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Heartwarming / Dragon's Dogma

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  • The degree that your pawns care about your safety and wellbeing will very quickly become endearing. Even when you run out of stamina and get tired, they'll immediately get concerned and offer words of encouragement.
    • Pawns will even try to catch your Arisen if you fall off a large or flying enemy.
  • A blacksmith in Gran Soren lost his son to heart problems. Anticipating this turn of events since the boy's birth, he attempted to craft a Wakestone, but only found two of the three shards required to forge one. With the Arisen's help, he gathers the third shard and brings his son back to life.
  • After defeating Daimon, in the cutscene that follows with the conversation with Ashe's spirit, the Main Pawn can be seen standing protectively in front of their Arisen with one arm in front of them. It's heartwarming to see how much the Main Pawn really does care for their Arisen.
  • In the scene following his/her victory over the dragon, the Arisen's Love Interest stands waiting just outside the fortress. They see each see the other, run together, stop about one foot apart and smile like glowing suns right at each other. A brief, ridiculously cute wordless exchange ensues with the LI's expression pretty much conferring "I can't believe what you just did!", and the Arisen grinning as if to say, "Heh, what did you expect?".
    • In Post-Game, your love interest stays in your house, gives you a heartfelt speech about how much you mean to them, and will follow you around your hometown.
  • Post-Game, if you talk to your pawn, your pawn may remark how they are honored to be by the Arisen's side. They will also talk about how lucky they are as a pawn to fight alongside the Arisen.
  • The ending scene is this a bit. While it may be a Bittersweet Ending, the pawn you have traveled with and molded has finally gained a personality of its own in the form of your Arisen's body.
    • Even better. When they look out into the sea and smile, as if to say a silent "Farewell, Arisen" to their former master, they actually look directly at the player, the "real" Arisen.
    • If Selene is your beloved during the end, she is fully aware that your pawn went through the same Bestowal of Spirit that she did. She gives thanks to her grandmother (her Arisen) and your former Arisen that gave up their lives so she and your reborn pawn can live out the rest of their days together as full humans.


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