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  • Baystation 12: At the end of a "Secret" mode round, the traitor, Kumil Forge, was telling the AI why he had done what he had done but just as the escape pod were about to launch, in comes Danny Boomating who opens up the doors, causing Kumil to get sucked out of the pod while Danny manages to survive by closing the doors shortly after Kumil gets sucked out, prompting a comment of "Run crazy person with laser sword." from the AI.
  • During a nuke round, the captain managed to get his hands on the nuke but couldn't disable it, so he went on the com channel and said, "Make sure to get those syndies for me," then jetpacked out an airlock with the bomb. The nuke went off on a different z-level and the syndicates all ended up dead, but because it wasn't on the shuttle when it left, it was counted as a tie.
  • The thirteenth episode of Razage's Let's Play of Space Station 13 where he wound up as the Captain...and also the Changeling. Razage starts off by stealthily sneaking over to the Mining Station and devouring Shitty Bill and the other NPC in the Diner, figuring nobody would miss them. After stowing their drained husks in a back room he ventures back to the main station where he proceeds to act as helpful as possible to gain the crew's trust. Along the way he manages to:
    • Devour several incompetent players who either weren't doing their jobs properly or just plain AFK.
    • Get into a Shapeshifter Showdown with the other Changeling on board, whom he kills and eats without being seen by anyone.
    • Transforms into Shitty Bill and wanders around the Bar area, intentionally making his walking pattern erratic and typing up Bill's catchphrase just to screw with the other players. Despite this nobody figured him out.
    • Get into a fight with a traitor outside Medbay, who shot at him with a riot shotgun. Razage figured it was over and openly revealed his identity by transforming into a Shambling Abomination and doing battle with the traitor. The fight spilled over into the Morgue, where Razage successfully devoured the traitor.
    • His identity revealed, the AI locked him in the Morgue whilst the rest of the crew debated what to do with him, with many crewmembers praising the Captain's tough stance on crime. Eventually someone bombs the entrance of the Morgue in an attempt to kill him, but Razage manages to escape through the garbage chute in the confusion.
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    • With the escape shuttle called and a station-wide manhunt underway, Razage hides in the Janitor's office closet. An enterprising player attempts to track him down and enters the office alone, prompting Razage to burst from the closet, devour her and assume her identity.
    • He successfully escapes on the shuttle unharmed with nobody realizing he was the Changeling. Somebody activated a bomb on the space shuttle itself, killing everyone in the middle... but he was thankfully at the front of the shuttle, unharmed.
  • Any time the crew revolts against a particularly terrible security team successfully. Bonus points if Heads of Staff support it.
  • On the other side of the coin, a particularly awesome security team, or just a single well-meaning officer is a sight to behold. In one round on /tg/station, the last surviving security officer (that wasn't AFK, at least) was attempting to arrest an assistant she had caught trespassing in an open security office, but as he feebly attempted to explain his reason for being in the office was to warn security of the station being flooded by plasma, C02, and steadily losing oxygen, she uncuffed him in the supply room (which was in the middle of being engulfed with toxin), went out of her way to grab him an oxygen tank after he lost his earlier in the round after debriefing him on what to do, provided him with protective gear and a pistol, and promoted him to assistant officer as they spent the rest of the round attempting to hunt down the traitor responsable for the mess, taking the time to rescue civilians and placing them into their own shuttle rather then fleeing as said shuttles launched early.
  • A bit of accidental awesome. On /tg/station, once per round, the captain can opt to use Cargo's supply points to replace the escape shuttle with another one, usually the memetic Asteroid with Engines Strapped to It. As with all escape shuttles, the Asteroid with Engines Strapped to It will absolutely obliterate anything in its path...including any unfortunate blobs.
    Blob Overmind(459): OH NO
    Blob Overmind(459): OH NOOO
    • Even CentCom was impressed.
  • This writer's greatest round was a particularly chaotic Xenomorph round. The roboticist Godo Schittgablerstrasse arrived somewhat late to the party only to learn that there were not one, not two, but three alien queens accompanied by their minions. Without a second thought the roboticist ran right to the robotics lab and built himself a mech suit, taking a friend inside for safety. Just as the mech was completed, Xenos swarmed the research wing. As he was clearing out the minions, his friend ended up getting chased by a Xeno queen. He then cornered the Queen near medbay and bellowed "Get away from her you bitch!" before engaging in an alien vs mech suit battle, and won! This is especially awesome when the mechanics could be translated as shoving the scattershot into the Queen's mouth and emptying the clip until she died.

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