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Heads of Staff

    The Captain 

The boss and undisputed ruler of Space Station 13 with significant power over the entire station and all of its departments. The Captains word is law until he's deposed by the Grey Tide, shot in the face for his energy gun, or wanders off to have space adventures leaving the station to fend for itself. That being said the Captain is expected to keep the station from falling apart completely while managing the heads of staff and obeying space law at the very least.

  • Benevolent Boss: Unless he's secretly a syndicate plant out to destroy the station The Captain is at least supposed to try and be this. Success or failure notwithstanding.
  • Court-Martialed: This can easily happen to a Captain who breaks space law or make noticeably destructive decisions. Though this is assuming both Sec are competent and some other much larger emergency hasn't taken priority, which it has.
  • Defianttothe End: Likely to be the case if and when the crew come for him. After all he has that fancy energy gun in his office and a duty to the station/his own survival.
  • Dirty Coward: On the other hand if the situation seems untenable the Captain has the authority to call in an escape shuttle. That or as one of the few with all access to the station by default he is the best positioned to make a clean getaway if things go south as badly as usual.
  • The Captain: Certainly supposed to be anyway but how each player chooses to handle the responsibility of captain will dictate whether they do or don't fit this.

    Head of Personnel 

If you need your job changed or a replacement ID this is the person to see. As the Head of Personnel handling the staffs problems is partially his responsibility through managing access to different parts of the station and assuring that that stations budget is neither being embezzled nor used to launder money for the mob. Third in line for command of the station after the Captain and Head of Security. Tends to suddenly and mysteriously disappear some time after the third minute of any round without a trace.

  • Obstructive Bureaucrat: Averted, unless of course the Ho P is an antagonist, your entire job as head of Personnel is to enable the crew to do their jobs efficiently without giving anyone all-access passes to the station unless they need it.
  • Badass Bureaucrat: In the unlikely event that the Captain and Head of Security both end up dead or missing the Ho P is technically in charge of the station. Furthermore with access to everything, assuming some generous interpretation of what the Ho Ps job actually is, the Head of Personnel can actually get things done pretty effectively given the right circumstances.

    Head of Security 

The last person you want to see on a good day and the first person you want to see on a bad day. The Head of Security has among the hardest jobs on the station if it's being done properly. Between keeping the security forces on the straight and narrow, applying space law, keeping the maximum possible number of people alive, and trying to coordinate the staff during emergencies any Head of Security has their work squarely cut out for them. Comes with an office, a sweet X-01 energy gun, and a fancy beret.

  • Badass: In order to get this job on many servers players actually have to prove themselves capable and be specifically approved for it. Thats how much power the Ho S potentially has.
  • Lawful Good: The ideal Ho S should be acting like this. Perhaps not nice but following the law and trying to keep the station intact at minimum. Many servers also have this job configured so that the Ho S can't be an antagonist or traitor at all making this alignment required to do the job properly.
  • Number Two: The Ho S is the second in command. In the absense of a Captain the Ho S holds the highest rank on the station and can take over should the situation call for it. The only exception is if an executive from Nanotracen happens to be onboard and pulls corporate rank.
  • Police Brutality: Averted in that the Ho S is specifically trusted not to do this and to prevent his officers from engaging in it as well. Success or failure notwithstanding.
  • Ray Gun: The Ho S gets a special X-01 Multiphase Energy Gun in addition to the standard one. It includes an additional stun setting alongside the normal disable and lethal settings.

    Chief Engineer 

From making sure the station is powered, organizing contruction, and ensuring other engineers aren't trying to run the Supermatter generator with CO 2 as a coolant the Chief Engineer keeps the station alive in a million little ways, as well as several very large ones. If the Chief Engineer says there's a problem then it should be taken seriously and when he saves the station from being consumed by a rogue quantum singularity you should at least say thank you. Gets his own set of magnetic boots for space walking, a cool toolbelt with a built in shield generator, and access to the EVA supplies so he can repair the station or go have space adventures.

  • The Engineer: Certainly fits the trope and commander of all other engineers on the station for that matter.
  • Mr.Fixit: This comes with the job and as Chief Engineer you'd better be able to live up to the standard lest the station explode, implode, or be overrun by escaped lab monkeys. That said if you can't do it yourself there's always delegation which as the Chief you can totally do.
  • Technobabble: Averted. That said while it makes sense to other engineers if you try to explain why shoving plasma into the supermatter reactor is a bad idea to the Janitor it will certainly come off as this. Try not to speak engineer to anyone who isn't in engineering.
  • MacGyvering: Odds are strong that you won't have everything you need to do the job, either because an assistant has already made off with it so he can go science at some vending machines for a cool hat or because that section of the station got blown up by chemistry. Learning to work around those issues is just part of the process.


Security Department

    Security Officer 
The base security force on the station. In charge of keeping order amongst the crew and respond to reports of criminal activity around the station, and the first line of defense against anything wanting to undermine the station and its crewmembers. Often highly incompetent and generally needs direction from the Head of Security in order to get their jobs done, but once they do get their job done properly, you can expect whatever is threatening the station to have a much harder time.
  • Bad Cop/Incompetent Cop: Usually happens within their ranks, whenever a security offer isn't blatantly just bad at their job, they're usually corrupt as all hell, even without any antagonist objectives.
  • By-the-Book Cop: They're supposed to be this. The amount of security officers who actually are this, however, tend to vary depending on the round.
  • Lawful Good: Much like the Head of Security above, they're supposed to act in such a manner.
  • Police are Useless: Surprisingly common when the officers aren't simply blatantly corrupt.
  • Police Brutality: Extremely common from them.




Engineering Department


    Atmospheric Technician 

Science Department

    Research Director 



Medical Department

    Chief Medical Officer 





Cargo Department


    Cargo Technician 

    Shaft Miner 

Service Department





Unassigned and special jobs

Low-end employees of Nanotrasen aboard the station, assistants have the lowest possible position aboard the station, with no explicitly assigned duties to attend to, but offically take orders from every other position aboard the station. Because of this, they generally have much less responsibilities than anybody else on the station, who usually consider the assistants beneath their notice. Because of this, however, they also often get the reputation of being troublemakers who often draw the ire of the Security force.
  • Almighty Janitor: You'd think someone with no assigned duties and lack of general access would be one of the least threatening positions on the station, but as it turns out, it's precisely because they don't have any assigned duties that give them the time to spend in order to get illicit access anywhere they want. The fact that they're one of the few roles with full maitenance access doesn't help either.
  • Hyper-Competent Sidekick: Usually ends up as these due to being a popular role for experienced players, and the fact that the job itself answers to absolutely everybody else on the station.
  • NEET: Technically speaking, since the Assistants have no assigned duties, they usually end up doing whatever they want on the station since it's extremely rare that anybody would actually call them up to help them with anything.






Robotic roles

    Artifical Intelligence 


Antagonist roles



    Nuclear Operatives 

    Blood Cult 

    Malfunctioning AI 




Special roles

    Cent Comm Official 

    Nanotrasen Death Squad 

    Emergency Medical Team 

Critters, pets and other miscelaneous NPC creatures

    Ian, the Head of Personnel's pet corgi 

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