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  • Awesome Music: /tg/station's lobby theme. Doubles as Sweet Dreams Fuel.
  • Broken Base: There used to be a significant amount of mutual hate between SS13 servers and server populations. Nowadays, though, the servers tend to be relatively friendly toward each other, with significant crossover between Goonstation, /tg/station, Baystation, and the other servers' playerbases.
    • Aliens species, specially the Tajaran, are a big base braker. Many players accuse them from begin Khajjits IN SPACE, not begin alien enough, that alien players are poor roleplayers and associations of alien players with furries
  • Crosses the Line Twice: This game doesn't even acknowledge that the line exists.
  • Demonic Spiders: The Mining area tends to feature these on every server to some extent. Things to avoid include Fermids, Goliaths and Basilisks.
  • Discredited Meme: Memes popular with 4chan and ilk are verboten on Goonstation.
    • The term "shitcurity" has also been squelched on Goonstation.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • The station pets are almost always beloved by the crew.
    • Butt-bots. Completely useless to anyone and yet so stupidly hilarious that you're bound to see quite few every couple of games.
    • The Nuclear Agent game mode, mostly for how rounds in that mode almost always get really chaotic, fun, and downright crazy.
  • Goddamned Bats: Anywhere that isn't the Station area tends to be crawling with all sorts of violent creatures/robots. Thankfully most of them go down quickly if you're well-armed (which you should be before you even think about exploring).
  • Good Bad Bugs: The baseline game had an infamous glitch in which a skilled Geneticist could turn a corpse into a living monkey, and that living monkey into the player, effectively allowing Geneticists to bring the dead back to life. This bug was so popular it eventually got implemented into the game as a feature through the Genetics Lab.
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  • Growing the Beard: Around the time it got new, superior sprites and a far better backstory created by the Goonstation devs. It seems to be growing a second beard now that the various communities have banded together rather than fighting with one another.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
  • Love to Hate: Clowns. Despite being completely and utterly loathed by pretty much everyone except actual clown players, they're frequently featured in art and descriptions of the game, bordering on being the game's unofficial mascot.
  • Memetic Badass: plenty of notorious players. Special mention must be made of Cuban Pete, a former player of /tg/station, who was capable of building bombs powerful enough to crash the server. His shenanigans eventually resulted in /tg/station implementing a hard-coded cap on explosive power, simply from how destructive a single player was capable of being. Pete is now immortalized in arcade names, alcohol brands, and more.
    • Yogstationer Traitor Roboticist, Dan Ryan fought his captain in a boxing match for his spare ID, won, then beat the Captain up in a bar fight, choked out his targetnote , and got out of the station clean without spending a single Traitor Credit and no one being any the wiser. All while wearing a championship belt while proclaiming to be the Universal Heavyweight Champion. To say the admins were impressed would be an understatement.
      • As of 2016, this also falls under Hilarious in Hindsight now that WWE actually has a Universal Championship.note 
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  • Memetic Molester: Amy Lessen on /tg/station. But only for aliens!
  • Memetic Mutation: "GET DAT FUKKEN DISK"
  • Moral Event Horizon: Due to the kind of game this is, it takes a lot to be considered to have crossed this but quite a few players have managed. Killing the captain's cat, knowingly releasing the singularity, or attempting a Total Party Kill are probably the most common ways it's crossed. Players who do cross it, tend to be taken out by the other crewmembers quickly.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Cyborg Docking Stations or more accurately what happens when they spawn as Cyborg Converters.
  • Paranoia Fuel: Players tend to be incredibly paranoid, suspecting everyone of being a traitor, griefer, or just an idiot who thinks the game is meant to be played as arena deathmatch. Cue violence.
    • Try standing right next to someone for an extended length of time and see if you don't get beaten up. Personal space is in full force here.
    • Some extremely paranoid players will immediately suicide/space their own character if they suspect a round will get derailed by the "admin bus".
    • It gets worse considering that many servers have explicit restrictions on what each player is supposed to know about antagonists, depending on their job. So if you are a lowly assistant, and see someone wearing some spanking-new No-Slip Syndicate Shoes™, furiously typing in their PDA, with a Syndicate Balloon™ on the other hand, as everyone else's PDAs are unexplicably exploding left and right, you can't just act upon it, lest you get banned for metagaming.
  • The Scrappy:
    • The assistant job, in general. This is mostly because, due to the fact that assistants have no set duties, they mostly wander around the station and mess around with people who are trying to actually do their jobs.
    • The clown due to some players thinking it's basically a license to do whatever they wish and get away with it. The Mime from /tg/station even moreso depending on the player, as they have the perfect excuse to stay silent the entire round.
    • A lot of the more overspecialized jobs like lawyer or librarian. Since jobs like this are only useful on certain occasions, crew members in those positions have nothing to do and may just wander about the station getting in everyone else's way.
    • The security job itself doesn't engender this - everyone knows exactly why it's there and necessary. Each individual security officer, however, will be treated as a pariah for some reason; either because they're doing something wrong, because an antagonist wants people to think they're doing something wrong, or just because they're favorite targets for griefing (because they're held to higher standards if they fight back).
    • The chaplain is usually seen as a waste of space on the station during the majority of round types due to his only real benefit during said rounds being providing holy water for the chemists and using his bible as an inefficient emergency heal. During cult and wizard rounds, however, the chaplain becomes one of the most useful jobs on the station due to their ability to deconvert cultists and blessing certain spots to prevent magic from being used in said locations.
    • The Head of Personnel job has a reputation for being problematic. It's a job with broad access (that can quickly become all access, if they want to be annoying), and is responsible for being available to give people job and access changes if needed. They have a reputation for either disappearing three minutes into the round (especially when someone needs their job changed), or if they don't, it's because they want to play discount security officer (which they tend to be notoriously bad at). Giving assistants access to Plasma Research is also a way to earn the other players' neverending hate.
    • Lizards and tajarans on servers that have them.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: When in doubt, blame BYOND. The server software is notorious for lagging beyond playability on occasion. And there is no DC protection of any kind; if the server experiences connection issues your character is a sitting duck for the few players lucky enough to stay connected.
    • The clown car for being a complete Game-Breaker that basically lets clowns murder the whole crew in ten seconds flat. One of the biggest reasons the clown job is hated by all the other players. It's so hated that most servers have just removed it altogether.
    • The Atmospheric mechanics are a complete mess. Pretty much everyone that gets the Atmospheric Technician job does it to grab the fire axe and go off to do something else, simply because the system is so horribly impractical and complex. Trying to do FUN stuff with it (say, station-wide virus distribution) is almost a guaranteed ban, even while being antag. And any problem that requires Atmos attention is either minor enough to be ignored, or grave enough to warrant a shuttle call anyway.
  • Spiritual Licensee: This is probably the closest thing to a Sealab 2021 game that you'll ever get.
  • Squick: The Goonservers are very good at this, featuring such ways to die as being locked into a machine that forces you to vomit out your innards (without any chance of escape), having your butt surgically removed and worn like a hat, or exploding into Ludicrous Gibs from contracting GBS.
    • It was even worse back when Goonstation had poo, and you could , among other possible poo-related deaths, be force-fed poo until the toxic damage killed you
    • /tg/station is very liberal when it comes to cooking. The kitchen comes equipped with a meat grinder for Will-It-Blend experiments, resulting food will be labeled as "Urist McAssistant's Meat Burger", and nobody will bat an eye. You can also order brain burgers, which are exactly that: a human brain in burger bun.
  • That One Boss: Many of the antagonists are purposefully made like this, mainly because otherwise they'd get slaughtered by the crew before they get a chance to do anything.
  • That One Level: Basically any location outside of the station itself. See the entry for Goddamned Bats above for why.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: Happens on just about every server, but the Goonstation servers seems to invite particularly bad cases. It's not so widespread now, but many Goonstation players are still incredibly wary of major, unannounced changes to game mechanics.
    • This trope is part of the reason the Goonstation coders and admins why made a public announcement promising more communication between the playerbase and code team. It came after an especially bad case with pages and pages of Flame War on the forums that culminated into a lengthy,ClusterFBomb-filled rant.
    • Hilariously, three users notorious for this have been banned from the Goonstation forums to avoid this type of reaction.

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