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Trivia / Space Station 13

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  • Colbert Bump: A review of the game by SsethTzeentach resulted in a surge in the game's playerbase once uploaded, with servers doubling in size as of writing.
  • Fan Nickname: The majority of people, regardless of server affiliation, tend to use "robusting" as the name for the occasionally clunky combat system. The name of the group doing the full 2D Remake took 'Robust Games' as their title.
    • Assistants are often referred to as "greyshirts". When a bunch of assistants cause problems or revolt, it's called a "Grey Tide".
    • Yaketisax (verb): the act of running away from security, especially if through the main hallways or maintenance tunnels. A resourceful admin will play the Yaketi Sax midi while it's happening.
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    • The singularity is often regarded as an uncaring, voracious god named Lord Singuloth.
    • The game itself is sometimes referred to as "Spess", or, more commonly, "2D spessmens".
    • The majority of power among the civilian departments is split between Cargonia, Atmosia, and Janitopia.
    • "Valid" refer to a player that is valid to kill within the server's rules, usually an antagonist. "Validhunting" refers to hunting down and killing these players, especially when the situation doesn't call for it.
  • Non-Indicative Name: BayStation 12 is no longer related to the Bay 12 community, which has set up a new server.
    • Few people on modern /tg/ know about Space Station 13, much less /tg/station. Downplayed in that most people on /tg/station did come from /tg/.


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