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  • On November 5th, 2011, Gearbox made a tribute audio file to a young fan who had passed away due to cancer. Claptrap breaks character to deliver a very heartfelt message which can be heard here.
    • It gets better. At the Q&A at Gearbox's Community day in 2012, they announced how they were going to include Michael John Mamaril in Borderlands 2. He will be an NPC in Sanctuary, who will give you loot (blue or rarer) when you find him, ensuring the player always has someone to go to for help. And to drive the point home, when you find Michael and get an item from him, you get an achievement called "Tribute to a Vault Hunter". It really goes to show how much Gearbox cares about their fans. You can hear it here at the 1:19:20 mark.
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    • Here's the entire thing. It is a beautiful mix of humor and heartwarming care.
      Claptrap: Friends, Romans, Pandora men and/or women, lend me your ears! (No seriously, I need, like, four human ears in the next two hours or this guy named Grulio is gonna break my wheels.) ...I come bearing the most grievous of news: the 1st Soldier down. We've lost one of our own. Michael John Mamaril was a fan of Borderlands, and though any words of mine will seem paltry to that of family and friends, I, Claptrap P. Claptrappington, am humbled and honored to join in the celebration of a life that ended far too soon. The problem with reality is terrible things can happen to good people, and the most we can do is stand by our friends and hope they get better... sometimes they don't, so I'm going to break character now.
      Randy Pitchford(presumably): Carlo, everyone at Gearbox was deeply touched by your request to have our silly little robot join you in eulogizing your friend Michael; it means more to us than you'll ever know. And thanks to both of you for allowing us to become even a small part of what was, clearly, a very special friendship. Our deepest condolences for your loss. Tonight, we raise our glass to the memory of Michael John Mamaril; though he may be gone, he will live on forever in the borderlands.

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