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Heartwarming / Uncharted: Golden Abyss

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  • Nate helping Chase find the Golden Abyss despite being worried about Dante and Guerro's men chasing them, he's doing it because he knows he much the discovery means to her. Sully even questions him about this after Chase gets captured and he wants to mount a rescue and the way he talks about her passion is a rather unique side of Nate not really seen before.
  • When Nate pushes Chase into a fast-moving stream to save her from Guerro before joining her at the mouth, she gets really pissed at him for letting Guerro get away with her grandfather's treasured amulet. However he shows that he managed to hang onto it, which gets him a big hug. While hardly an original sort of scene, there's something particularly special about a guy like Nate going to such lengths to protect this girl's amulet, whom he barely knows (and, at the time, is even expressing frustration over her lack of forthcoming).

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