead into gold. However, if Lara climbs on top of the hand, she will turn into gold too. The sheer unexpectedness of it all, and the fact that the developers actually thought of that, will catch you completely off guard. Whether this is funny or a Cruel and Unusual Death is up to the player.
  • In Tomb Raider II, Lara is surprised by one of Bartoli's mooks, who zipwires in, tries to gun her down, and ends up crashing into the locked doors to the Temple of Xian:
    Lara: (aiming a pistol at the dazed mook) Pardon me, if that was just your way of trying the doors for me.
    Mook: (chuckling dryly) With a Tommy gun on my keyring?
    • Also in II, the cheat code that makes Lara explode.
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    • The ending of Tomb Raider II. Lara has defended her home against the remaining Fiama Nera members, and is about to take a very well-deserved shower, when...
      Lara: (glares at the camera) Don't you think you've seen enough? (pulls out her shotgun and shoots the camera)
  • Larson and Pierre in Chronicles:
    Pierre: (sarcastically) You were kicked in the head by a horse, oui, so the brain doesn't work correctly?
    Larson: ...How'd you know about that?
    • In the same scene:
      Larson: You's one clever cookie, boss.
    • In the opening cutscene when Larson and Pierre are chasing after Lara in a stolen taxi - she jumps off her scooter and ducks under a half-closed gate, which Pierre stupidly thinks is high enough to fit the car through. This exchange follows while they are still speeding towards Lara:
      Larson: We ain't gonna make that gap, boss.
      Pierre: We'll make it.
      Larson: Ain't gonna.
      Pierre: We'll make it!
      Larson: What did I tell you?
      Pierre: (looking as though he's about to start a major tantrum) Mon Dieu!
      • Making it even better is the fact that Larson is the one trying to be reasonable in this situation. Not that it makes him stop the car or anything, seeing as how he's the one driving.
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    • Later on, Pierre orders Larson to search Lara's person. Larson is a bit too enthusiastic about this task, prompting Lara to give him a hefty knee in the groin.
  • Broccoli, Coconut, Hotdog
    • Throughout The Angel of Darkness, Lara has extensive dialogue options compared to previous games, leading to some hilarious gems like
      Lara: You unsavory little runt!
      Lara: You call these dossiers? Yuck!
      Lara: (Pointing at a building in Prague in the middle of winter) That one. Big thing with snow on it.
      Lara: If I had a coconut for every time a lunatic said something like that...
      Lara: I see. Highly inconvenient having abominations running around loose isn't it.
    • In the Strahov Fortress, Lara finally gets her revenge on the gun turrets by brutally destroying them with an electromagnetic lift. She overshoots the first one and misses it completely before tossing it to the ground. The second turret swivels around, as if attempting to see what's causing the commotion, but just as it realizes who's causing the destruction, it gets knocked off sideways into a wall.
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  • In Tomb Raider: Anniversary - At the end of the Peru level, Lara reaches Qualopec's tomb. When closely examinating The remains of Qualopec, one of the Atlantean guards standing next to him roars and falls down, providing an effective, if unsurprising, scare moment. It turns funny when Lara aims her guns at the (now unmoving) bodies and quickly switches between them.
  • In Legend at the beginning of the Ghana level, Lara is at the base of an enormous waterfall. Pulling on a rope triggers an enormous mechanism that parts the waterfall prompting Zip:
    Zip: Ooooh, that's where we put the temple!
  • In Tomb Raider III at the end of the level Thames Wharf, Lara gets ambushed by an assassin at a bell tower with a massive bell, who tells Lara who he works for after Lara bests him. He manages to get his gun back, points it at Lara, and states that he could retire from the money his employer put on Lara's head. Prompting this response:
    Lara: Then you might want to mind the bell?
    (The mook turns around, sees the bell swinging at him, attempts to run but is hit and is thrown off of the edge of the tower)
    • In the opening for Tomb Raider III, where Willard is griping to his supervisor over the radio while his team keeps mining loudly in the background.
      Willard: ...I've been yelling myself hoarse on this radio every day. It's just that the weather dumps on us frequently here. And maybe my transmission doesn't get through, I don't know.
      Supervisor: I can't understand one word what you're saying, Willard!
  • In the original Tomb Raider, there's a cutscene between Lara and Larson that's pretty chuckle-worthy.
    Lara: after disarming him Well, you have my total attention now. I'm not quite sure if I've got yours though. (aims her gun at him) Hello?
    Larson: (in his thick southern drawl) Oh, I'll heel n' hide ya to a barn door yet.
    Lara: Of course.
    Larson: You and that drivelin' piece of the Scion. You want to keep it so bad? I'll harness it right up yer--
    Lara: Wait, we're talking about the artifact here?
    Larson: Damn straight we are! RIGHT UP--
    Lara: Hold on...
    • Made even funnier by the fact that she immediately apologizes for interrupting him the second time. She may be holding him at gunpoint and interrogating him, but she still has manners!
      Lara: ...I'm sorry. This piece you're talking about...where's the rest?
  • In Temple of Light, DLC lets you swap out Lara and Totec with either Raziel and Kain, or Kane & Lynch. The latter is particularly entertaining, as it churns all the dialogue between Lara and Totec into an escalating salvo of censored cuss words between Kane and Lynch.

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