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  • The Captain's cats are almost always adored by the crew, and attacks against them are heinous at least, punishable by death at most.
  • Whenever a medical team is able to safe a crewman's life, or failing that, return them to life through cloning.
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  • Any time a handful of crew manage to work together to pull the station out of the fire, the bonding experience is felt in character and out. Similarly, any time they manage to build a grand project together.
  • After about an hour of two Lawyers managing to be useful by building things they have to leave the station and have the following exchange.
    Manuel Greenwalt says, "well"
    Manuel Greenwalt says, "lets go"
    Kauyon Daniel says, "Let's"
    Manuel Greenwalt asks, "nothing like a hard days work eh?"
    Manuel Greenwalt says, "I'm gonna miss this place"
    Kauyon Daniel says, "Feels good to be a Laywer."
    Manuel Greenwalt says, "yeah"
    Manuel Greenwalt says, "it sure does"
  • After the escape wing was bombed, one of the doctors left the safety of the shuttle and began to drag people in crit into the shuttle, using an airtank and her own medical supplies as a makeshift vacuum protection
    Reed Glover says "thanks zoe!"
    Zoe Shacklebolt says "i'm a doctor its what i do!"
    Zoe Shacklebolt hugs Reed Glover to make him feel better!
    Reed Glover hugs Zoe Shacklebolt to make him feel better!
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  • One round, two lizards were assigned antagonist roles: An engineer was a traitor tasked with assassinating the Quartermaster, and the Quartermaster was a changeling tasked with escaping as the engineer.
    Unbeknownst to each other, they were lining up shots on the bridge, repairing its wiring after it had gone dark, when the changeling made his move. The engineer managed to kill the changeling and escape. After regenerating, the changeling then convinced the crew that he was not, in fact, a changeling, but the engineer was.
    Some back and forth later, the Quartermater was let into the horrified engineer's cell, under supervision, where they eventually (and with copious help from Security) concocted a plan to stage the Quartermaster's death, report it to Syndicate Command to ensure the engineer completed her objectives, then allow the Quartermaster to assume the engineer's identity and hunt down those responsible for putting a contract on him.
    In the end, everyone survived, everyone was happy, everyone was friends with everyone else.
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  • IAN!!! Ian is the corgi of the Head of Personnel in stations based off /tg/station. He can place many varieties of hats on him, like chef hats, berets, his and the captain's hat, and the detective's fedora. As a recent feature added to /tg/, he can even turn into an old corgi if he survives more rounds than last time before he died. Needless to say, it's the HoP's job to make sure he lives on. It's also the traitors' job to make sure he dies and is gutted for his skin.
  • There's something oddly charming to take care of the baby slimes in Xenobiology, as they often give cute quips such as "blorble", and have a small adorable face drawn on them. They wont even attack you (unless you attack them first) if you feed them enough. If they like you enough, they'll even respond to you saying "Hello Slimes", saying hello back or even saying your name, followed by "...friend.".
  • A lost shaft miners was desperately looking for shelter as he was out of bluespace capsule and an ash storm was coming. Fortunately, he saw a nearby structure and frantically ran inside to save himself. He was expecting this structure to be another abandoned ruin in Lavaland, only to be pleasantly surprised when some intelligent golems greeted him. The golems warmly welcomed him and offered to let him stay as long as he wanted. Touched, the miner gave the golems most of his medical supply and a pocket fire extinguisher as thank for their hospitality. When he left, the golems told him to come back anytime. Unfortunately, not long after he left, another ash storm came and the man tried to run back to the Golems. He died halfway through, only having enough time to desperately beg anyone for help on the main radio channel. When help did arrive, it wasn't anyone from the station, it was the golems. They took his body back to their base and teleported him safely to the station. The miner was eventually resurrected, and the golems gained an eternal friend that day.

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