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Heartwarming / Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

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  • A small moment in Halebidu where after a long arduous climb, the two women stand on top of a statue to take in the view, a sudden wind blows throwing them off balance, both reach out and steady the other.
  • In Belur, Chloe and Nadine come across a trapped Indian elephant, that is very anxious and in distress. They quickly free the elephant, and wind up hitching a ride on her. Chloe even feeds her at one point. Then we see why the elephant was so anxious, because she wanted to return to her family. Chloe states that even if they do not find the Tusk, they will have at least reunited a family. This event also repairs Nadine and Chloe's relationship as well.
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  • Throughout the game, we learn that Chloe harbored some resentment towards her father, an archaeologist who taught her everything she knew about the Hoysala Empire. Her father was obsessed with it, and had to send Chloe and her mother away to Australia for their safety. Her only keepsake of him is a tiny statue bearing the figure of Ganesha on it. She believed that he had never been able to get close to the Tusk of Ganesh. On his final expedition, he was killed by bandits. In Belur, the resting place of the Tusk, we find out that Chloe's keepsake of him was part of a set of statues, and her realization that her dad had actually come so close to the Tusk, and had been standing in the same location as she was, is both heartwarming and tearjerking.
  • After retrieving the Tusk of Ganesha, the gang (Chloe, Nadine and Sam Drake) learn what Asav's plan actually was: to detonate a large bomb in the middle of a city, and spark a full-on civil war. With very little hesitation, Chloe decides to stop him, but faces resistance from Nadine, who just wants to cash in on the Tusk. Chloe says that she is tired of running away, a nod to her actions in 3, and eventually, Nadine joins Chloe, showing that these two have become thick as thieves (pun not intended) over the course of this game.
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  • Nadine deciding to leave the mercenary trade is great on it's own, but deciding she wants to be partners with Chloe is damn near Tearjerky.
  • A mid-credits scene shows Chloe keeping her promise to Meenu, a savvy young Indian girl who helped Chloe at the beginning of the game by distracting a soldier. That promise? To have pizza with her. Nadine (and Sam) joins in on the pizza eating as well.
    • Add to that: Chloe told Meenu that she had to get into the warzone to "help my friend", referring to Nadine. By the end of the game, Chloe and Nadine really have become friends!
  • Admittedly, it was under bad circumstances, but Sam Drake finally manages to find a lost city on his own, and even providing misdirection to Asav to give Chloe and Nadine a head start in the meantime as well.
  • It may be subtle, but if you die just after joining up with Nadine, she'll shout "Frazer!" whereas if you die in the later levels, she'll instead shout "Chloe!", showing that the two really do bond over the course of the game.
  • The Tusk of Ganesh itself. In previous Uncharted games, all of the treasures, without fail, have either been weapons of mass destruction or cursed in some horrific way that renders them into a massive danger to the whole world. Even the treasure of 4, which had no such supernatural or extraordinary bane, tore an entire pirate colony apart because they were overcome by simple greed. Not so with the Tusk: Not only is its backstory of Ganesh having bended his knee to Parashurama an incredible tale of self-sacrifice, but the Tusk itself is exactly as advertised: a symbol of India's unity and its people's culture. And come the end of the tale, the Tusk is recovered, and returned to its rightful place with the people of India. A far happier ending for the treasure of the tale than any of those in the prior Uncharted tales.


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